Monday, November 30, 2009

Say what?

Newly commissioned BCS executive director Bill Hancock argues that the current college football BCS/Bowl System is waaaaay better than the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

We need to talk to Hancock's dealer because he's giving him some strong ass shit.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stick a fork in them

We commented before on the surprisingly lackluster play of the new SEC of the West, the PAC-10.

But to be beat... No, waxed by the likes of Long Beach State 68 to 79 is somewhat of a head scratcher. In fact the Bruins did not win a single game in the 76 Classic tourney.

As for Long Beach State, congrats. You have lived up to your city's reputation...

Bonus: LA Times says FACE, Westwood!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Don't be poor

Needed to take a break to enjoy the holidays. We'll resume posting substantial stuff tomorrow (depending on what you think is substantial).

(HT always to our inspiration EDSBS)

Picture Pages: UConn edition

At least some people were happy about Duke's win

That T-Shirt aptly describes the Huskies style of play in the second half

Damage report heyah.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Time's up

During the Michigan/Creighton overtime game we noticed a sort of seat of your pants style by the Wolverines. Sloppy paint play, an over reliance on an almost non-existent 3 point game. We thought "They can't keep living like this..."

Well, Michigan's bill became due today with a loss to Marquette. Their junkie like dependence on three point shots bit them this time.

"Didn't do it very well today, did I?" (Michigan coach John) Beilein said, laughing, when asked about his plan.

Not so funny when your team falls in the rankings next week.

All I ever wanted...

Ex Duke basketball player and current Syracuse quarterback Greg Paulus says he only wanted to make the Orange football team better.

And Adolf Hitler technically only wanted to pull Germany out of the Great Depression.

On another note Marquette seems like they are trying to lose this game against Michigan.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Playing Cancun in style...


They needed a desperation shot against Miami of Ohio to win.

They needed overtime to beat Stanford.

Both times super frosh John Wall pulled their asses out of the fire.

Can we call them Cardiac Cats yet A Sea Of Blue?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Picture Pages

I shall call him... Mini Morrison.

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March to Madness presents... The lucky bus

NSFW, homie.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What the hell did Bill Raftery just say?

Currently watching the Gonzaga / Wisconsin tussle in Maui when we heard this. The audio is more important than the video here. We listened to this several times and this is what we THINK Mr. Raftery said:

Sean McDonough: We're under way, Gonzaga in blue controlled the tip.
Raftery: Arm and hammer! Jay Bilas! Wisconsin go! Bee piss!
Jay Bilas: ???

If anyone has any better translation we would like to hear it.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Of predictions and sarcasm in Hawaii

Well, we know the Maui Invitational lacks star power this year... And this has led some coaches to be a little ornery.

When asked about the overall weakness of the teams participating this year Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan had a few snark words:

"You are trying to tell me we are not ranked? Or Arizona isn't ranked?" he asked. "I didn't know that."

Ohhhh, burn baby. This has also led some other coaches to have dilutions of grandeur. When asked the same question Maryland coach Gary Williams redefined being optimistic:

"I think there will be three or four teams out of here that'll be in the top 25 at the end of the year."

Colorado, Gonzaga, Cincinnati, Vanderbilt, Chaminade, Maryland, Arizona and Wisconsin... Really?

At least there's one thing we're good at

T & A. Go Aztecs.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Keystone cops but with PAIN

Currently watching the Georgia Tech (BEEEEEEEEEES!) / Boston University game and witnessed a series of unfortunate events:

1) GA Tech player is going out of bounds along with a Boston player. GA Tech player trying to retain possession throws the ball against the Boston player and hits him in the FACE.
2) GA Tech player who threw ball then slips and hits the ground hard on his ass.
3) Another GA Tech player rushes to the aid of the first player and proceeds to slip and nearly breaks his ankle in the process.

Are we missing anything? Geez Louise.

Oi Vey

VCU's cheerleaders may be Fugly, but the basketball team's style of play es beautiful, mang.

From start to finish the Rams manhandled Oklahoma. Just a bombs over Baghdad 3 point barrage VCU brought. There is a joke in the college football universe that goes as such: What does Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops do? He loses football games. Maybe we should add Jeff Capel to that list for having his 17th ranked Sooners lose a game they had no business losing.

But give credit where credit is due. Congrats VCU for beating a ranked team for the first time since 1989. You know the Commonwealth is 10 minutes away from Gabby. He needs to head down there for a game.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Over at Rush The Court they had a comment that made us fall out of our collective chairs snickering:

"Memo to Pac-10 teams. Don’t bother sending your schools back east unless they plan on actually showing up for the games."

That is about as succinct as you can put the craptacular play of the traditional powers out west. Holy hanna.

Friday, November 20, 2009

This Bud's for you

We're currently watching the beatdown Syracuse is giving UNC and we just heard Dickie V. say the following:

That's traveling, man!
Even in the NBA that's traveling!

Dick Vitale has his moment of lucidity.

Oh yeah. Syracuse? This Is Sparta!!!! You get the other weekly award.

Bustin' shots

We can think of a couple of schools who need those shirts

So college football has their infamous make plays rant. And we have our "make shots" thing. As if that is not what they are trying to do:

Fan: What are you doing?! C'mon, we're losing! Make shots!!
Player: You know, you're absolutely right. I don't know what I was doing out there! I need to make those baskets!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Le sigh

Oh, c'mon George Mason. Well, we've got our first award for the season.

For you Patriots, leading 6th rank Villanova until the final minute of the game whereby you had an epic collapse of judgment. You get the Always Be Closing award.

Where was Blake during that collapse...

Chick fight of the night

Dayton vs. Georgia Tech
Thursday, January 19th @ 11:30 am EST

The clip of course is not the actual game, but merely an interpretation of it. This is one of those games that will be highly entertaining to watch but really won't mean much in the grand scheme of things. Both teams will be out of the top 25 by the end of January and NIT bound come March. Doot doot.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March To Madness presents... Thirsty?

Technically NSFW

5 things we learned

1) Kansas, Michigan State and Kentucky won their games against unranked opponents by a combined total of 8 points. Although it is not time to panic, this season is going to be a wild one with lots of changes in the top 5 spots.
2) SDSU is who we thought they were.
3) The SEC are who we thought they were.
4) ESPN might be on to something with that 24 hours of basketball. Each year we say "Ain't gonna do it," and each year we succumb to it nonetheless. So sleepy...
5) This is NOT a rebuilding year for Memphis.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And why?

Our theme music:

So we ended up watching the SDSU/St. Mary's fiasco game. The part of this horsewhipping that made us laugh (in that frustrated sort of cackle that happens when you are shocked and angry) was this graphic:

We were beaten by 22 points by an unranked team. And we told you so. Hope the rest of you enjoyed ESPN's 24 hours of basketball. The season has officially started.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Kentucky's weapon

All we can say is John motherfucking Wall. With Kentucky tied with Miami of Ohio and only 0.5 seconds left, Mr. Wall just calmly takes the ball down the length of the court and shoots the game winning 2.


Here is the scene from the nosebleed section:

And that's that

We were seriously discussing waking up at 2 am tomorrow to watch our beloved Aztecs take on St. Mary's as part of ESPN's 24 hour College Basketball Tip-Off. And we were damned close to saying yes. We were ready to get some cocaine Red Bull and call in late to work. Until we read this:

Oh yeah, we're gonna lose. Whenever people are expecting us to win we never fail... to disappoint.

Hopefully they'll prove us wrong.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Father / Son love

Something we failed to mention on Friday. We think it was so cool that Mr. Denzel Washington came to watch his son play basketball for the University of Pennsylvania. Malcolm Washington is a freshman guard there.

Too bad he actually didn't play and the Quakers lost to Penn State.

C'mon, man. Put my son in. Don't make me go all Training Day on your ass!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wendy Nix needs to wear glasses more

That is all.

Friday, November 13, 2009

And the envelope, please

Mississippi State, the 19th most powerful team in the country gets upended by... Rider??

The Bulldogs never led once in the second half. Once. They were completely blown out. At home.

"People don't understand how good Rider is," MSU Coach Rick Stansbury was quoted as saying earlier today. Yeah, I guess we didn't...

Did we mention this was the night the Bulldogs received their conference championship rings? The overrated S-E-C strikes again!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fleeting hopes

Yup, rape can do that to ya

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tubby's Criminals

What do you do if you are close to being thrown off your team for burglary and assault?

Why you commit more crimes of course!

Police are investigating Gophers power forward Royce White as a possible suspect in a Saturday night burglary on the University of Minnesota campus, school spokesperson Garry Bowman said Tuesday night.

White already is serving an indefinite suspension after he was arrested Oct. 13 for shoplifting and fifth-degree misdemeanor assault at the Mall of the America.

The parents of the university student who called police about the burglary said their daughter said someone entered her dorm room and stole a laptop computer.

"I don't think we have any comment," the student's mother said. "She simply had her laptop stolen.

We obtained a reenactment of the events:

And now the quote of the day from Royce White's grandpappy...

When reached for comment, White's grandfather, Frank White, said "Wow, I sure hope it's wrong."


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No good deed goes unpunished

Here's another sad story of the NCAA going way out of bounds. Indiana State was pretty excited getting Dwayne Lathan, a star swingman transfer from LSU. Nice kid, clean cut. He even participated in charity events.

Unfortunately for Lathan, the NCAA added a chapter that ruined the story.

Lathan has been suspended by the NCAA for the first two games of the season. Lathan, who transferred in 2008, participated in an unsanctioned 3-on-3 charity basketball event while he was still a student at Louisiana Tech in April 2008.

Suspended for a charity event. Think about that...

"I wanted to play (against) LSU, I thought that was going to be a big game for me," said a disappointed Lathan.

Hey NCAA, try some common sense in your judgments.

Ummmm, yeah...

The No. 12 Golden Bears start the season at the top of the list because on paper, they're loaded and they've displayed few weaknesses during the offseason and trouncing D-II Chico State 84-42 in their lone exhibition.
- Percy Allen, The Seattle Times

This year, mostly because the team's senior-heavy roster has had more time to learn the nuances of second-year coach Mike Montgomery's system, Cal has been tabbed as a squad that should contend for the conference title.
- Jeff Goodman, The Daily Californian

...the California Golden Bears have so much returning talent. The Pac-10 favorite has a solid, experienced backcourt in Jerome Randle and Patrick Christopher. Mike Montgomery's team will be heard from all season long.
- Dick Vitale, ESPN

Cal nearly gets clobbered by that powerhouse Murray State.
- M2M

Should have thought twice if freaking Dickie V liked them.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Maybe his assistant could have coached

North Carolina doesn't give a shit about Isiah Thomas' mother, beats FIU like drum.

Deon Thompson scored 20 points to help No. 6 North Carolina spoil Isiah Thomas' college coaching debut and beat Florida International 88-72 on Monday night.

His debut came on the same day his 86-year-old mother, Mary, had open-heart surgery in Chicago. He spent Sunday with her, then arrived in Chapel Hill early Monday for the Golden Panthers' shootaround at the Smith Center. He said before the game that he expected to return to Chicago on Tuesday.

And on another note we are back now, in full posting mode. Moment of Zen Wednesday to begin next week.