Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Speaking of embarrassing...

Emir of Qatar shocked to see very little done after donating over $95 million dollars to New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina.

NEW ORLEANS — One of the world’s richest men toured one of America’s poorest cities on Tuesday, a whistle-stop visitor from a distant land come to see his good works in a place still needing a stranger’s kindness.

After Hurricane Katrina, the emir of Qatar donated $100 million to the Gulf region, intended to help rebuild housing, hospitals and schools. But the effect of his visit to New Orleans on Tuesday seemed muted, as two universes peered at each other through the dark smoked glass of his motorcade.

It was through that filter that the genial, burly emir, Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, saw the unhealed landscape of the Lower Ninth Ward, touring the scarred lots in a police-guided caravan of luxury vans and cars as the few people out in the spring sunshine stared blankly back at the opaque windows. Open-mouthed astonishment registered on some of the faces at street level.

The emptiness of the streets had affected him, the emir said, as it does many visitors. "I really wish to see some people come back to their homes," he said, with a bit of sadness. Brightening, he added, "I was happy to see some homes being built."

*insert Howard Dean scream here*

Top 10 Most Embarrassing Moments - #9

(Ed. Note: We will be doing a 10 part series, one a day on the 10 "most embarrassing" moments in college basketball. Now "most embarrassing" is subjective and we will admit it is only what's embarrassing to us. Also the time frame for this is since Dr. Naismith, whippersnappers.)

Moment #9 - Minnesota vs THE Ohio State University groin punch head stomp game

Breathtaking in its sheer violence, this moment from 1972 left one player nearly unconscious. Not only does the poor TOSU guy get kneed in the balls by a Minnesota punk, he then gets stomped on his dome. Way to go Gophers!

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March to Madness presents... The Flying Martines Sisters

NSFW behind cut

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Top 10 Most Embarrassing Moments - #10

(Ed. Note: We will be doing a 10 part series, one a day on the 10 "most embarrassing" moments in college basketball. Now "most embarrassing" is subjective and we will admit it is only what's embarrassing to us. Also the time frame for this is since Dr. Naismith, whippersnappers.)

Moment #10 - The start of the most bitter rivalry in basketball, Duke / UNC

Have you ever thought to yourself "What the hell is the problem between the Blue Devils and the Tar Heels?!" We understand a little healthy rivalry promotes great competition, but sometimes that can be taken too far. Enter 1961 with North Carolina hosting Duke in a "friendly" game of hoops. Up until this point there really wasn't the intense hatred they have today, but that all changed in 40 seconds of furious fists. Also, this marked the first bench clearing brawl with police involved. UNC ended up wining this game, btw.

Oh those crazy Caucasians.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Jacking for posts

For your consideration, Missouri's historic shinning "moments" -

(HT: EDSBS, who rocks as always)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Five to NONE

We were betting online that Derrick Rose and Chris Douglas-Roberts to bail Memphis for the stupid NBA. Memphis center Joey Dorsey was kinda of a stretch to take a shot at the Numskulls Brawlers and Assholes, but it wasn't unbelievable.

But now Antonio Anderson and Robert Dozier are also declaring for the NBA?!?!

The school announced Wednesday that neither Anderson and Dozier is expected to sign with an agent, leaving the possibility of returning for their senior season open.

That will leave the Tigers without it's starting lineup and no one of note is currently sitting on their bench. Anderson and Dozier have a snowball's shot at getting drafted. The draft is already neck deep in way more talented kids. The article seems to make that point as well...

With a deep pool of underclassmen entering the draft, Anderson and Dozier are unlikely to get drafted with their teammates. But Memphis coach John Calipari says Anderson and Dozier will be able to work out for teams, participate in pre-draft camp and get feedback from scouts.

We could have been contenders...

File this under "We need to dig a little deeper into what's happening here": Lute Olson kicks former interim head coach and current assistant head coach Kevin O'Neill off team.

The 51-year-old O'Neill was hired last spring, and took over as interim coach when coach Lute Olson took a personal leave of absence last season. After Olson returned in March, he announced that O'Neill would no longer be a part of his staff.

Arizona athletic director Jim Livengood said O'Neill would serve as an assistant athletic director until June 30, the end of the department's fiscal year.

"Kevin and I will sit down in mid-June to determine the next step," Livengood said in a statement on Wednesday.

Was it the 19-15 record O'Neill amassed as interim head coach? Was it the pass he made at Lute's estranged wife?

We shall see...

(That making a pass at Lute Olson's wife was fictional, btw)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March to Madness presents... The cramped dorm room

What was that noise?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Me and Anne and the Kentucky Derby

I thought she was kidding at first...

"You wanna go to Dublin's on Sunset Strip to watch the Kentucky Derby?"

I looked at her as if she just spontaneously combusted...

"The thing with the elderly drunk White people with the big hats and the poodles who watch horses run around in circles?!"

She wasn't kidding. She then started to ramble on about how it was an experience and a lot of fun and we can drink mint juleps all day. Meh. I can drink better drinks at home. Then she called in a favor. Seems I dragged her to the same bar to watch the Indiana/Duke game a few months ago during March Madness. This was the game where Mike Davis' Hoosiers upset the Blue Devils and Coach K nearly passed out. I didn't think it was comparable, but nevertheless I went.

And I managed to have a lot of fun. Really! That was a few years ago and ever since then I have been a passive observer of the Derby. I couldn't even begin to talk about the odds on the horses, so my entertainment comes watching the grand spectacle of it all. We even came up with a nifty drinking game. So get your favorite scotch/bourbon/vodka, follow these rules and pointers for the 2008 Kentucky Derby and we guarantee a good time will be had by all:

#1 - Drunk girls in gaudy hats

Breathtaking in the sheer size and busyness they are only matched by the level of intoxication of the women who dawn them. Each time you see one in hot pink take a half a shot. Yes, there are that many.

#2 - Men in drag

You wouldn't think that they would be there, but they are citizen. And they usually look better than the women. Every time you see one on the tele you have to take TWO shots.

#3 - Derbyman

Yeah, I too said "what the f..." when I first saw him. He is pretty much an institution down there at Churchill Downs. Down one shot each time the camera shows his happy face.

#4 - The Infield

Pure hedonistic debauchery. Unfortunately the fine folks at NBC will not show this lest they offend their viewers delicate sensibilities. Many say more nudity is shown at the Derby each year than at Mardi Gras!

#5 - Horses

Kinda funny that hours of television programming leads up to a 5 minute race between strangely named horses (Pyro, Gayego, Big Brown and Big Truck to name a few). Pyro is suppose to be the favorite, so every time you hear his name take a shot.

If you are still conscious after it is all over, you have a horse's liver. So join us in the revelry on May 3rd!

Divorce American Style

Apparently estranged wife Christine Olson don't play that shit as she hauls Arizona coach Lute Olson's ass back into court for taking some of that Nike endorsement money from their joint account.

Christine Olson's attorney Kathleen McCarthy wrote in a court pleading that the coach's conduct was obviously intentional calling it outrageous.

McCarthy wrote that a preliminary injunction barred each side from transferring any joint, common or community property.

According to the most recent figure available, Olson received $500,000 from Nike in 2006-07, as part of the $714,000 in outside income he receives, according to the University of Arizona. Olson also receives a base salary of nearly $738,000 from the university.

Next up, Urbana University small forward Julian Bernard gets the grand prize for being jailed on charges of trafficking in marijuana and possession of cocaine!

An Urbana University basketball player was arrested Friday, April 18, and charged with two felonies after a narcotics investigation spanning several months, said Sheriff Brent Emmons.

"The investigation is ongoing," Emmons said Monday, noting several other suspects may be charged in the near future.

TWO felonies at the tender age of 23! You teh winner!!!

This is only my backup career choice...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Come again?

North Carolina and Duke favored to be in the 2009 NCAA National Championship game?!?!?!

North Carolina and Duke are both 6.5/1 to win it all next year. North Carolina was blasted by Kansas in the Final four game of this season and Duke was upset in the second round of the tournament.

Ummm, ok. But hey, what about Florida? Didn't they win TWO titles a few years ago? Who cares about results this year!

After Duke and North Carolina is a team who really had a disappointing season. The Florida Gators who had won the previous two National Championships had a rough year and did not get selected for the big dance, but did get invited to the National Invitation Tournament and were ousted by Massachusetts in the Semi Final round. The Gators are 10/1 to win next year's National Championship.

Good googly moogly. And if you're stupid enough to believe all that...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Under Barack Obama

Hardcore jungle fever...

(Please reference off season posting rules if you are wondering why this is here.)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

U.S. Senator: Taxation is Voluntary

(Ganked from The Liberator Online)

Libertarian video artist Jan Helfeld, infamous for his in-your-face Borat-style interviews of prominent figures, recently had the following surreal exchange with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:


HELFELD: If the government is in the business of forcefully taking money from some people in order to pay for the welfare of others, how will the people whose wealth is being taken feel about the government?

REID: Well, I don't accept your phraseology. I don't think we 'force.'

HELFELD: Taxation is not forceful?

REID: Well, no. In fact, quite to the contrary. Our system of government is a voluntary tax system.


That's right, dear reader, the U.S. tax system is voluntary. And no one is forced to participate.

Of course, if you don't "volunteer," your property is seized, you face crippling financial penalties, and you may well go to jail.

Worse than 2 Girls 1 Cup

The chorus to this song goes: "Zac, I love you. Zac, I wanna rub you. So beautiful and tender. A male, the perfect gender."


America, fuck yeah!

(Major HT: EDSBS)

Final Blogpoll for 2006-2007 Season

Here is the official consensus top 25 blogpoll for the season -

Bow your heads!

1) Kansas
2) Memphis
4) North Carolina
5) Texas
6) Louisville
7) Davidson
8) Xavier
9) Tennessee
10) Stanford
11) Wisconsin
12) Georgetown
13) Washington St.
14) Butler
15) West Virginia
16) Duke
17) Michigan St.
18) Marquette
19) Western Kentucky
20) Purdue
21) Notre Dame
22) UConn
23) Drake
24) Kansas State
25) Mississippi St.

Everyone's vote can be found here.

Comments - My only comment is that I should have UNRANKED Duke after that tournament performance in my ballot (I ranked them at #19).

No more blogpoll until a month before the 2007-2008 season starts. Boo-hoo.

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March to Madness presents... Your Mom

No wonder you turned out the way you did.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You wanna help Ike?!?!?!

Dakota Wesleyan University forward Ike Muoneke gets the reverse Ike Turner treatment outside of an Irish pub in the wee hours of the morn'.

Gary Bussmus, 49, and son Kyle, 21, both of Mitchell, were arrested Sunday on charges of simple assault after they were involved in a fight outside Blarney’s Pub in south Mitchell. Gary Bussmus also faces a resisting arrest charge.

Muoneke was taken to Avera Queen of Peace Hospital for his injuries, which included a swollen eye. Three others ...also sustained injuries, ranging from swollen lips to black eyes, (Police Lt. Don) Everson said.

So you got your usual drunkenness, yelling and disrespecting.

And now Muppet theater will reenact this scene a la "What's Love Got To Do with It" style with Gary and Kyle Bussmus playing the part of Kermit while Ike Muoneke will play the part of Miss Piggy:

There is also a racial tinge to this as well and is still under investigation. Oh goodie.

UTEP guard Stefon Jackson got his ass hauled into jail for hiding a suspected murderer at his place.

FBI agents arrested Willie Harden Jr., 20, on Friday at the Wendy's restaurant near the University of Texas at El Paso campus. Harden, of Philadelphia, was sought in a March 14 shooting that wounded five people in New Castle, Pa.

According to the affidavit, an FBI source on April 8, "learned that Harden had taken a Greyhound Bus to El Paso, Texas, and was currently residing with a cousin named Stefon Jackson."

Sheriff's Office spokesman Deputy Jesus Tovar said while conducting a protective sweep of the apartment, deputies found a second male who was hiding in the apartment. After a brief investigation, deputies learned that the man is wanted in Philadelphia, Pa. on a murder charge.

Stefon Jackson was arrested Tuesday morning on a charge of hindering apprehension or prosecution tied to the arrest of Willie Harden Jr., according to jail records and officials.

Hey. I understand that blood is thicker than water. But jail time is thicker than blood in my opinion. Would you guys hide a relative that was suspected of killing people?

On second thought, some of you out there don't answer that.

Monday, April 14, 2008

No good deed goes unpunished

Man gets stabbed and beaten after trying to protect the Syracuse basketball team from fans angry about getting beat by UMass in the NIT.

A city man told police he was stabbed and beaten outside a downtown dance club early Saturday because he sided with several Syracuse University basketball players in a dispute.

While inside the bar, he (Woshua U. Kushkituah) saw several SU basketball players "being harassed by other male patrons." He did not know their names. Believing a fight imminent, Kushkituah told the players "they should leave the establishment to avoid a confrontation, in which they agreed," Officer Mehlek wrote.

Kushkituah walked them outside to a vehicle parked on Herald Place, and the players drove away. He then noticed several men had followed them to the street.

Kushkituah heard a male voice ask why he helped them. He turned to a punch in the face, fell to the ground and was kicked repeatedly. He said about 10 males took part in the beating.

Damn, poor guy. And here he was trying to be a good citizen! How many people would actually say "Hey, you guys should leave the establishment to avoid a confrontation," in that type of situation?

I think the best part of this is the club they were at is called Trexx, a huge gay nightclub in the Syracuse area. Now that is very progressive on the part of the SU players. And those are some real thuggish gay guys...

Not so euphoric for Mr. Kushkituah.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Age ain't nothin' but a number

Eastern Arizona's now ex-coach Tim Parmeter loves the ladies. He loves them so much he just could not wait until they were eighteen years old.

Former Eastern Arizona College basketball coach Tim Parmeter was arrested and booked into the Graham County Jail on Friday on a single charge of sexual conduct with a minor.

The charge stems from an alleged two-year sexual relationship with an EAC student that began when she was 16. The victim claims she and Parmeter had numerous sexual relations at various places, including his home and his school office.

This story would be kinda kinky if it wasn't for the fact that the girl was freaking sixteen!!!

Parmeter will have his initial appearance before Justice of the Peace Dewey Bryce within 48 hours of his arrest. If Judge Bryce finds cause for the complaint, Parmeter will have an arraignment hearing followed by a preliminary hearing.

You know you're in backwoods country when the judges are called "Justice of the Peace". And what kind of name is Dewey Bryce? I wonder did he see this when they hauled him in front of good ol' boy Dewey?

Happy Friday and bow down, heathen!

We have a heartbeat

The original title of this post was going to be "Radio Silence".

You see, one of my favorite radio talk show hosts, Randi Rhodes was suspended a couple of weeks ago. Why? She called Hillary Clinton a fucking whore. I'm not gonna get into the particulars about how I feel about that, but needless to say it left a huge void in my day. My daily radio schedule has always been:

7 am to 9 am - NPR
9 am to Noon - NPR / Thom Hartmann (I alternate depending on what Thom is talking about)
Noon to 3 pm - Randi Rhodes
3 pm to 5 pm - Rachel Maddow
5 pm to 8 pm - Fox News Radio (whatever I can catch from Rush/Hannity/O'Reilly)

Randi was the anchor, man. Then this morning I find out that Randi has quit! Now I'm spinning. What the hell will I listen to in that Noon to 3 pm spot?

Finally I hear that Ms. Rhodes will start broadcasting on The Nova M Radio Network starting Monday, April 14th. Ok. Does this Nova M have live streaming? Yes. Yes it does, citizen. And we have a heartbeat.

Welcome back.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


We had so much potential back in 2006.

Don't let the sun, go down on me...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Rules of Engagement

We've mentioned all this in bits and pieces throughout this blog, but we thought maybe it would be a perfect time to distill it down in one bite sized post. We call these our off-season posting rules.

Now that college hoops is done, we switch over to our three other loves in life to help occupy us in the void (in no particular order):

A) College football
B) Politics
C) Cooking

So expect a healthy dose of those sexy McCain girls, our adventures in the kitchen, and why the spread offense is making mediocre coaches look like geniuses.

Also, we always made a point to at least post once a day, if not more. During the off-season expect us to shift that down and post 2 to 3 times a week.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the Moment of Zen Wednesdays continue? Please?!
Of course, silly. We would never give that up.

When will you stop with the off-topic crap and get back to the hoops?
Between late October and early November.

Does this mean you guys will NOT talk about college basketball until October?
Sure we will. If there is a breaking story or something we find interesting, you'll find it here. Like the ever expanding arrests of basketball players at Rhode Island colleges. Gambling on the Island!

What else do you guys do when there is no college hoops on?
We entertain the ladies we neglected during the season. Oh yeah.

(Disclaimer: Not an actual representation of the actual ladies we actually entertain. Wife is unballing fist now.)

On a final note, expect the season end Top 25 Blogpoll to come out early next week. Hmmm, I wonder who's number 1?

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March to Madness presents... (crowd) surfing USA.

Those crazy kids.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rock Chalk party!

The official police count was 40,000 KU students and fans on the streets of Lawrence after Kansas won the national championship. Classes had to be canceled today.

Watch as the insanity of the Jayhawk peeps devolve into a Blair Witch Project scene at the 2 minute 30 second point.

Jayhawks - You teh winner!

I don't care what anyone says, if Chris Douglas-Roberts did not miss those two free throws and Derrick Rose did not miss that one, the Tigers would have been crowned king last night.

Memphis? Alec Baldwin is here on an errand of mercy and he has a lesson for you...

All in all a very exciting game though. I was watching it with the guys, some of whom don't even like college basketball. And even they were into that game!

End game bracket -

Tomorrow we will have our Moment of Zen and also our off-season posting rules. College hoops is now done until winter. =(

Monday, April 7, 2008

The predictor

We've been thinking about the Kansas / Memphis game for most of the day today. Some people feel no matter who wins it will be a blowout. Just judging how the Jayhawks and the Tigers totally destroyed UCLA and UNC, maybe they're right.

We have Kansas winning it all. Are we second guessing that? No. Not at all. I guess I'm just amazed at how strong these two teams look and expect a really insane game (scoring wise).

Another part of us is sad that after tonight, there is no more college hoops until November basically. We'll post our off-season posting rules in the next couple of days. But for tonight treat this game like a milkshake and drink it up!

Final score? Kansas 85, Memphis 80

And you have some chronic too?

Obviously still smarting from that loss to UCLA, Xavier point guard Drew Lavender stops traffic with his drunken ways.

Court documents say Lavender was drunk and had to be asked several times to move from the intersection of a city street. Officers allegedly found pot on Lavender when he was searched.

The 23 year old senior point guard faces a charge of possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct.

Nice. We've all had moments like that, right?

Aw, it's ok big guy.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Memphis is for real

And UNC has been thunderstruck 38 to 12 with 5 minutes to go in the first half.

Update: And Kansas wins. Bracket not technically busted.

Now can we believe in Memphis? Are they still the benefactor of a weak schedule? Even though I have Kansas winning, it would not surprise me if Memphis takes this.

I'm watching Roy Williams tear up at the press conference. And I don't feel sympathy.

Maybe it is because the alcohol.

In any case, here is a picture of your girlfriend.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Outside the lines

You know we keep it real here and talk about men's college hoops for the most part (off-season excluded) because we really don't follow the women's game.

But, damn...

COLUMBIA, SC -- Two USC Basketball players were rearrested Thursday on a list of new charges (emphasis mine).

Prior to Thursday, both women were charged in connection with financial card theft, petit larceny, and two counts each of possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Then the cops came back around and gave them the business TWICE yesterday!

Jasmine Payne and Ashlie Billingslea have been charged with Petit Larceny, Financial Transaction Card Theft and Financial Transaction Card Fraud Thursday night, both Payne and Billingslea are in the Richland County Jail.

The players also face drug-related charges and financial card theft and were dismissed from the team Wednesday, according to USC media spokesman Steve Fink.

Just how many times can someone get arrested in one week? Oh, just so you know, that is the University of South Carolina, not the other USC.

File this under "Dumbest quote ever":

A North Vancouver college basketball player who spent two days in a Mexican jail accused of assault says it was the most terrifying experience of his life.

"It was horrible," Scott Morrison told Canwest News Service yesterday. "You know you can't fall asleep at any time. The police were pulling guys in and out of the jail. You don't know who's in there for what. It was the most scary thing." (emphasis mine)

Ummmm, hate to break it to you but that is what jail is suppose to be like. Scary. It is kinda used as a deterrent so people won't break the law. Especially in foreign countries. Here is the photograph of Morrison and his buddy moments before shit went awry.

Not so fun now, huh?

Oh well, blame Canada:

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

You're no match for my cyborg implants

My tardiness shall be dealt with! First round on me at the Library Bar here in downtown LA.

Hey, maybe next year have a computer fill out your brackets. You suck anyways with your homerism and irrational thought, human.

After correctly picking all four of this year's finalists, the LRMC method has now identified 30 of the last 36 Final Four participants (83 percent accuracy over the past nine years of NCAA tournaments) as one of the top two teams in their region. Over the same nine-year stretch, the seedings and polls have correctly identified only 23, and the RPI identified 21.

Ah, but what about bubble teams and the X factor? And no inhuman box of wires can factor in the madness of a team so jacked to be there in the first place that they slay the Goliath!

LRMC seems to have a particular knack for predicting good bubble teams and identifying the top teams. In addition to correctly picking the Final Four, LRMC also correctly identified several over-rated and under-rated teams as potential upsets. First-round losers Drake (5-seed, LRMC #30), Vanderbilt (4-seed, LRMC #38), and Connecticut (4-seed, LRMC #26), as well as second-round loser Georgetown (2-seed, LRMC #12), were all picked by LRMC as significantly over-rated teams.

So pick yourself up a LRMC and then go to Vegas. Prosper!

Hello Dave... I see you had Texas in the Final Four. Human mistake.

Memphis coach John Calipari brought in Jesse Jackson to talk with his team before their game against UCLA. That in itself wasn't a big deal to me, but some of the comments that were posted were amusing.

From "Unitas": That's are done. Stick a fork in you. The timer has sounded. You are finished.

How else can you describe a team that has been addressed by the most overrated mouth in the United States, Jesse Jackson.

I thought Memphis had a shot. They were playing very good basketball. If I were Calipari, I would demand equal time. Please, oh please, let Jesse talk to the other three teams, too.

It's the only shot we have!

Take care

From "jacobthedog": that's a confusing post...i think his point is that unitas is gay, maybe gay with jackson???

America, FUCK YEAH!

Finally, we bring you this:

We like this video not because of the sappy montage of the four teams who made it to the Final Four this year, oh no. We like it because the slide show is set to Europe's "The Final Countdown"!!!!! Classic 80s glam metal, you know you love it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bust a nut wherever you are

Penn State basketball player Stanley Pringle arrested for masterbating in the school library.

Police said Pringle, the team's point guard, sat behind the victim in the stacks section of the library, attempted to start a conversation with the woman and began masturbating.

Books tend to turn me on too. What? Maybe it was the woman? Noooooo.....

Not only that, it looks like we have a serial masterbator:

A similar incident occurred on March 21 on the second-floor landing of McElwain Hall's main stairwell between 8 and 8:15 p.m, when police said a man entered the building behind the woman and followed her to the stairwell landing where he began to masturbate. A similar description of the man was given in both incidents, police said.

Ed DeChellis need to find this guy a girl who'll put out.

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March to Madness presents... SURPRISE!

Technically safe for work but not smart for work.

Picture Pages IV (with news!)

So, Marquette's Tom Crean is now the Hoosier's head coach. Congrats Tom. You have inherited a team in shambles.

Star guard Eric Gordon? Gone pro. This is 99% likely, folks.

Your glue man, forward DJ White? Graduated.

Your high scoring duo of Armon Bassett and Jamarcus Ellis? Expelled from the team.

And there you go. A team with no talent, inexperienced with zero playing time. Good luck with that, coach.

When asked about if Tom Crean will be successful at Indiana, Coach
Howland used the air quotation sign and said "Sure, very successful..."

And one more time revisiting Davidson's painful loss to Kansas...

Everybody hurts...

Man... Davidson.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A busy news day indeed

First up, UNC's Tyler Hansbrough implicated in fight outside of Azuca's in San Antonio.

(AP) - San Antonio police were called in response to a disturbance outside of Azuca's Bar and Restaurant on South Alamo Street. Police spokeswoman Marlene Hetner said that there were a group of men arguing and obviously intoxicated.

"There were six men between the ages of 19 - 25 outside the restaurant pushing and shoving each other along with two females standing outside the fracas telling the men to stop." Spokeswoman Hetner said. Two of the men were arrested and booked for causing a public disturbance.

The two men arrested were area resident Steven Tyler, age 21 and Greg Little, age 19. Little is also a member of the UNC Tar Heels basketball team who are in town to play Kansas in the NCAA Final Four on Saturday.

Seen near the fighting was Tyler Hansbrough, also a member of the Tar Heels squad. The two accompanying females stated that Hansbrough was not directly involved but was questioned by police nonetheless and later released.

"We need to question all those involved to figure out what happened," Detective Kyle Pollison said. "It does not and should not imply guilt."

USC head coach Roy Williams declined to comment, briefly mentioning he needed to obtain more information about the events of that night.

Wow, coach Williams better get his boys under control. I know Chapel Hill might not have the nightlife of San Antonio, but you guys have a game in a few days. Chill!

I think the motherfucker is guilty

Next up, Indiana disintegrates before our eyes!

(AP) - Indiana guards Armon Bassett and Jamarcus Ellis have been dismissed from the team.

The players missed an appointment, then didn't show up to run laps as punishment, media relations director J.D. Campbell said Tuesday.

Boots in the ass for all. At this rate they will have no returning players left. C'mon, Eric Gordon is outta there. You think he wants to stay on that sinking ship?