Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Speaking of Not In Tournament

LSU - Another team looking to crash the NITs...

Maybe Big Baby and company need a little "L Word" help.

Ummmm, OK.

Illinois is good at home, but bad on the road. The win over Michigan State is great, but the Illini will likely have to find some road wins to make the bracket.
- The Bracket Board (

Where do I begin with that (since I watched the game)... Ok, lets go after the easiest part, that they are bad on the road. Agreed. Losses at Xavier, Michigan and Purdue prove that. But good at home? Technically, yeah... But... They are good on the surface meaning they get wins. But their technicals are HORRIBLE!

Stats, please!

Last night's game against MSU
FG Made-Attempted: 19-48 (.396)
3P Made-Attempted: 3-15 (.200)
FT Made-Attempted: 16-31 (.516)

What I'm trying to get at is below the surface and I know they said Illinois needs road wins. But to me, Illinois looks like a lock for the NIT unless they sign a transfer named Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I've already committed to Notre Dame to help touchdowns or something...

Illinois has no business winning that game...

...against Michigan State. I'm not saying that MSU was the better team. I'm saying that the Illini was that BAD!

That was the worst offensive performance I've seen yet. It got so bad, I started making bets with myself on how many MISSES Illinois would have.

And Drew Neitzel of Michigan State with those wild-ass 3 point shots!

I don't know man, I'm speechless.

What a mess...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Busting brackets

So I was looking over the Bracket Buster pairings and one stood out for me:

Friday, Feb. 17

Southern Illinois at Butler
A dream matchup between two nationally ranked, giant-killing at-large candidates in the place where Hollywood shot the "Hoosiers" title game. Will Butler's best-in-the-nation ball control vs. SIU's sticky, sweaty pressure defense produce the best 35-33 game ever? Best to film this one in black and white.

They need to play Eric B. and Rakim's "I Know You Got Soul" at the beginning of that game!

It's gonna be old school...

I'll take joy where I can find it...

SDSU's Lorrenzo Wade looking like Luke Skywalker!

Picture Pages time...

Michigan State's Coach Izzo: Did the NCAA Clearinghouse really check this guy's age?!

OSU's Greg Oden (#20): Yo man, I need to make it home in time to see my 17 year old daughter's recital. I mean SISTER! Yeah, sister's recital... No, that's not my wife in the stands either.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Qucik hits...

Purdue 64, Illinois 47
That was a game they had no business losing. I predict extra wind sprints in practice for the "Fighting" Illini.

Missouri 71, Texas Tech 58
Ditto for the Red Raiders. But add a love punch by Coach Knight.

Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry

Just how much tequila can one drink?

I'm back!

Mexico was a blast (6 lobster tails, margarita, rice, beans, chips salsa for $15 total)! And my wife really showed me a great time, I love her so much.

The only downside was I was completely cut off from college basketball, so I don't know what happened last weekend. I'll read the scores and I'll be posting observations later.

Friday, January 26, 2007


Did Cal REALLY think they had a shot against UCLA?! Man, at halftime when it was 28 UCLA, 24 UC-Berkeley, the Cal fans were going wild!

"We think we can, we think we can, we think we can!"

But in the second half, the Shipp came in...

And reality set in for Cal...

Not even sex would have cheered him up at that point.

Cal 46

By the way, if you want a more analysis type blog, I recommend (at the moment) The Bracket Board. The reason I said "at the moment" is because I really don't see many NCAA basketball blogs out there, that are kept up on a regular basis. There might be a lot, but I don't see them.

But Cort (The Bracket Board blogger) keeps it fresh and in-depth. While I keep mine silly and shallow!

And in that vein, another moment of Zen...

Prognostications with Lauren Anderson!

Fair and balanced indeed...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Now THAT'S a block!!!!!

First rule of Fight Club is...

That was about the only good thing Baylor did that game. The "best" part was when Russell Robinson smacks his head on the hardwood the Baylor cheerleaders in the background raise their hands in happiness.

Maybe somebody should drop you...

But in the end - Kansas 82, Baylor 56


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Preview - UNC vs. Wake Forest

I just got a hold of the tape Wake has been using to help them prepare for the Tar Heels...

Tripping. Is that legal? Can we use that?!

Super Fan (coaches gone wild edition)!


I know your counterpart Pat Summitt (Tennessee women's basketball coach) was telling you how hard it was to play at Duke and you wanted to show her your support, but...


I know there are some insanely great matchups tonight (Seton Hall vs. Marquette, Texas A&M vs. Texas Tech, Michigan vs. Wisconsin), but I really have a hankerin' for DePaul vs. Georgetown! That's gonna be all about D-Fence!

And now, your moment of Zen...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Slaughter-fest of the week

#14 Butler at Detroit on Saturday, January 27th...

There are no words to describe what Butler is going to do to them. I know they are in the same conference, but damn! There should be a NCAA rule for REASONABLE matchups!

Maybe the Titans should take Butler out to dinner before the game...

Btw, I will be in Mexico this weekend, so I won't be able to see any of the games. But I'll read them...


Watch #23 Indiana vs. Illinois tonight.

Illinois lack of perimeter shooters kinda makes this an one-sided affair for the Hoosiers, but it might turn into a barn-burner.

USC ranked #25? Ho-ho...

Let's get busy...

(Update - Bye bye Indiana, out of the top 25! There was a reason why I secretly liked Illinois)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Upset special?

Yeah, Marquette beat #6 ranked Pitt... But I'm not surprised by that. Marquette has always been a perennial baller and NCAA tournament mainstay.

I don't get all the hub-bub. Not too stunning to me.

Smug lil' bastard...

Super Fan!

First this college basketball fan goes to the Villanova/G'Town game to give Shane Clark some love...

Then she travels down to Colonial conference George Mason to give Jordan Carter some dap!

I wonder how we could entice her to travel down to the Mountain West to give Brandon Heath some props...

He needs some...

The best and worst of the week

The best - The Wisconsin / Illinois game. Man, Illinois was hanging tough! I was secretly pulling for them (I still remember the 2004/2005 team that made that incredible run).

Dee Brown!!!!

The worst - Louisiana State / Arkansas game. 52 to 72?!?!?! Against ARKANSAS?!?! Why even show up, Big Baby? LSU, more fuck-ups like that and you might be looking at the NITs!

The worst - Michigan State's Drew Neitzel. Was he drunk that game?

I can't tell if it's your breath or your game that's stinking up this joint!

The worst - Oregon's students. Making fun of someone because he is an alcoholic just to make him miss shots?! Fucking disgusting, guys.

You are the ones who suck...

And now, your moment of Zen...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yumping Yiminy

As Heart would say, These dreams go on when I close my eyes...

But then I wake up to the harsh, cruel reality that is the Aztecs' current situation...

Your dreams of getting into the NCAA Tournament ends TONIGHT!


Wow! Texas Tech brought down 4th ranked Kansas!!! That's something to write home about.

But I watched Wisconsin vs. Illinois. Badgers almost had it. It was like the Chris Rock vs. Sideshow Bob game.. Seriously, they had a player who looked like Bob and a player who looked like Chris. Heh...

And now I'm doing my own multimedia at times since no one else is capturing this stuff...

Illinois Guard Chester Frazier made a great save of an out of bounds pass at the risk of his own body (trust me, it was beautiful to watch)...

Down goes Frazier!!!! Down goes Frazier!!!!

Betty Crocker

You have got to be KIDDING me!

[Name Redacted] who works at Wedbush down the street from me here in be-a-u-tiful downtown LA asked me what did I think about Wyoming's (his alma mater) schedule. They beat my school and the came within 1 point of Air Force, so he is feeling good.

"Blah blah blah I think we have a good team and our schedule should give us some props to be selected to get into the tourney. What do you think about the Cowboys?"

I sent him a picture...

Gabby The Greek

I told you, didn't I fucking tell you?!?!?!

My entry from Monday, January 15th, 2007:
"Kind of a bland week coming up except for maybe Clemson/UNC. But that game's gonna be a blowout. You have a now *pissed* off North Carolina team coming to play a relatively shaky Clemson. It won't even matter that they (Clemson) are at home."

What was the final score of that game on Wednesday?

University of North Carolina 77 - Clemson 55

Celebrating a win or practicing what he's gonna do in the bathroom later...


You want to see something REALLY scary?

Not exactly 2-Pac

Not even the awesome power that is Mustafa Shakur could get 11th ranked Arizona Wildcats a win.

USC, Giant Killer...

Shakur tried to take his fustration out on the Song Girls... You know, I think the Song Girls are fucked up. Shakur fell on top of one who was sitting down, pretty much up ended her (legs spread-eagled in the air), and the other Song Girls point and LAUGH!

Below is not it, btw...

Hey, we're playing fucking BASKETBALL HERE! Keep yer head up!

Hokie Power!

Welcome to the club, Virginia Tech (ranked #23 in this week's AP poll)!

I've never seen a more trap happy team in the Hokies.

More Trappers than John, MD...

It's over. No more dreaming.

Welcome to the terrordome

An embarrassment of riches...

The University of Florida, Gainesville are national champions in football AND basketball. Both programs are currently ranked #1 in the latest AP poll.

Maybe THEY should be called Da U...

Other notes: Kentucky is back in the top 25 (#25) which is good because I've always liked their cheerleaders (however I predict a first round exit for the team). Air Force ranked ahead of Duke? The voters support the troops, that's all.

Why bother

San Diego State came into the season with realistic designs on winning the Mountain West, but the Aztecs miss Marcus Slaughter more than I thought they would. His departure has left them without a formidable inside game.
- Seth Davis, Sports Illustrated

Que bueno...

Live from Rosemead

Blogging live, Texas 79 - Oklahoma State 81 in overtime with 36 seconds left...

Ok, why on earth is the stadium PA playing Welcome To The Jungle?!?! I'm a bit of a purist, the schools have bands, let the damn bands play!

Holy Hanna, double overtime at 83 each!

Side note - Utah can NOT beat Air Force!!! If that happens SDSU would have virtually no shot at getting in the tournament. (Update - The Zoomies lost. Bye bye Aztecs, maybe next season. Grrrrrrrrr...)

Update clarification - Well, if SDSU wins their conference tourney they would receive an automatic bid into March Madness. As you can see, I don't hold out much hope for that.

Triple overtime at 93 each... I kid you not, Oklahoma State's coach Sean Sutton nearly passed out!!!! I will post that picture when I find it.

Update: You can see the coach almost pass out from the intensity of the game HERE.

Get that coach some oxygen!!!!!

Final score, 103 Texas - 105 Oklahoma State. I need a nap after that game.


Fucking hell!!!

Virginia Tech first beats Duke, now they beat North Carolina?!?!?

You gotta rank them guys (the AP voters), you gotta rank them now.


Kind of a bland week coming up except for maybe Clemson/UNC. But that game's gonna be a blowout. You have a now *pissed* off North Carolina team coming to play a relatively shaky Clemson. It won't even matter that they (Clemson) are at home.

SDSU plays 18th ranked Air Force this Saturday. The way the Aztecs have been showing up lately, this is gonna be ugly.

Pain ensues as Gabby's Aztecs get splattered on the court...

You do not need to fear me

I know it has been a couple of days but WOW!

Georgia Tech beats Duke?!?!? Statistically, Duke's perimeter shooters are 2:1 better than the Yellowjackets!

Duke had 4-20 (.20) 3 pointers
Georgia Tech had 7-12 (.583) 3 pointers

What happened, Coach K?

You guys will go out tomorrow and get me a win. It doesn't matter how tired you are...

Now to take a break and watch the NFL playoffs.

What the f....

UCLA 65 - USC 64...

Shouldn't of even been that close. UCLA is lightyears away from USC (UCLA #4, USC un-fucking-ranked).

Aye! You guys can't beat us! No bueno!

I'll never understand that whole rivalry thing. I come from the land of SDSU. You know, Playboy's top 10 party school thing. No rivalry. Only partying.

A new start

So this was a 2005 game, Memphis vs. Louisville. Whoever wins goes to the NCAA tourney. Whoever loses goes home for the year. Memphis player Darius Washington (a freshman at the time) was fouled and if he made all three of his foul shots, they would get into the tournament. Watch the vid.

Welcome to the madness.

*starts to drool*