Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tubby's Criminals

What do you do if you are close to being thrown off your team for burglary and assault?

Why you commit more crimes of course!

Police are investigating Gophers power forward Royce White as a possible suspect in a Saturday night burglary on the University of Minnesota campus, school spokesperson Garry Bowman said Tuesday night.

White already is serving an indefinite suspension after he was arrested Oct. 13 for shoplifting and fifth-degree misdemeanor assault at the Mall of the America.

The parents of the university student who called police about the burglary said their daughter said someone entered her dorm room and stole a laptop computer.

"I don't think we have any comment," the student's mother said. "She simply had her laptop stolen.

We obtained a reenactment of the events:

And now the quote of the day from Royce White's grandpappy...

When reached for comment, White's grandfather, Frank White, said "Wow, I sure hope it's wrong."