Thursday, January 31, 2008

What we need is more K-State!

Wildcats assistant coach Dalonte Hill arrested for DWB (Driving While Black).

Kidding. DUI.

Hill was arrested around 2 a.m. on McCall Road. That was several hours after No. 22 Kansas State upset No. 2 Kansas 84-75 at Bramlage Coliseum.

"During a stop, a deputy developed probable cause to believe he (Hill) was under the influence," (Pottawatomie County Sherriff Greg) Riat said.

Fuck. Leave the man alone. He deserves a free pass for this.

We just beat the number two school in the country! What do you expect me to do after, go to church?!

(HT: NCAA FanHouse)

Huggins meets Karma

And she did not use lube with that strap on...

Bob Huggins led West Virginia Mountaineers gets absolutely POUNDED by Cincinnati 62 to 39.

The sun is shining so bright on K-State fans right now.

The power of Duke

But first... Do you think Kansas State is in hell anymore?

Anyways, I've been the first one to say that the Blue Devils do great in conference but they always choke during March Madness.

I've said this so much I have even went to Vegas to prove it out.

But this season seems different. I did a little number crunching and Duke has been beating up on opponents by an average of 22 points. To me that is saying something. This is not the Duke or last year or the year before then. Something is more sinister, more angry about them.

Maybe they have been reading my posts constantly bashing them.

This article from ESPN seems to agree with what I'm thinking.

Krzyzewski scoffed at the notion that his program ever flies under the radar, ("Otherwise, these people wouldn't be out there or in our place trying to beat us," he said)...

I'm starting to think Duke is gonna bust some heads open come tournament time.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kansas goes down!!!!!!

We interrupt your normal college hoops watching for this urgent and important announcement...

As my man Jim Morrison would say, five to one:

UCLA, UNC, Duke, Kansas and now Memphis.

But Wildcats, for now THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Better video can be found here.

Week Twelve Blogpoll

Here is the official consensus top 25 blogpoll -

This is what happens to your position in the blogpoll when you lose three games in a row. Yeah, the White guy is Dayton. PWND!

1) Memphis
2) Kansas
3) Duke
4) North Carolina
6) Tennessee
7) Georgetown
8) Washington St.
9) Michigan St.
10) Texas
11) Indiana
12) Butler
13) Wisconsin
14) Drake
15) Xavier
16) Stanford
17) Marquette
18) Arizona
19) Ole Miss
20) Florida
21) Pittsburgh
22) Kansas State
23) Vanderbilt
24) USC
25) UConn

Everyone's vote can be found here.

Comments - This was probably the first poll that I feel I made some mistakes after everything was finalized. Like I personally ranked Vanderbilt at #18... Never should have given them a ranking period. They are weak. And I should have dropped Indiana more (I had them at 11). I'm not following the rule of rewarding big wins and ruthlessly punishing mediocrity. This must change.

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March to Madness presents... Soccer Girls.

Nice placement...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pretty full docket today

As you can tell by now, we here at March to Madness love the police blotter when it comes to college hoops. And today gives us a veritable cornucopia of silly thuggery...

Winona State University forward celebrates 16 game win streak by giving his girlfriend "love shoves".

According to the police report, (Quincy Clay) Henderson pushed his girlfriend of three years into a couch twice early Sunday. Both times, the 22-year-old girl hit her head on either the back of the couch or the wall, causing two lumps to form on the back of her head, the report states.

She accused Henderson of having a problem with his temper and punching several holes in her bedroom wall within the last week.

I'd hate to be her if his team was LOSING! What a moron.

Arkansas benches forward for "unspecified" team rules violation in face of big game with Mississippi State.

"Charles Thomas is suspended for a violation of team rules. I'm not going to comment on it any more than that," Pelphrey said at a news conference where he discussed the upcoming game. "I have never been so disappointed, and for a million reasons."

I'll give you one guess what it has to deal with...

Or some variant thereof.

Connecticut guards very discriminating when it comes to booze.

The indefinite suspension of men's basketball players Doug Wiggins and Jerome Dyson stemmed from an incident where both underage players were found in possession of alcohol.

Police approached a vehicle at 11:51 p.m. Thursday night in a parking lot off King Hill Road in Storrs, and found Wiggins and Dyson in possession of a bottle of cognac and a bottle of vodka. According to the Hartford Courant, UConn Police also found a small amount of marijuana at the scene, though no charges relating to marijuana were filed.

COGNAC?! They're just 20 years old! Pot and vodka are the play toys of choice for kids under 21 but cognac is strictly for the purview of your grandfather. Or your coach.

Aw, don't worry big guy... Next round is on me.

Eddie Sutton keeps trying to get that 800th win but team teams telling him to fuck off.

San Francisco failed in a third attempt to get its interim coach his milestone win, with John Bryant scoring 22 points in Santa Clara's 66-48 victory Monday night.

Aw, don't worry big guy... You'll get 'em soon.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Fighting in da club!!!

Missouri guard will be punished after his damn jaw heals.

Missouri guard Stefhon Hannah will be sidelined four to six weeks with a fractured jaw sustained in an altercation Sunday morning.

Hannah was injured outside the Athena, a Columbia nightclub and restaurant, and had surgery...

Hey, that's what you get for looking at another man's girl. Or something like that. We're just saying. I also love the fact that the article insinuates that it's the coach's fault.

Hannah is the latest Tigers player to be involved in an off-court incident since (head coach Mike) Anderson was hired about two years ago. Kalen Grimes, the school's leading rebounder last season, was dismissed from the team after being arrested for hitting a man in the face with the butt end of a shotgun in St. Louis last July.

Sheez, hit in the face with a butt of a shotgun! PWND!!!!

UNC to open museum praising how good UNC is.

Among the more unique items: a letter from Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski to Michael Jordan wishing him well after Jordan had decided to play for the Tar Heels...

Of course that was the second version of the letter. The first version probably said:

Dear Michael,


Coach K

P.S. You'll never amount to anything without me. You'll probably get drafted by the suck-ass Chicago Bulls.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Are you happy?

The Duke / Virginia Tech game was brutal last night. Brutal as in cheap shots, obvious flops and near brawls. I like football and because of that I often say that basketball refs call too many penalties and should let the kids play. Who cares about a lot of the contact that goes on. But that game last night even had me saying...

Memphis coach John Calipari feels that praise is good enough to keep his bench warmers happy being bench warmers.

"Andre Allen may be the best backup point guard in the country right now. Shawn Taggart, if there's a better big man coming off the bench that's 6-11 who can score like Shawn Taggart, I've got to see the guy," Calipari said.

Yeah! And my ex-girlfriend that I dumped after I met the woman I eventually married was a really great gal. She had huge tits and beautiful green eyes that any guy would love. If there is a woman who could make a guy feel like a king like she did, I've got to see that.

Point made. You guys still ride the pine and some of you will jump ship after this season.

And happy Friday y'all. Sorry about the late post.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bruce Pearl moonlights as a color commentator

Good ole Tennessee coach Pearl stopped by the Lady Vols / Arkansas game to do a little live analysis with the play by play man. There might be a few reasons for this...

1) He is testing the waters for an eventual career in broadcasting
2) Being a freshly divorced bachelor he now has more free time
3) Trying out new angle to get in Pat Summitt's pants

But the bottom line was me sitting there thinking "What the fuck did Bruce Pearl just say?" This was all I got from his loud, inaudible play calling:

Dickie V!

Ohhhh, outside and inside!


Shit, you try to figure it out...


Indiana's Eric Gordon is amazing to watch. Just phenomenal.

Meet the OJ Spartan

This should affect Baylor in next week's blogpoll. The Bears beat the Aggies in quintuple overtime!!!

Can you imagine how insanely tired both Texas A&M and Baylor were? Good fucking job to Baylor and they definitely deserve the This Is Sparta! award for that effort.

Party on you Bears.

Next, Carmelo Anthony determined to destroy OJ Mayo's career at the same time he goes down in flames.

The NCAA states that student-athletes may not receive "free or reduced-cost admission to professional athletics contests from professional sports organizations, unless such services also are available to the student body in general."

Mayo, averaging a team-leading 19.7 points and 4.6 rebounds, said Anthony made the offer of tickets at a party he hosted Sunday night.

"I was talking to him like, 'Man, you're out pretty late. You've got a game tomorrow night against Kobe (Bryant),"' Mayo said. "He said, 'Nah, it will be all right.' And then he asked, 'You want to come to the game?' And I was like, 'Sure."'

For the record, Carmelo's Nuggets went on to lose against the Lakers 99 to 116. Now by Carmelo saying "Nah, it will be all right," was he being the usual NBA cocky, or did he know they were gonna lose against Kobe anyway so might as well party?

The tix were courtside seats near mid-court and worth $230 each. I guess Mayo is relieved he didn't have to pay to see his buddy get beat down...

Nice seats...

James bond, drankin' and a teenage orgy!

Montana State University's assistant basketball coach Ryan Orton likes to sabotage women he no longer bangs.

A woman told officers Orton was her ex-boyfriend and was outside, stalking her home. Orton was arrested on partner family member assault, tampering with a communications device and criminal destruction. He pleaded not guilty on Wednesday.

Assault, rigging telephones and destroying property?

Good evening, Mr. Bond.

Bradley basketball players Theron Wilson and Tyrone Cole-Scott reminded that they are not normal college students.

At about 12:59 a.m., Illinois State Police stopped Wilson, 20, a starting forward, for speeding. He was driving his silver Ford. Cole-Scott, a 20-year-old reserve guard, was in the passenger's seat.

The trooper detected an odor of alcohol on the breath of both athletes and cited Wilson for zero tolerance, illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor and speeding. Cole-Scott was arrested for illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor.

"They've paid a price this week and tonight skipping part of a rotation or a start," (BU coach Jim) Les said. "It's unfortunate, but we hold our guys to a high standard. They're not normal college students. They're held to a higher standard, and they're very remorseful."

Yeah, that one game suspension should reeeeaaaaaaly teach them a lesson.

Off topic items:

Woman hosts booze fueled romp for 22 teenage boys and girls.

Police responded to a noise complaint at 277 S. 79th St., West Des Moines, around 11 p.m. They found 22 teens, most of whom were high school students from Dowling Catholic, Norwalk, Valley and Waukee, in possession of alcohol.

Sheryl Lee Cobb, 53, was... the "social host".

News that will probably be only interesting to me - Portishead is back!

Fucking sweet!

What are they seeing that I'm not?

Let's do some role play, shall we?

You follow college basketball and you write about it. And you are making predictions about who is getting into March Madness. And you are looking at the Mountain West.

"Hey, San Diego State is #1 in the conference right now. All the teams basically suck, so the conference will be a single bid deal. Ok, SDSU will get in. Next conference!"

But wait! They lost to Cal, St. Mary's, Arizona and Northern Colorado at HOME. They haven't started their road trips to places like BYU and UNLV yet, teams that have traditionally rock the bells on the Aztecs. And trap games with TCU and New Mexico await.

If I had to pick the MWC right now it would look like this...

Auto bid: BYU (deeper and WAAAAAAAAY more talented than any other MWC team right now)
Bubble: UNLV and New Mexico (The Running Rebels for their strong conference tournament play and UNM for a somewhat strong schedule)

Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE Aztec fan. See the front page of my blog? But I'm a realist. Maybe a disappointed realist. So when I see other people put SDSU in... It makes me pause. Maybe they are right. I could be wrong. I could be a Paladin with 18 charisma. And I would be happy with that.

But the numbers and history are showing me something different.


Kinda says it all.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Week Eleven Blogpoll

Here is the official consensus top 25 blogpoll -

Everything seems nice... Everything's OK. Isn't it?

1) Memphis
2) Kansas
3) Tennessee
4) Duke
5) North Carolina
6) Washington St.
8) Indiana
9) Michigan St.
10) Georgetown
11) Wisconsin
12) Texas
13) Butler
14) Dayton
15) Ole Miss
16) Vanderbilt
17) Pittsburgh
18) Drake
19) Texas A&M
20) Xavier
21) Marquette
22) Stanford
23) Villanova
24) St. Mary's
25) Arizona State

Everyone's vote can be found here.

Comments - This had to have been the ugliest, most contentious blogpoll vote yet. Everyone seemed to agree about #1 through #10 but after that is where the violence started. I think if you would have put all the voters in a room for this week's poll, there would have been blood.

Especially over Wisconsin.

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March to Madness presents... The Wave.

I need to check out more HBCU games!

What. The. Hell?

(HT: EDSBS and Awful Announcing)

What does the baby rhino have to do with college hoops?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Yeah, work and blogpoll takes my time right now. Plus getting back from Vegas put me behind the 8-ball. Will post the final blogpoll for week eleven tomorrow AM.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

Race relations have come a long way...

...since the 1960s!


Friday randoms...

When you gotta go, you gotta go... Former OSU standout JamesOn Curry thinks the world is his toilet.

An officer reported he witnessed Curry, 22, of Buffalo Grove, Ill., urinating in an alley on the west side of the Hampton Inn, according to Boise Police reports.

As the officer approached in his patrol car, Curry looked at the officer and started to walk away, police said. The officer turned his emergency lights on and reported that Curry looked back and then started to run.

...Curry continued to run into the Hampton Inn and tried to get through a locked door when the officer caught up with him and physically stopped him. He was then arrested and booked into the Ada County jail...

Tsk tsk JamesOn. You went from a college hoops star running on the court... a common NBA hoodlum running off the court.

And that is such a SISSY way of getting arrested too.

Big Bubba: Yo man, what you in for?
Curry: Resisting arrest from some punk ass cop!
Bubba: Word? Respect yo. Why the po-po all up in your game?
Curry: Ummm... *cough* peeing on the street *cough*
Bubba: What?! Were you raised by barn animals? Didn't yo mamma teach you manners?! You know what we do to public urinators up here in lockup?
Curry: Talk about their illustrious Oklahoma State careers?

File this under "just sad man": After getting pounded on the court, basketball team gets robbed immediately after game.

After Ridgewater College got their asses handed to them by Minneapolis Community and Technical 60 to 89, they walk back to their locker room to find their belongings gone.

"I’d just come off the floor and we were all feeling pretty low because we’d played so poorly," said head coach Bob Knutson, "and I heard a commotion coming from the locker room. I heard one guy swear I’d never heard swear before."

There were alarming cries: "My money’s gone … my iPod’s gone."

Total value of the items stolen from the half-dozen players and an assistant coach was put unofficially at $1,500.


Finally, O-M-G...

Cleveland State "shocks" No. 12 Butler 56 to 52 to get the "monkey" off their backs.

Cedric Jackson scored 14 points as Cleveland State, a program in disarray for most of the past 20 years, stunned No. 12 Butler 56-52 on Thursday night for the Vikings' first regular-season win over an AP Top 25 team.

Happy Friday, y'all. See ya in Vegas!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Billy Donovan finally replaces Joakim Noah

Super recruit Erik Murphy commits to Florida giving people an OJ Mayo for the East Coast.

"Overall, I loved everything about it," Murphy said. "I felt comfortable after taking a visit there. I was ready to go, but my dad wanted me to wait and make sure I still felt the same way. I still feel the same way."

Translation: I'm gonna be neck deep in Gainesville punani and barbecue so hell yeah I wanted to go! True dat!

But my dad wanted to make sure Coach Donovan took care of the family too if you know what I mean. Once that was set, I hit up coach's digits.

We've written about Murphy before and the insanity around his recruitment. But for every hyper recruited and worshiped Kobe Bryant JJ Reddick Adam Morrison Michael Jordan there will be at least 30 Latrell Sprewells, Joakim Noahs, and Ron Arrests... I mean Artests. Freudian slip there. Yeah.

Tar and Liveblogging and stuff...

Watched UNC vs. Georgia Tech last night. Great game where the Tar Heels were on the verge of getting their first loss. Georgia Tech had two, count them, TWO chances to make the game winning shot (at that point it was UNC 83 - GT 82 with about 10 seconds left and Georgia Tech had the ball).

They missed both, even after Zack Peacock got his OWN rebound and tried another shot for the Yellow Jackets.

Zach, Zach, Zach...

I felt like giving them an honorary Blogpoll vote but now have changed my mind. A top 25 team would have closed that game with a chance like that. No, CHANCES like that (as in PLURAL).

Ok, so here is the deal. I have decided to liveblog from Vegas this Saturday for the Duke/Clemson game. I will have the digital camera so I will be completely set up to bring you some pics and video from Vegas real time (example - If at halftime I go to the casino floor and see some hot, half dressed drunk gal playing slots I'm gonna snap it and post it immediately. Same with possible video). Hey, I'm even doing some show prep now to make sure things go smoothly!

HOWEVER - The liveblog might not happen if one of the following occurs:

1) I'm too drunk to type
2) I'm playing craps or blackjack at the time and I'm winning
3) I'm following another game in the sports book at the time and "my" team is winning

You're so money...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mr. Blackwell called...

Embarrased student begs Miami of Ohio basketball coach to wear a tie to games.

The student had gone up to (head coach Charlie) Coles and placed a tie on him, asking him to wear it... and was then removed from the arena, according to an Ohio University Police Department report.

The student is banned from The Convo(cation Center) until July 1, according to the report.

WOW, that seems harsh man!

Hey, I look fucking good!

Picture pages III

Add your own caption to this picture...

My caption is "Michigan State's season in the making..."

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March to Madness presents... Instructions

Too bad, so sad...

Week Ten Blogpoll

Here is the official consensus top 25 blogpoll -


1) Memphis
2) North Carolina
3) Kansas
5) Tennessee
6) Duke
7) Washington St.
8) Indiana
9) Texas A&M
10) Michigan St.
11) Butler
12) Marquette
13) Georgetown
14) Dayton
15) Ole Miss
16) Wisconsin
17) Pittsburgh
18) Xavier
19) Vanderbilt
20) Texas
21) Rhode Island
22) Arizona State
23) Drake
24) Miami (FL)
25) Clemson

Everyone's vote can be found here.

Comments - Wow, where the hell did Arizona State come from?! PWND!1!! And while we're at it, Dayton looks freakin' tough. At this moment they could probably beat Georgetown, as long as the Flyers don't party too much with their female student population beforehand.

Roman Catholics at their finest...

How the mighty have fallen: Villanova's descent from grace was pretty stunning.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Late night analysis presents: Kentucky?

If only the Wildcats can find a way to clone Patrick Patterson...


Basketball has just a little bit of the gay...

When I first came across this, I seriously thought it was a hoax.

The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky ran this photo talking about the big win that the Cardinals had over Kentucky:

Louisville's Juan Palacios and Jerry Smith

Seems like that was a big mistake because in the south they don't appreciate the liberal media pushing the homosexual agenda.

Some of the comments registered by angry, offended and/or baffled readers: "Awful," "an embarrassment," "horrible decision," "poor judgment," "distasteful," "a mystery" and "shame on you."

...some readers saw a kiss. ...this photo crossed a line for some readers, some of whom demanded an apology and/or an explanation.

C'mon. This is Juan Palacios we are talking about. How could you guys have any possible thoughts of homosexuality with him? Have you Louisville folks forgotten what a ladies man he is?

Yeah, baby...


Hey Washington State! If you keep letting your back door be exposed like this, you will keep on getting penetrated by quick and muscular type teams:

Puns totally intended.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Rare NBA post

And NBA stands for Numbskulls Brawlers and Assholes.

Joakim Noah benched by his OWN teammates.

"They just told me what I did was unacceptable and I'm just going to move on from here," Noah said. "I've just got to accept it. What do you want me to say? I've just got to move on. There's nothing I can do about it."

I told you, I told you, I told you. I couldn't stand him from almost day one. And now even the sucky NBA knows what an ass he is.

(Story HT: NCAA Hoops Today)


Dickie V. will be back to torturing us again soon.

(HT: College Hoops Journal)


I was kinda shocked to find out that Oregon stymied the Lopez brothers. I mean, once they were both back and at full strength Stanford seemed to leap into top 25 contention.

And Oregon is very VERY inconsistent at times.

Yeah, I would have lost money on that in Vegas. Speaking of Vegas that is where I, Mr. "Blackjack Ladyfingers" will be this weekend. And you know what that means:

Did someone say "party"? And yes, I do dance like her when in Vegas. Very lame.

Nothing beats college hoops and the sports book. Might liveblog from there if I am not too drunk. Or maybe I SHOULD liveblog when I'm drunk. That would make for good trainwreck theater.

Lute Olson's divorce forcing kids to flee program.

UA freshman guard Laval Lucas-Perry quit the Arizona men's basketball team Monday, announcing he has decided to transfer to another school. He's undecided on where that will be.

His father, Laval Perry, did not return a call for comment.

Don't even tell me he left for another reason.

Nice article about how San Diego State now controls the MWC. Yes, we actually do...

Surprise, surprise.

Still doesn't mean that we will get into the big dance. But nice nonetheless. And an excuse to post an SDSU cheerleader photo (like I really need one).

NIT! NIT! Rah rah rah! Rah rah rah!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lessons in anger

Virginia's Singletary threw up an embarrassing airball. Resolved he wanted to rectify that error.

Duke wanted to make sure that airball haunted him. And they taunted him.


But Singletary wasn't phased. Next time he got that ball he dropped the 2 pointer with authority.

And a lone UVA student in Cameroon Indoor Stadium let the dookies know what they should do:


Join us next time we liveblog. You never know what you will miss.

Liveblogging - Virginia vs. Duke

Friday, January 11, 2008

Anatomy of a meltdown...

I watched the Washington State / USC game last night and what amazed me was NOT the insane skills of the Cougars' perimeter shooters, but the way USC completely and utterly lost control of that game in the second half.

Halftime: WSU - 27 / USC - 23

In the second half, the mixture of turnovers, bad shot selections and JesusOJ Mayo trying to once again be a one man show led to the Cougars outscoring the Trojans by 15 points!


By itself 15 is not THAT big, but it was just the way they got the 15. By shutting down SoCal so thoroughly.

Is that a UCLA scout?


Yeah, what IS going on with those ankles? As College Hoops Journal has mentioned it seems to be ankle season right now. Dayton's star player Chris Wright broke his ankle against scrappy Rhode Island yesterday. Dayton is currently ranked 14 in the Blogpoll, and I am thinking they will start to fall out without Wright. Right?

Ms. Andrews strikes again! Now I have never understood the fascination that people have with this woman...

But when the freakin' Wisconsin student section start ejaculating her name in unison, then Brent Musberger and Steve Lavin join in the masturbation-fest...

(HT: NCAA FanHouse)

Well, maybe I need to research her appeal further. She looks like just another boring blond to me folks. Kinda like Wendy Nix.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Everyday Sunshine

Just like it says on the left hand side I will be liveblogging the Duke/Virginia game this Sunday (1/13) at 5 pm PST (8 pm EST):

Can the Cavaliers relive Pitt's ummmmm, magic?

Take two: Bruce Weber says that the sovereign nations of the Illinois Confederacy should not be worried about his basketball program.

"There's obviously frustration and disappointment," coach Bruce Weber said. "Throughout the Illini nation, panic and frustration. We keep trying to tell [the players], we're a handful of possessions from being a really good team."

Yes, what remains of the Native Americans of the Illiniwek should rest easy tonight knowing that "Chief" Weber has the University of Illinois basketball program under control. And don't don't be upset about all that land the palefaces took either. Weber might have his team in March Madness after all! Doesn't that make you feel better?

Pregnant athletes top the list of agenda items at NCAA annual convention.

That's right. I'm trying out for the track team before this sucker slows me down!

Almost famous

How does it feel to get a mention in the awesome blog With Leather?

How does it feel to get a mention in the awesome blog With Leather next to a smoking hot picture of Maxim's Ashley?

How does it feel for Charlotte to hammer Clemson 82 to 72 thereby winning the THIS IS SPARTA!!!! award?

I think the Godfather of Soul can sum it up best...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

But officer, I'm on the basketball team!

Wisconsin 's Kevin Gullikson busted for underage drinking. Again.

Gullikson has been ticketed numerous times before and at one point agreed to seek alcohol counseling.

Hey Kevin, over here! Help us down these!

But the good news is that he will turn 21 on February 26th so he doesn't have to worry about it anymore! Right?

You gotta walk before you can crawl

Duke lost to Pitt. Hmmmmm.....

Seth Davis claims that despite being nationally ranked, Vanderbilt and the rest of the SEC is lame:

Joe Lunardi has SDSU back in his bracket?!? You now have proof that Lunardi smokes pot.

As The Olson Turns: Mrs. Lute Olsen fights back!

The wife of Arizona basketball coach Lute Olson filed a court challenge to his attempt to divorce her.

The petition said Christine Olson "denies the marriage is irretrievably broken" and "remains committed to preserving the marital relationship."

I've always wondered, how do you fight a divorce? If Lute wants to 'share his basketball knowledge' with another woman, how can you block that legally? Does the judge really say "You know Lute your wife is right, your marriage can be saved. DIVORCE DENIED!"

Bastard. *gasping for air* Don't walk away when I'm talking to you!!!

Notre Dame to export racism to Ireland.

"The Fighting Irish in Ireland is just natural," coach Mike Brey said Wednesday. "This is going to be a truly unique experience for our coaching staff, administration, fans, and especially, our players."

Yeah, Brey. Show 'em what Americans truly think about the Irish. A bunch of drunk dumb brawlers.

Ummm, yeah...

He's baaaaaaack...

Yes, back from the great beyond (Mexico) and ready for the ramp up to the NCAA Basketball Tournaments.

No Moment of Zen this week because I don't have anything. But that may change as I start catching up.

Expect a torrid of postings starting later today or tomorrow.