Friday, November 30, 2007

Chace Stanback is a poet

A friend recently pointed out UCLA forward Chace Stanback "now private" MySpace page.

Still there is this wonderful gem of a line...

""I'm so far ahead of my time I'm bout 2 start another life....look behind u I'm bout 2 past u twice".....UCLA BOUND"

Solid! Give that man a job as the American Poet Laureate after his college career! ONE HUNDRED COCKTAILS TO YOU, SIR...

Next, Louisville coaches certainly know how to treat their players! This from the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Our sources say (first-year assistant coach Walter) McCarty and (Louisville player Juan) Palacios were in the LAX nightclub's VIP section early Thursday with several male friends, including a young white man who appeared to be a seven-footer. Palacios, 22, is injured and has not played this year.

A bottle of $400 Patron was charged to... (director of basketball operations) Eric Scott's credit card, I'm told, and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, which goes for about $300, was paid for in cash.

A spokesman for the University of Louisville's basketball team has demanded a retraction for an item printed here that stated team members were night-clubbing.

Kenny Klein, the school's sports information director, called it a "completely erroneous report"...

Hmmmm, retraction huh? Completely erroneous, huh?

Juan Palacios

Well just who IS that Black man?

I feel there will be some disciplinary actions coming even though everyone was of age. Something along the lines of conduct unbecoming to the image of the program crap.

(HT: HCAA BB FanHouse)

Geez I hate the pros...

Like I need another reason to bash the NBA, but I'll do it anyway!

Denver was playing LA and Carmelo Anthony just CHOKES Sasha Vujacic because he was just getting the better of him on a possible pick play. Now if that would happen in college, besides being ejected, Carmelo would have been suspended or EXPELLED from school!

But I'll bet he'll just get a slap on the wrist and a small fine.

Don't you long for the days of Syracuse, Carmelo?


(HT: Basketball Forum)

See Spot run (away from books)

Georgia's basketball team a fucking "slow motion train wreck".

And that was a direct quote from the Student-Athletic Academic Achievement Center director in discussing the situation with UGA's senior associate AD.

The failure of the Bulldogs to keep academics in mind has cost them 5 players in the past two months. Two months!

"I am losing sleep while I stress over these problems..."
- UGA coach Dennis Felton

Apparently the senior associate AD is like 'talk to the hand' with comments like...

"I believe the real problem remains the players' non-compliance with not only your academic expectations, but also those of the Athletic Association."

You don't need a cypher to translate that one...

"Your players don't give a shit about skool."

Even better is that coach Felton had his assistants walking the players to academic appointments! Now that is service!

Hey, as long as you keep on winning big guy...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Maybe Jewish people do not like college hoops

Funny crazy story out of Cleavland about a local TV station being sued because of news room fights, anti-Semitic comments and college basketball.

(former managing editor David) Eden didn't complain about (co-worker Ryan) Minnaugh's anti-Semitic remark until after the two newsmen clashed in the control room before a noon newscast. When Minnaugh proposed airing promotional graphics for the NCAA basketball tournament, Eden pushed him out of the room, slammed the door and wouldn't let Minnaugh back in.

Wow, remind me to keep my fucking mouth shut the next time I get invited to a Seder.

Hey, did you guys see Wisconsin's epic collapse against Duuu...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March to Madness presents... The T-Shirt.

Week Three Blogpoll

Here is the official consensus top 25 blogpoll -

1) Memphis
3) North Carolina
4) Kansas
5) Georgetown
6) Duke
7) Washington St.
8) Texas
9) Texas A&M
10) Louisville
11) Butler
12) Tennessee
13) Michigan St.
14) Marquette
15) Indiana
16) Oregon
17) Pittsburgh
18) Clemson
19) Gonzaga
20) BYU
21) Xavier
22) Miami (FL)
23) Southern Ill.
24) Villanova
25) USC

Everyone's vote can be found here.

Comments - Welcome back, USC. I guess we were a little rough on JesusO.J. Mayo.

The love for Butler grows! Six point jump in the polls.

BYU?!? Where the fuck did they come from?! Trust me, I know this conference. They will not be around for long. Everyone who voted for them will be proven WRONG. Go Aztecs... Please?

Indiana, that loss cost you 6 points in the downward direction! You did it to yourself. That's why it really hurts.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Get out there and coach! But only if you want to.

Arizona coach Lute Olsen to see if he really wants to coach the Wildcats against Fullerton.

"It was nice to be back," Olson, 73, said through the sports information office after practice. "It was a good practice."

When asked about if he will help his team against the Titans, Olsen said...

"...we'll have to wait and see."

When pleaded with by the media and his team, stating that they are 3 and 2 and desperately needed him back, Olsen shrugged and muttered...

"I don't know."

And we STILL don't know why he bailed on Arizona for three weeks! Must be nice to have a job like that.

(HT: NCAA BB FanHouse)

Hey, did you know that Texas-San Antonio is 3 and 1 so far? Well hell, they were 7 and 22 last year. So lets celebrate!

I'll have what they're having.

Yeah, I kinda figured...

San Diego State still not up to the challenge in playing with the big boys.

And if we got bitch slapped by Cal, we will get ass RAPED by Arizona in four weeks. I don't care how low the Wildcats are on the blogpoll at that point.

You sure got a pretty mouth... You like to play basketball? Come over here, boy.

Blogpolling prelim

Wow, there were more teams than I first realized that I ruthlessly punished for their lack of effort...

Louisville, Tennessee (c'mon guys!), Indiana, Oregon, Marquette, Michigan State (I'm having less and less faith in them), Gonzaga, Southern Illinois, Kansas State (I should have dropped them out completely because they are in hell) and Syracuse (dropped out completely).

Texas A&M and Butler got major rewards and moved up big time in my ballot.

There was a moment where I wanted to bump Kansas down, but hey a win is a win and doing what they did in overtime gives them props.

Official consensus blogpoll to be released tonight! Maybe.

Monday, November 26, 2007

The wise one speaks

Dickie V gives us some sage advice on how to win the 2008 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship...

"To win an national championship, you better be able to play on the defensive side of the floor.

If you want to win a national title... get your players to buy into playing defense as a team."

Words of wisdom, that stuff is GOLD! Coaches need to make note of this!

Fortune favors the bold

Maryland fan dreams of March Madness meeting with USC...

Says Terp fan: "Their senior Forward Bambale Osby, 6-8 250 will go right over O.J. Mayo. No chance."

You know you're in for a long season when you say ANYTHING close to "They got a couple of good freshmen"...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Live blogging this Sunday (11/25)!

Come join us and watch the drunken fun, won't you?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Taking my time to perfect the beat

Hope y'all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

We'll be back on Sunday with our liveblogging Arizona vs. Kansas (unless something shocking happens before then). In the meantime, chill with some turkey and the D.R.E.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lamenting Cal

San Diego State Aztecs at Cal-Berkeley - November 24th, 3 pm PST

By the numbers:

Average points scored per game NCAA Rank
SDSU72.4 94th
Cal69.5 136th

Average points allowed per game NCAA Rank
SDSU68.2 139th
Cal69.1 164th

Spain (SDSU)14.2
Christopher (Cal)21.5

Davis (SDSU)58.3
Hardin (Cal)53.3

Wade (SDSU)57.1
Christopher (Cal)38.5

Spain (SDSU)80.3
Anderson (Cal)58.8

Jeff Sagarin rankings -

SDSU #45
Cal #100

Yes, it looks like we dominate on paper in almost every major category. We will need to shut down Christopher to have any type of advantage. SDSU has a history of withering like a postcoital penis at away games, so it's one of those situations that you need to really not look at the numbers (the numbers had us winning vs. Indiana at March Madness a few years back too).

I'm gonna try to catch this game at a bar this weekend.


Note: The formatting of this post seems to work best when viewed by Mozilla Firefox and NOT Internet Explorer. And no, I'm not going to figure out what code works best for both. Sorry. =(

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March To Madness presents The Pillow Fight

Happy holiday everyone!

It's double awards time!

Drew Drew Drew... Michigan State led UCLA by 11 points at the half!

How could you let Mbah a Moute take over the game like that?! UCLA ends up winning 68 to 63.

Ummmm, insert your own comment here...

Sparties, you guys get the first Always Be Closing award. Aren't you proud.

Put that Gatorade DOWN! Gatorade's for CLOSERS!


Oregon... That was simply embarrassing. St. Mary's came out and fucking bitch slapped you 99 to 87!

Gaels (whatever the hell those are), you receive our The Is Sparta!!! award for laying the lumber to the Ducks. Methinks there may be a missing persons report for Oregon on next week's blogpoll.

Spartans, prepare for glory!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Week Two Blogpoll

Here is the official consensus top 25 blogpoll -

1) Memphis
3) North Carolina
4) Kansas
5) Georgetown
6) Louisville
7) Tennessee
8) Washington St.
9) Indiana
10) Duke
11) Oregon
12) Marquette
13) Texas
14) Michigan St.
15) Gonzaga
16) Texas A&M
17) Butler
18) Southern Ill.
19) Kansas State
20) Pittsburgh
21) Davidson
22) Syracuse
23) Virginia
24) Clemson
25) Villanova

Everyone's individual vote can be found here.

Comments - Looks like I wasn't the only one who ruthlessly punished Arkansas and Stanford. From a ranking of 17 and 16 to completely assed out of the poll.

If a tree falls and no one is around...

Miami and Florida is starting to creep into the poll. I can support Florida if they get a few quality wins. But Miami? Well, they might fall into my football/basketball rule. If you suck at football you should rock at basketball. And Miami SUCKS at football right now.

And people are starting to get pretty tired of UNC's lackluster wins.

Bozeman's world

Great article from The Bible about Todd Bozeman's return and how he could be the most effective coach in all of Division I basketball.

In case you forgot, he was accused of making $30,000 in payments to the parents of Jelani Gardner and also cited for denying the NCAA violations and providing false and misleading information during the initial investigation. The NCAA sanctioned him for eight damn years!

I'm baaaaaaaaack....

Title Redacted

George Mason vs. Kansas State looks to be the game of the week.

Both undefeated with GMU looking pretty damn good. And hey, if George Mason sinks up the joint, it IS the Old Spice Classic...

Maybe Bruce can bring the Patriots a chainsaw.

Sometimes Luke Winn can be a little off. He lists the hottest rivalries ...

Illinois/Indiana? Check. Memphis/Tennessee? Yeah. Louisville/Marquette? Ok. Texas/Texas A&M? Sure. Florida/Kentucky? Of course! UCLA/USC? Naturally.

Georgetown/Syracuse???? I understand back when Public Enemy were gods of the rap world this was a big game. But Syracuse is no match for Georgetown now. Melo is gone gone gone. Just my opinion....

John Thompson Jr. may have to call 911 after that game.

Monday, November 19, 2007


I have dropped out Stanford and Arizona for those sad sad losses. I dropped Arkansas down to 25 because after they got that beat down from Providence they turn right around and slap VCU (who I have also dropped out of the poll).

I moved up everyone after Texas A&M because they just keep on winning.

On hold are Marquett, UCLA, Duke and Michigan State (playing today).



Who knew that Oklahoma's womens coach was that good looking? Sherri Coale, you are a MILF!


So this is how UCLA gets that "edge" and wins games?

Actually I would have fucking shot that annoying bastard in the face a long time ago. Unified fan support during games (e.g. the Cameron Crazies) is great! A fan acting alone like that is scary.

And as always, Mondays and Tuesdays might be light on posts because of blogpolling / work collision.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

And the beat goes on...

Siena beats Stanford 67 to 79.

Major changes to my blogpoll ballot because as Sunday Morning QB said, "reward big wins and ruthlessly punish mediocrity..."

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Liveblogging Virginia / Arizona (7:30 pm)

Update: Sitting here now with soberclear eyes, I still think that was fun live blogging last night. The software that I used was fantastic and easy. Tech support was cool (I accidentally included their comments on the live blog).

Reading through it now, it looked like a train wreck with my spelling/grammer but WTF you know? It's not suppose to be perfect. I'm doing that in real time, not like these posts when I can edit stuff. I will definitely be doing it again.

And when y'all are reading it, seriously check out the link to the UofA gals I put in the second half of the game.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Did someone say "Depleted"?!

Sound the victory horn! The Terps will face a depleted UCLA squad on Monday!

...Maryland learned today that it won’t be facing the full contingent of Bruins in the opening semifinal of the CBE Classic on Monday night in Kansas City.

UCLA coach Ben Howland said junior guard Darren Collison, the team’s best player, won’t play in the tournament because of continued soreness in his left knee. His status had been uncertain.

Also out, Howland said, is junior guard/forward Michael Roll, who ruptured his plantar fascia earlier this month.

"We’re not going to rush him back. We have a long season ahead of us," Howland told reporters today in a conference call.

Ummm, I hate to burst your bubble (HA! I said "bubble" as in "bubble team" in March Madness which they probably will be! I'm clever)...

Apologies. Anyhoo Maryland, it doesn't matter if UCLA put all their bench warmers in the starting lineup, they will PWND you. But if you want to continue to believe in magical unicorn ponies, keep singing the "depleted" song.

Awwww, So depleted and pretty.... I believe.

Beware the Mountain West

Maybe the MWC is not getting enough credit. I know we are still early in the season, but man! San Diego State, Air Force, UNLV, Brigham Young and New Mexico is tearing through their non-conference schedule, Utah took former #1 seed Washington to the wire (although they fucking gift wrapped that game to the Huskies with those ticky tack fouls). I mean geez louise, you let your three best scorers foul out at the same time?!

"You've got to give them credit — they played well down the stretch," said (Utah coach Jim) Boylen. "But you can't let a team shoot 37 free throws on the road and expect to win."

No, you can't expect to win when you keep your three best players in the game with foul trouble! Have you heard of quick rotation, Jim?

I would have NEVER done that to you!

Anyway, if SDSU can't get into the Dance, we will always switch to whoever is in our conference that made it.

And I'm starting to become more confident that the MWC will be a multi-bid conference.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Davidson doesn't surprise me

So the talking heads are saying that the Tar Heels were lackluster , sluggish and unfocused.

How about Davidson being that GOOD?! The blogpoll has them ranked at 20 this week. So it makes me yawn that the score was so close.

"I told the guys in one of the huddles, 'You may not believe this right now, but I love this,'" (UNC coach Roy) Williams said. "This is great for us."

Take that in for a sec. The coach is telling his team "Hey, this is fantastic we are about to get beat!"

Yeah, next time my wife is counseling a domestic violence victim she should say to her "Hey you know, that was good for you."

Uhhhhh, yer not suppose to do that. We're number one!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March To Madness presents The Female Raider Fan

(HT: Deadspin)

Week One Blogpoll

Here it is!

1) Memphis
2) North Carolina
4) Kansas
5) Georgetown
6) Tennessee
7) Louisville
8) Washington St.
9) Oregon
10) Indiana
11) Duke
12) Marquette
13) Michigan St.
14) Texas
15) Gonzaga
16) Stanford
17) Arkansas
18) Texas A&M
19) Arizona
20) Davidson
21) VA Commonwealth
22) Butler
23) N.C. St.
24) Southern Ill.
25) Mississippi St.

To see everyone's vote, click here.

Comments - No, no, no. No Gardner-Webb. Great job guys, but lets see you win some more games first.

Buh-bye USC. We'll call ya. Promise.

Kentucky, you'll be back.

Michigan State is way too low for my taste.

I'm neutral about N.C. State and Southern Illinois. I didn't rank them, but I think it's not a crime that the other bloggers have them as a bottom 25 ranking.

And as always, if you are a blogger who is interested in joining, e-mail me your blog information.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Art imitates life

From NCAABB FanHouse:

It's silly to vote for either Mercer or Gardner-Webb in the Top 25. There is absolutely no way that either of these two teams is one of the 25 best in the country. It's not possible. It's highly unlikely that either team is even one of the 100 best teams in the country, although Jeff Sagarin currently has Gardner-Webb at No. 93. (Mercer is No. 165.)

So why rank them in the Top 25? I assume it's just that some of the AP voters realize how silly it is to vote on a Top 25 in November and want to do something to shake things up. Even in March the polls mean absolutely nothing in college basketball, but in November they mean less than nothing, so in that respect I can kind of see why someone might want to vote for a team like Mercer or Gardner-Webb.

That actually sums up my view of it, and it was very interesting to see some of the blogpollers putting Gardner-Webb at #25. But for the most part what everyone in the blogpoll is saying is that "Hey, it's only November. This is pretty meaningless at this stage anyways."

But that doesn't stop people from arguing about them.

Light post

Work surrounds me and blogpollers want to know why Gardner-Webb is not getting more love.

The Week One Blogpoll will be released by Wednesday AM.

Hey, the Vols think they are who they thought they were!

Improved depth should enable Pearl to dole out minutes based on defensive intensity, which players peg as the reason they blew a 17-point halftime lead in an NCAA regional semifinal against Ohio State.

"We’re fixing that now," (Wayne) Chism said of the team’s defense. "Our biggest key is improving our defense and stopping the other team’s top players. If you don’t go hard, you don’t play."

Always. Be. Closing. They would have won that award if I had it last season. What a meltdown against Oden and the Buckeyes.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Nightime blogpolling...

Wow, Marquette is cutting this game close while Oregon and UCLA have yet to play tonight.

Once those games are done I will have my blogpoll ballot done. I have completely dropped out USC and Kentucky. Then I have moved up those who were below.

That is a rough sketch of my thinking anyways. Also, just because of the compacted timeline (the bloggers discuss the top 25 teams on Tuesday and the final consensus is released on Wednesday) I will not release my ballot. When the final blogpoll is released there will always be a link to everyone's vote.

I will start live blogging this week with a couple of games. I plan to anyways. Don't hold me to it.

UPDATE: Marquette is up by 10 now... If they can make a strong finish I probably won't drop them down a few spots. And I'm seriously thinking about moving Duke up. We will see.

UPDATE 2: Well, enter Pittsburgh and Clemson (since I have dropped out Kentucky and USC) at 24 and 25. I'm still looking to penalizing Marquette for that close game versus Utah Valley State. Those last 10 points were in garbage time. But I need to see what Oregon does (so far it is 14 to 22 against Western Michigan).

What kind of fuckery is that?

I don't know about you but my feeling is that if you beat a weaker opponent by 65 points, you don't act like you won against the reigning champs or something.

Bunch of douchebags the Blue Devils are.

Picture pages II

But first, SDSU has won 3 games!

It's the little things. One game at a time.

Tennessee Tech loses against Florida 93-65 -

Mike Sutton: DAMN, that was a fuck you in the ass type loss!

Seton Hall coach Bobby Gonzalez and Dir. of Basketball Stephen Sauers -

Wait wait wait wait WAIT! Beware of the T!

Blogpolling and work will take up the next two days, so expect light or no posts.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ummmm... Yeah...

When. Will. You. Listen. To. Me?

O.J. Mayo cannot do it alone and it showed with a total lackluster performance by his marry band of men.

I said at the sports bar at Indian Wells (which I totally find offensive, they are not from India) that no matter the awesome range of Mayo, he cannot take over a game. Not yet.

In other news, I was dead wrong about the BYU / Long Beach State game. The 49ners ain't ready yet.

Friday, November 9, 2007

You think Coach K wanted to make a statement?

56 to 121?

I have a friend who "goes" to Duke and he managed to snap a few photos of the Blue Devils' playbook for that game against NC Central...

AND he managed to record Duke's practice sessions for NC Central...

I have peeps everywhere this season.

Oh, I needed that...

Miami coach Frank Haith believes the Hurricanes can make the NCAA Tournament and finish in the top half of the conference. This year.

Yes, the 2007 - 2008 season.

Said an obviously choked up Haith: "Dude, last year my nephew got shot, we had hundreds of injuries, I had to throw some playas off Da U b-ball team... Can a brutha get some love up in here?"

Then giving reporters a wicked gansta look, Haith continued: "But this year I got King, McClinton and super frosh Rios. Y'all muthafuckas are wrong about us. It's all about dat U, baby! And this year we're going to the BIG dance and sleeping with your White women!"

A couple of female reporters looked down at their shoes to hide their smiles.

Of course I'm paraphrasing.

March To Madness got nothing but love for ya, baby...

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Duke could care less

Duke students couldn't give a shit about games outside of North Carolina and Maryland.

Student attendance has been slipping over the past five years, and when the men's team finished 22-11 last year, more than half the home games were played before empty seats in the student sections.

Even men's coach Mike Krzyzewski is worried by the empty seats.

"So how do we tackle that?" Krzyzewski said.

Cameron Crazies aren't so crazy, huh? They see their team sucking the big stiff one lately. And this season does not look pretty either.

Last year, some Duke games drew as few as 900 students, (Duke senior Roberto) Bazzani said.

"I'm not going to say our record was miserable it wasn't," Bazzani said. "But Duke fans, we've been spoiled a little bit. We expect an Elite Eight every year, a run at an ACC championship.

Can you smell that? *sniff sniff* Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, misplaced arrogance.

Take us home, Ben Folds...


College mascots are gettin' Bat Mitzvah wit it!

Ya know, I can nosh after this. Let's go to Izzy's Deli.

(Super duper HT: Storming The Floor)

Hot coaches...

Cal's Ben Braun and Stanford's Trent Johnson look to be on the hot seat, and no, not the Budweiser variety.

I agree more with Stanford with no tourney wins at all.

Hey, don't point fingers. I know SDSU hasn't had any NCAA tournament wins either. But come one, this is Stanford we're talking about!

Johnson is out if he fails again this year. Sorry trees.

The only game this weekend that has perked my interest is the BYU / Long Beach State game. These two teams came in last year hungry and shocked a lot of people by making it to the Madness (and both lost the first round in equally "shocking" fashion). Both teams also have a loaded roster.

To me this game has the potential to be like the following clip as far as entertainment value...

(HT: The M Zone)

Give it to them!

Ok folks we have our first OFFICIAL recipient for the "This is SPARTA!!!" award.

Wha? Widon? Yeup.

Congratulations to Gardner-Webb who put the bull whip to Kentucky 84 to 68 in Lexington. The Bulldogs Grayson Flittner was a madman, scoring 22 points on the Wildcats!

"You can't just show up on the court and think you're going to beat somebody because you wear a certain jersey," said Gillispie.

Looks like the hunter became the hunted.

That's right motherfuckers. This IS Sparta.

And for those of you like me who thinks that ESPN's Sage Steele is HOT, here she is talking about the game.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Geez, do these guys have any individual thoughts of their own?!?

Digger: "I pick UNC, Memphis, Kansas and UCLA"
Bilas: "I pick UNC, Memphis, Kansas and UCLA"
Davis: "I pick UNC, Memphis, Kansas BUT Gonzaga"

That shit reminds me of the Sam Adams commercial with the dweebs ordering water BUT with lemon, until someone with balls said "Gimme a beer!"

Will there be any players left?

"They tell me don't drink and drive, I say what is this.
Pass the Heineken and mind your business."

- LL Cool J
The Boomin' System

From the San Diego Union Tribune...

San Diego State junior point guard Richie Williams, 20, was arrested last month on suspicion of drunken driving, the second underage drinking incident on the Aztecs men's basketball team since September 2006.

Williams, whose indefinite suspension was announced by SDSU on Monday, was arrested at 1:50 a.m. on Oct. 11 on Montezuma Road. He was cited for two drunken-driving violations, including underage drunken driving with a blood-alcohol content over .05, according to police records.

Yeah, he's fucking out for about 3 games. That's what the internets are saying. My amazement with this story is that he was busted on Montezuma Road! Montezuma has to be the most heavily patrolled street by the SDSU Police. This is where Frat Row sits along with almost ALL the after 2 am eateries. So on top of being a criminal he is a dumb one to boot. Fucking take 53rd to Campanile! The back roads, dummy!

Not that I'm recommending anything, mind you. Just when we needed junior and senior leadership to step up.

Wow wow wow... Michigan State, ranked 8th in the AP, Coaches, and Blogpoll falls to Grand Valley State. Division II, people! Maybe Izzo should be training his players more rather than the media.

Not so wow because I knew they would suck a little but Ohio State was beaten by another little engine that could, Findlay. Yup that makes two Division II teams flexing cock muscle with the big boys.

Keep on trucking, Oilers...

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March To Madness presents... The Kentucky Stretch.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

UCLA 111, APU 61

Hey kids, its the Kevin Love / Lorenzo Mata Asskicking Show!

Oh what I wouldn't give to see a UCLA / Memphis matchup...

Oh we expected that...

Tennessee-Martin 71, Memphis 102.

Derrick Rose had 17 points, six rebounds and five assists in his collegiate debut.

"When we were dying, he scored," Memphis coach John Calipari said. "We were dying, he blocks a shot. We were dying, he goes in there and makes a play."

Yes, he was kicking mucho ass. And guys, you were dying against Tennessee-Martin? That concerns me. Maybe I ranked them too high on the blogpoll.

And we're back...

The Sports Network has their Big East preview. As predicted, Georgetown is the clear favorite with Seton Hall bringing up da rear. When was the last time Seton Hall has a winning season?

Hey, we were in March Madness last year! Then Wichita State happened.

Actually I would have given Wichita State the This Is Sparta award for that nut stomping victory over the Pirates.

One interesting comment made about Syracuse...

After 31 years with the Orange it is beginning to look a lot like the end of the line (eventually) for coach Boeheim.

BEGINNING to look like the end?! Only his rotting carcass is coaching at this point.

Our boy Joe Lunardi gives a Q&A on this year's tournament selection process. A good read from Mr. Bracketology.

Jay Bilas has a basketball preview column. He brings up a great evil question about the new enforcement of the NCAA coach restraint rule...

"Which coach will be rung up first? Decorum is important and should be encouraged. I just don't believe it should be up to the officials to do it unless a coach's behavior interferes with the orderly administration of the game. However, with the emphasis on bench decorum, several coaches can count on being rung up early for technical fouls. Who will it be?"

My prediction of who will get hit with Ts early and often (in order of most likely to least likely but still will probably get 1 or 2):

Knight, Izzo, Crean, Romar, McKay, Weber, Sampson, Boeheim and Krzyzewski.

If your coach isn't listed, that means he is a pussy that has no passion for the game. Zing!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Heads up...

There might not be a Monday post (11/5). Wedding anniversary with Mrs. March To Madness so I'm heading out early.

Must see TV?

The SportingNews lists their "can't miss" games of the upcoming season. Let's take a look, shall we?

Arizona at Kansas on Nov. 25

Sure, I can miss that one! Kansas just has too much firepower on the perimeter. That game is gonna be lights out for the Wildcats. You heard it here first.

Gonzaga at Connecticut on Dec. 1

Only a can't miss game if both are up there in the rankings. The Zags can be inconsistent while Connecticut doesn't seem to get hot until January. Plus the Huskies fans don't seem to care that much about basketball at the moment. Can't really make a prediction on that one yet. You heard it here first.

Speaking of the Zags, here's an oldie but goodie...

North Carolina at Kentucky on Dec. 1

Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky. Outside of my fascination with their cheerleaders, I need to see what Billy Gillispie does. If I need to pick now, I would say UNC in a close game with that senior leadership they have. You heard it here first.

Southern California vs. Memphis on Dec. 4

What, are you kidding me? O.J. Mayo against Derrick Rose, Robert Dozier and Chance McGrady? The Tigers slap the Trojans around like the bitches they are. You heard it here first.

Georgetown at Memphis on Dec. 22.

Now THIS is a can't miss game! Finesse (Memphis) against power (Georgetown). Memphis can't afford to get into a paint battle with Roy Hibbert and Georgetown can't afford to get into a sharp shooting battle with the Tigers. I honestly can't pick this one, but I will be glued to the TV and possibly liveblogging (I found this really cool tool that allows me to do it very easily). You heard it here first.

Happy Friday to ya!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blah blah blah

This from USA Today:

Indiana basketball coaches attended regular compliance meetings. They logged recruiting phone calls each week. They signed forms monthly attesting they didn't call recruits from home phones and received regular compliance memos and newsletters reminding them of NCAA rules.

Yet the university said coaches still made more than 100 calls in violation of NCAA rules or sanctions imposed on the program because of previous impermissible calls. When the calls were discovered, coaches told school officials they were confused about the rules, forgot to record calls, or thought reports were formalities.

Yet they were confused. And that confusion costs Senderoff his job. Ok, that's all I have to say about that. This is getting to be a little overkill with reporting about this program's implosion on this blog.

I wonder just what is going on during Michigan State's practices? Drew Neitzel was overheard last week yelling "Pick his shorts up! Somebody get his shorts!" Also heard was "Get the condoms and lube! Somebody get the condoms and lube!"

And this Spartan team is growing some balls. Check out this nugget...

When 6-11 junior Idong Ibok came onto the floor a little too casually for Travis Walton's taste, Walton barked, "I.D., don't fucking walk out here. Run!"

Hey, did you know that Florida's first game is against a college that has a 4 to 1 male to female ratio?! That seems excessive for a co-ed higher institute of learning. Maybe some of Izzo's guys transfered from that school. Zing!

Finally, in memorandum of Robert Goulet's passing we give you this...

Remember, he fucking loved college hoops.

(HT: NCAA BB Fan House)