Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank you, Doug

(HT: Slater)

We haven't gone away. Yes, the postings have been a little sparse as of late but we have a good reason. Our main contributor (Gabby) has moved from Los Angeles to...

...well, to here. Gabby says it was job related but we think otherwise. No matter, there can be some pros and cons to this -

3 hour drive max to any ACC game
Lower cost of living means more money to spend on booze
Cleaner (air, people, etc.)
BBQ country

Booze is controlled by the gubmit
Nothing to do if no basketball or football on
No more Takami Downtown
It's still the south (thinking of Deliverance)

At least Gabby excapes the dominance of USC/UCLA. Cheers and 100 cocktails to you as EDSBS would say. We will begin our 1 or more postings a day on the cusp of the 2009-2010 basketball season. In the meantime our summer posting schedule will be limited until Gabby gets settled.