Thursday, March 31, 2011

What if Gus Johnson was your HS history teacher?

Tell us why he can't call the NC Game?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The crying game

We already tweeted about this earlier but it was so good it deserved a full blog post. The article, written by Zach Hillesland talks about and explains why college seniors cry when they lose in the NCAA Tournament. What makes this a must read is that he explains this in painful detail...

"The real reason they cry is because they go from feeling like it’s the middle of their careers to knowing it’s the absolute end, all in the span of one 40-minute game. The end brings the wave of emotions that was both built up and suppressed for the past four years. This is the last game I’ll ever play with my friends and teammates. This is the last time I’ll play for my school. This could be the last time I’ll be part of a team. What is next?"

We here have always teased them but we wanted to take a step back and acknowledge the sacrifice they give to their school for the love of the game. As the saying goes most of them will go pro in something other than sports.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Congrats to Kawhi Leonard!

Associated Press 2nd team All-Americans:

Marcus Morris - University of Kansas
Derrick Williams - University of Arizona
Ben Hansbrough - University of Notre Dame
Jordan Taylor - University of Wisconsin
Kawhi Leonard - San Diego State University

Go Aztecs!


Sometimes we get very interesting e-mails from our readers. Such as this one from a mgrealdeals:

"Dick Vitale is a grade 1 Psychopath... He is always about HIMSELF everything has to do with him!!! "me" this "i" that ....ughhhh....He is ignorant and is always trying to call attention to himself. He has ruined more games for me than I can count. I now just turn off the volume when he is announcing..ABSOLUTELY THE WORST EVER!!!!!!!!"

Except for the "grade 1 Psychopath" comment we have similar feelings but we also realize he is a college basketball institution. He is not going away anytime soon. The way we deal with him is purely from a comic relief perspective and we do not rely on him for any sort of knowledgeable insight to the game.

For example, when he says something absolutely absurd like this we respond "Oh you funny silly old man!" Perhaps if you look at him that way it will ease your pain.

Mahalo for your readership.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Know your enemy (VCU edition)

No music or introductions like we normally do since this isn't concerning San Diego State. But with one of us living here in Richmond, VA we are getting besieged with questions about the Rams upcoming matchup with Butler so here we go -

Don't expect VCU to blow out Butler like they have done to previous opponents. The way the Bulldogs are built they simply will not allow that. Whereas Kansas tried multiple times to take control of the game and exert their will on VCU, Butler will simply hang with the Rams and make it a close game. This is where they are dangerous (see example one or example two). Their modus operandi is to wait for when you are the weakest and then try and kill you (see example three). You can count on luck as Duke did last year or you can attempt to make it a horse race as Butler's opponents have tried in vain to do this year.

The third option would be for VCU to play Butler's game, essentially neutralize Butler in the paint with their second (and third and fourth) chance shots. Then it comes down to who can shoot more effectively from beyond the arc, which the Rams have a slight advantage (Rams 48% to Bulldogs 27%).

So there you go. Now that you have this simple road map we Richmond folks are expecting great things. We're looking at you, coach Smart...

The game that no one cared about

Kentucky 76 - North Carolina 69

So there was Butler and Virginia Commonwealth. Two outstanding games that featured underdogs that became top dogs this weekend. The UConn/Arizona was a thrilling affair featuring two great guards (and possible POY) in Williams and Walker. There was even some controversy regarding VCU's win.

And then there was the UNC/Kentucky game. A game where we said it would not matter who wins. Outside of the fan base was there anyone who was rivited to their chairs doing their best Gus Johnson impersonation? We think not. Some folks came to the Tar Heels and Wildcats defense saying that we should love the game for the game and it's not all about the Cinderellas and these are two top programs. We tried, but we just couldn't get into it.

But here's to the UConn/Kentucky matchup. We are slightly more excited about that.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kansas/VCU 2nd half analysis

Please. Make the pain go away.

Kansas/VCU 1st half analysis

Yup. That just about sums it up.

Butler will make you sweat

Butler 74 - Florida 71 Overtime

"I feel sick to my stomach. It hurts right now."
- Florida forward Chandler Parsons

It was the second overtime game in the past two days. And Butler proved again that they're no Cinderella. Florida and especially Parsons should be given all due credit. They played an amazing game and hit the shots they were suppose to hit, virtually overwhelming the Bulldogs at times. Butler just would not lie down and die. The Gators were such odds on favorites even the NCAA were prematurely celebrating their potential win. What is the saying about hubris?

In the end Florida became just another victim of Butler's maniacal march toward the Final Four and maybe the National Championship. But it has been a hell of a march to watch.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Well, Kentucky did it to us and we are officially out. We have to admit this has been the worst we have ever done in the past 3 years outside of the VCU pick. Still it doesn't detract from the awesomeness that is the NCAA Tournament. Good luck to the 8 remaining teams.

Eight is never enough

Virginia Commonwealth 72 - Florida State 71 Overtime

This is what it's all about. Both teams were neck and neck throughout the contest with Florida tying it at the end of regulation. Then with 7 seconds left in overtime VCU hits an EASY layup to move ahead 72 to 71. There were still 7 seconds on the clock and Florida State's ball but the Rams Jamie Skeen blocked any chance the Seminoles had to win the game.

If there were ANY lingering doubts about VCU belonging in the tournament (not likely at this point but still) they have now been erased with authority. The Rams have proven that they can blow out opponents or grind out wins. Borrowing from an old joke about VCU they didn't belong in the field of 64. They belonged in the Elite Eight, although some are saying they will be a sacrificial lamb lame for Kansas. And no matter what coach Shaka Smart is a wanted man after this is all said and done.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Flame on!

North Carolina 81 - Marquette 63
Kansas 77 - Richmond 57

These two games were ugly. UGLY. Let us not speak any more about them.

Duke, did you see the Sunrise yesterday morning?

Shhhh... Just watch. You'll understand.

Playing the part of Magnum P.I. was Arizona forward Derrick Williams. Playing Ivan was Michael William Krzyzewski.

(HT: The Blogfather, EDSBS)

Bracket update

We are nearing destruction. Duke hurts us big time and we have only two teams in the Final Four. This has turned out to be the worst year for our bracket picks.

But not busted yet (using official M2M definition of the term "busted").

Thank you!

So first, the 3 stages of grief for San Diego State fans:

Denial Aztec: It's over. We lost by 7 points. Go to bed.

Angry Aztec: Did you really think we could win? Maybe you need a drink, it's ok. Calm down.

Sad Aztec: Maybe you're drinking too much. We lost. It's done.

Thank you Steve Fisher for forcing us to believe in miracles. We did not expect much this year and you gave us so much. We will tell Baby M2M of the time the Aztecs were in the Sweet 16.

Thank you D.J. Gay. You truly are a field general when it mattered.
Thank you Billy White. Your X factor 3 pointers saved our asses at times.
Thank you Malcolm Thomas. When we got into trouble foul wise you were there.
Thank you Kawhi Leonard. Only a sophomore and the star of our team. You will be missed.
Thank you Chase Tapley. The combo of you and White crushed BYU in the MWC title. Enough said.
Thank you James Rahon. We doubted your shooting ability. You proved us wrong.

Now the scary part. This team is no more. The team that will be in it's place next season will have only a fraction of the ability. Back to the desert? Yes...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

And the beat goes on

Arizona 93 - Duke 77

Absolut Domination. Kyrie Irving could have been at 200% and wouldn't have matter. Nothing mattered for the Blue Devils. They were totally horsewhipped at the Honda Center by the Wildcats. Once again they were stripped and laid bare for all to see. We could only assume Coach Lavin was sitting somewhere laughing his but off. Beware of Arizona you Huskies.

The mighty once unbeatable Duke is OOT.

Know Your Enemy

A little Green Day if you please.

Introducing the University of Connecticut Huskies

Make no illusions about this: The Aztecs cannot win against UConn the way they are currently playing. We all know about Kemba Walker so we won't waste your time talking about him. What makes the Huskies so dangerous are Alex Oriakhi, Shabazz Napier and Jeremy Lamb. At any time one or all three of these players will turn into a "Kemba Walker" and start either lighting you up from outside or breaking your ankles in the paint. Tell us now who on the Aztecs roster can counteract that?


The key to this game is turnovers. As in we MUST limit UConn's offensive production by stealing the ball. We do this quite well actually. The thing is that we must turn those turnovers into points. Which we have been horrible at. We need to take our best game we've ever played and multiply that by 50. Okay, maybe just 10. You get the point. Believe it or not there are very concerned Husky fans out there. We still don't fully understand what they are so worried about.

Anyways, go Aztecs.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Royal Bracket

So everyone knows that President Obama is doing quite well with his bracket picks (that he took the time to do instead of solving that whole Israeli/Palestinian thing). Some are pretty upset at this. But we know the truth of how he did so well. He has Secret Service agents read blogs and then feed him the intel.

He even got San Diego State right.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Will they have Honor Code police?

While everyone else is celebrating BYU's annihilation of Gonzaga and their trip to the Sweet Sixteen we want to talk about an under the radar story. Will Brigham Young be alright in New Orleans? We're serious! In a city where sex and booze are beyond pervasive how can these fresh faced, slightly naïve kids survive? Hey, one of their comrades went down already because of something most folks in the Big East feel is mandatory.

We're not the only ones who are concerned with our Mormon friends venture into "Sin City of the East". We can only hope Coach Rose has an early bed check for the Cougars. Like 5 pm.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tennessee basketball is winning

Oh, there is so much wrongness going on in that Tweet. First, why was Pearl fired?? What, do you live under a rock? That's akin to someone coming up to you and asking "why was Reagan president?"

Next, he was fired for allegedly lying to investigators? No honey baby, that was an absolute damned fact he was lying to the NCAA.

So now we wait and see what the official penalties and sanctions will be for the Vols. Just because Bruce is gone doesn't mean they are off the hook.

Bracket update

Notre Dame and Syracuse were teams that damaged our Elite Eight brackets but besides that no major changes from yesterday. East still looking like the genius picks followed by West.

They report, you decide

So the fair and balanced folks just pinned our nation's hopes on Butler, the penultimate heartland team. Seriously:

"(Butler's) starting to win back the hearts and minds of America's college basketball fans, too."

If this is the case then America is fucked. We don't see the Bulldogs getting past Wisconsin's swing-style offense.

Coach Stevens, you can't let the terrorists win!

Big East fraud

Eleven Big East Teams came into the tournament last Thursday.

As of this morning there are only two teams left.

We still have three more rounds to go.

Johnny Rotten was wise.

Richmond State Of Mind

Virginia is for lovers... of college basketball.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

By the time I get to Arizona

Arizona 70 - Texas 69

Similar to the Pitt/Butler game this came down to the last seconds and a foul call. With nine seconds left the Wildcats would have just tied it with a two pointer and sent the game into overtime but with a foul on Arizona's Derrick Williams the two became a three point play. This left Texas flat footed with no time left.

Game over. Don't cry. There's next year.

Bracket update

First, Luke Winn is kinda right. The Aztecs are a shaky #2 seed. Remember, we felt they should have been a #3 to #5 seed. Looking at the bracket above we did not have them getting to the Sweet Sixteen because of the issues that came up glaringly in the Temple game (missed shots, unable to convert turnovers, unable to maintain leads). We said as much in our game update.

That being said we are extremely happy and couldn't be prouder at the fact that we are going to the Sweet Sixteen. We had every right to celebrate like we had won the Final Four. Because we and a lot of other people in SDSU Nation did not expect them to get this far. Go Aztecs.

Next, the Pitt thing. Ouch that hurts but we are still in it. Remember, our definition of a busted bracket is if one (or both) of your National Championship game teams lose before said game. The East is shaping up to be our best region, meanwhile the Southeast looks like absolute wreckage. Who could have predicted Richmond would look so studly? All in all this is shaping up to be one of our down years in bracket picking. We'll see what happens today.

Hollywood Ending

San Diego State 71 - Temple 64 Double Rainbow

We are mentally exhausted. So yeah, there was a game yesterday with SDSU playing Temple. And the Aztecs were doing good for awhile...

But then we reverted back to "classic SDSU". Game tied in the final seconds and we had a chance at the game winning shot. We missed.

Overtime. After a seesaw battle the game became tied again and once again SDSU had the chance at the game winning shot. We missed.

Double overtime. This time we turned into "Aztecs 2.0" and managed to build a permanent lead for the win. So yes, San Diego State University is headed to the Sweet Sixteen in Anaheim, California. Glory Be. Like we said we are exhausted but we're still partying knowing that UConn may await us.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

In Every Dream Home a Heartache

Butler's inexplicable 71 - 70 win over Pittsburgh

Ummm, yeah... First we are shocked at the Pitt loss. Boy are we going to hear Mea culpa coming from our Pitt friends on Monday. The game ended on two fouls essentially. First, on Butler's possession...

No, we are not going to do it. We can't clearly explain what happened. Just know a #1 seed went down tonight. Click on the link above for video.

Steve Fisher presser

Another quick one after the Temple double rainbow...

SDSU Head To Head matchup presented by CBS Sports

Please don't send any more hate mail

West "fuckin" Virginia is out early. Again.

If you were reading our Twitter feed you would have seen us prematurely proclaiming victory for the Mountaineers. West Virginia's Joe Mazzulla and Casey Mitchell were positively on fire for most of the game... Most of the game. They seemed to have run out of steam towards the end and then Kentucky's Brandon Knight took over, eventually spuring his Wildcats on to a 71 to 63 win. He did better than what he did against Princeton. Which was ultimately bad for Huggy Bear.

Bracket update

Second Round analysis: Obviously the East and Southeast were our best picks and where we have the most brackets in tact. On the inverse is the other regions. Chalk is winning out so far in this tournament. We are not busted yet but we'll see what this weekend holds...

And yes, we still love that Georgetown pick (or non pick depending on how you look at it).

VCU gives 18 reasons why they belong

The Rams slap the taste out of the Hoyas mouths 74 to 56

Virginia Commonwealth are on a mission, Special Ed style. In the interest of full disclosure we picked USC to beat VCU but does it matter? We also picked this:

Georgetown was ripe to fall. But that shouldn't diminish from the type of ass kicking basketball the Rams are bringing. If you hinder their ability to shoot from the perimeter they'll bury you in the paint. If you play the bully role in the lane as Georgetown did they'll just shoot threes all day. Pick your poison.

So henceforth we shall no longer disrespect VCU. They truly belong here and they are one team the Selection Committee got right.

From 3 to 2

Illinois 73 - UNLV 62

Down in a hole, feelin' so small
Down in a hole, losin' my soul
Down in a hole, feelin' so small
Down in a hole, outta control
I'd like to fly but my
Wings have been so denied

We were really really hoping that all three Mountain West teams would advance to the 2nd (3rd) round this weekend. Looks like it's just the two of us, Jimmer.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pearl Watch: Tennessee/Michigan

Is Bruce Pearl a dead mam walking? For every game they play it has the possibility to be his last, so the Volunteers in essence are fighting not for a possible NCAA championship but for Pearl's career.

Game odds: Tennessee -1 1/2

Go Vols!

Bracket update

Most Damaging Picks: Louisville tanking against Morehead State and St. John's getting waxed at the hands of Gonzaga.

Most Genius Picks: Wisconsin denying Belmont the upset.

Status: Still in the game.

Don't call it a comeback

UCLA 78 - Michigan State 76

What can we say about Michigan State? They went from this to this to OOT (Out Of Tournament). And what can we say about UCLA? The Bruins were left for dead in the middle of the season and came clawing back to a 7 seed and a win against once mighty Sparty. Michigan State did stage a final drive late in the game...

...but it wasn't enough to overcome being down by more than 20 earlier. Welcome to day two, Bruins.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

For those who don't follow us on Twitter

If you are seeing stuff about Leslie Visser and how she looked here is what everyone was talking about...

Que rico!

Steve Fisher presser

A quick one after the SDSU/Northern Colorado matchup...

Demons: Exercised

San Diego State 68 - Northern Colorado 50

Yes. The California State University, San Diego Aztecs have won their first ever NCAA Tournament game. Yes, there were still infuriating moments such as this...

But hey, a win is a win. Temple is next. We can't really offer any keys to the game as we believe Temple is extremely similar to us in all aspects (even the bad ones).

Glue, Stuck to my shoe

But, now I'm wishing,
for my best impression
of my best Angie Dickinson.
But, now I've got to worry
cause, boy you still look pretty
when you're putting the damage on.

Bye bye, Cardinals...

SDSU Head To Head matchup presented by CBS Sports

Know your enemy

Kick that shit!

Introducing the University of Northern Colorado Bears

The above two ladies are Natalie Campbell and Jennifer Campbell, Northern Colorado alums and Playboy models. You're welcome.

So we are nervous about the Bears. No, we have not watched them this season and our only eye test was this game against Montana in which a Mr. Devon Beitzel lit up the Grizzlies. He has become a Twitter cult phenomenon with fans including us! He's like a mini Jimmer.

The key to this game is unlike BYU if we can shut down Beitzel he really does not have a strong cast of support characters. We should employ the same double/triple team strategy we used against the Cougars in our second and third games with them. Then we can do our usual damage in the paint and get our turnovers. As much as we like this school for what they did we must not fail again. We have never been to the 3rd (formerly known as 2nd) round of the NCAA Tournament. This needs to be our time.

It has to start somewhere
It has to start sometime
What better place than here
What better time than now

Go Aztecs.


ESPN's worst case scenario for San Diego State -

"Feeling the weight of unprecedented expectations, Aztecs bomb in their opener and are stunned by 15th-seeded Northern Colorado. San Diego State remains winless in the NCAA tournament. Leonard goes pro and five seniors depart. Fisher decides he'd rather not rebuild at this stage of his career and retires. San Diego residents go back to the beach and resume total apathy regarding college basketball. BYU advances to the Final Four."

*cold sweat* Some of this is actually not a dream. Kawhi Leonard is as good as gone and our seniors do graduate. Would Fisher really stick around another 3 disappointing years to rebuild? BYU does have the talent to get to the Final Four.

Ok, we're gonna try to go back to sleep now.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bruce Pearl out at Tennessee?

We're not ones to start or flame unfounded rumors...

Oh who are we kidding, yes we are! But there is some serious chatter out there that as soon as the Volunteers get bounced out of the Tournament Bruce is gone baby gone.

More to report soon.


Some stuff of note while we wait for Thursday:

* Missouri fans are not necessarily in love with their 1 in eight hundred and thirty three odds of wining the National Championship. As a matter of fact they seem very melancholy about it.

* Since when does a Marquette win over Xavier in the 2nd round of the tournament count as an upset? Has Mr. Westmoreland ever seen these two teams play? Even with his preposterous question he still predicts Xavier will win the game 75 to 72.

* We ganked this from Rock M Nation's "pick a caption" contest because we felt we had the perfect caption...

Len Elmore thinking to himself "This guy is totally more popular than I am"

Ok, be safe out there today citizens. The madness begins tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mormons are f@*king things up!

Should Brigham Young have college sports? They can't play on Sundays (to the point that the NCAA Selection Committee has to make special provisions for them). They have a very strict Honor Code that essentially only Roman Catholic priests live by successfully. The main reason why BYU has college teams is to bring money and prestige to the school.

But some are thinking that one day the LDS Church is going to lose it's patience dealing with heathens and scrap the whole damn thing. Which would be a shame because good or bad the Cougs are very entertaining.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Otherwise known as that other national tournament...

Hey Seth Greenberg, Virginia Tech is the number one overall seed in the National Invitation Tournament. Who cares about beating Duke, your 21-11 record and your Sagarin rating of 40. Welcome!

Hey Bama, turn that frown upside down. Who cares about beating Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia TWICE with your KenPom ranking of 51. Coastal Carolina awaits.

Hey Colorado, why fret over not being selected to the NCAA Tourney with beating Kansas State (twice) and also Texas. And you have an RPI of 61? Well now you've got your own bracket named after you and Texas Southern in the first round. Congrats!

Harvard, oh Harvard. What haven't you done? Beaten Colorado, you have a 23-6 record, a RPI of 35 and a Sagarin ranking of 63. How about a consolation 6th seed and Oklahoma State in your first game?

If you can make it there you can make it anywhere. Good luck!

Are your ready?

We're ready. Baby March to Madness is ready. Mrs. March to Madness is ready. Even Corporate America is ready (to cash in)...

(Ballin' is a Habit)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our official 2011 March Madness bracket picks

Without further adieu our predictions...

Now, this First Four shit -

East #16: We have Alabama State beating UTSA and then promptly losing to Ohio State
East #12: We have Clemson beating UAB and then promptly losing to West Virgina
Southwest #16: We have NC Asheville beating Arkansas-Little Rock and then promptly losing to Pitt
Southwest #11: We have USC beating VCU and then promptly beating Georgetown

Yes, you read that right. Georgetown is going down. The Hoyas have been the most disappointing team we have seen this year. Remember, we stopped watching their games because they had gotten so bad.

Other notes: Yes, we will forever love San Diego State but we have to be honest. Penn State is to us like a full strength BYU. Talor Battle and their cast of giant killers will unfortunately prove to be too much for the Aztecs. But at least we have a good shot of making it out of the first round for this first time in school history!

Also, this marks our most boring bracket. All four #1 seeds will be in the Final Four. Good luck everybody.

Steve Fisher presser

After the Mother Of All Wins...

Part of us are sad that this will be the last time SDSU will play BYU in conference.

Where are you?


Gabby - Richmond (Comcast)
            Game watching - Richmond vs. Dayton for A10 title

Baby M2M - Along for the ride
Mrs. M2M - Suffering through more college basketball...
The Gang - LA is the place (Charter)
            Game watching - Ohio State vs. Penn State for Big 10 title

It's party time. See you in 9 hours. Oh the wait!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Holy crap, we did it!

San Diego State 72 - Brigham Young 54

Wait. We need some music...

In the period of two hours all demons were exercised. We not only won the Mountain West Conference Tournament for the second year in a row, but we also beat Brigham Young. The last time we beat them was two years ago and tonight we beat them decisively. This makes up for the embarrassing post we had to do to pay up on a bet. BYU should not feel too bad, they are still in as a 2 or 3 seed. That's alright in our book.

Now, may we only play like this in the NCAA Tourney. And we are done for tonight posting wise. We'll see you guys tomorrow. You can follow us on Twitter (see info on your left) but you'll mostly see tweets about us getting drunk.

Go Aztecs.

The Kent State/Akron melee

Akron won the MAC Conference final on some crazy defense in overtime. Apparently Kent State didn't approve of the way the Zips were celebrating. And then all hell broke loose.

Heartbreaking loss by the Golden Flashes marred by misplaced emotions. These teams really hate each other.

Talor Battle redux

Dedicated to you, Penn State for raining threes down on Michigan State. Mmm, what you say?

Princeton wins on last second shot

ESPN producers are so excited they interrupt their own broadcast during the UTSA/McNeese State game ...

So the Tigers are dancing. And Harvard is sullen again. Game talk heyah.

Cheerleaders with glasses are hot

From the Vandy/Florida tussle. That is all.

Sometimes it just doesn't work out

Stony Brook can wait

The Seawolves have never been to the NCAA Tournament. This was suppose to be their year. After year-on-year improvement and an agreement for ESPN to televise some of their games they were finally ready for the big time. Preseason favorites to win the American East outright and get into the big dance they blew through their conference tournament matchups and went up against Boston U in the finals. Stony Brook led by as much as 14 over the Terriers at one point in the game but Boston U came right back.

Then the unthinkable happens. Stony Brook fouls Boston with the game tied and 2.4 seconds left. The Terriers shoot two and game over. A heartbreaking end to a charmed season. Well, there is always next year.

Kevin O'Neill to be fired Monday

O'Neill was reinstated Monday because his team got picked to be in the NCAA Tournament. Prove us wrong.

Kevin O'Neill, USC's currently suspended basketball coach will be officially relieved of his duties on Monday, March 14th according to sources close to the program (which means it's true). O'Neill and his crazy ass wife got into a fight with an Arizona fan at a Marriott bar. Both O'Neill and his wife were intoxicated.

This ends the strange sad affair of a man who was fucked over by former Arizona coach Lute Olsen, stumbled into the gig at Southern California, was so-so there and now potentially unemployed. C'est la vie.