Friday, February 29, 2008

Busy busy busy... the devil in Las Vegas.

Work, mortgage financing and various fluff occupy my time today. But I want to leave you with something for the weekend - R&B singer Mya. She's easy on the eyes.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Everyone loves a winner no matter what

Dateline - Thursday, February 28, 2008

Inside a huge, plush, elegantly designed and appointed office with a lit fireplace on the grounds of Bradley University -

The Players:

Bradley Athletic Director Ken Kavanagh

Bradley Basketball Head Coach Jim Les

(Huge mahogany doors open)

Ken Kavanagh: Jim, is that you? Come on in old chap!
Jim Les: Thank you, Ken. You sent for me?
Ken: Yes, yes I did. Wanted to talk about the program.
Jim: I know we are 17 - 13, but I have a feeling we might be a bubble team for the NCAA Tournament.
Ken: I know! If we could just get past pesky Creighton.
Jim: Exactly. It's an away game so we will need a lot of fan support. You know we don't travel well.
Ken: You'll need more than fan support! You'll need a miracle to beat them on their home court!
Jim: Well sir, I don't want to go that far. I have some good plans that may fluster Creighton's motion screens and...
Ken: Stop with the horseshit.
Jim: Sir?
Ken: Reinstate the batterer point guard.
Jim: But sir! Daniel was arrested for popping his girl in the mouth! His bail was set at $3,000!
Ken: And he's also our leading scorer. And we've been losing games without him. *rubs temples in frustration* Jim, let me try to make this simple for you. You like coaching this team, right?
Jim: Yes sir.
Ken: And you want to coach NEXT year, right?
Jim: Ummmm, yes sir.
Ken: Am I making myself clear?
Jim (with defeat in his voice): Yes sir. I'll give Ruffin a call.
Ken: Good. Now go.

Fun with brackets

We are just 17 days away from Selection Sunday and people are starting to think about who will be the 64 teams that will get into the dance.

The folks at The Bracket Board have started with their predictions. I mention them because I respect them highly. More than the talking heads of ESPN and SI.

Which four teams will get the #1 seed? I'm starting to think UCLA has a good shot at this once the Pac-10 Tourney rolls in. Duke might slip to #3 if they don't watch their backs. And Vandy might get a #3 seed if they keep on killing the giants.

You can get a 2008 printable bracket here. Give it a shot and predict who you think the 64 dance partners will be. We did. *grumble* Yeah, that ended in tears. What? Show what happened? Why would we want to embarrass ourselves like that?! Hey... Stop that! Don't....

Damn you...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Week Sixteen Blogpoll

Here is the official consensus top 25 blogpoll -

I guess that is what you get for tempting the wrath of a vengeful God.

1) Tennessee
2) Memphis
3) North Carolina
4) Texas
6) Duke
7) Kansas
8) Xavier
9) Stanford
10) Louisville
11) Georgetown
12) Wisconsin
13) Drake
14) Indiana
15) Notre Dame
16) UConn
17) Butler
18) Purdue
19) Washington St.
20) Michigan St.
21) Marquette
22) Vanderbilt
23) Clemson
24) St. Mary's
25) Gonzaga

Everyone's vote can be found here.

Comments -

Dear Memphis,

Hubris can lead to suffering.

March to Madness

Louisville and Butler passed each other with Messier 86 type velocity on the poll! Rick Pitino seems to have his kids focused and ready, while Brad Stevens may need a nap after that loss to Drake. Yes, I'm making fun of his age.

Of course this poll was done BEFORE the Tennessee loss to dandy Vandy.

My prediction is that next week Texas or UNC will occupy the #1 spot. Cue the Luda!!!

Indiana under siege?

Coach Sampson's resignation has cause a general red alert on campus? Indiana University has added extra officers at school President Michael McRobbie's office, Assembly Hall and other campus locations...

There have been no specific threats against McRobbie or any school officials since Sampson accepted a $750,000 buyout on Friday, Indiana University police Capt. Jerry Minger said. Still, the department chose to increase security at several campus locations.

After former men's basketball coach Bobby Knight was fired in September 2000, police arrested several protesters and used riot gear for crowd control when thousands of students rushed to the residence of then-President Myles Brand, setting fire to trees and burning effigies of Brand.

Mr. McRobbie, I know Bob Knight. Bob Knight was a friend of mine. And Kelvin Sampson is no Bob Knight!

People have been saying that in fact the "protesters" are giving McRobbie flowers and chocolates, thanking him for forcing Sampson out.

Man, am I suffering from Sampson burnout.

Latest SDSU news

From College Hoops Journal: UNLV 68, San Diego State 58. The Mountain West’s four Tournament hopefuls played each other last night. Vegas and BYU—the two best teams—escape with the wins. They’ll probably be the two that make it anyway.

Waah waah. That's us, crying.

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March to Madness presents... The Breast Exam

If only they were than fun...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blog silence

Sorry about the lack of a post today. Blogpolling and three meetings can do that.

Not even enough time for a snarky picture.

We'll be back tomorrow with your Moment of Zen and the week 16 poll.

Monday, February 25, 2008

You lose, now collect your prize!

You say you've had to leave in disgracefully from two universities? We want to name our basketball court after you!

BUTTE, Mont. (AP) - Montana Tech has no plans to change the name of its new basketball court, despite recent allegations against its namesake, former Indiana men's basketball coach Kelvin Sampson, athletic director Joe McClafferty said.

"We're not a big school, but we're extremely loyal, and we're not going to get caught up in that whole game," McClafferty said. "Our court will stay Kelvin Sampson Court. We still love the guy, and if he wants to come back and coach here, we'd sure take him."

And don't forget Sampson also walked away with $750,000.00!

You teh winner!

Love and basketball goes horribly wrong as players on Wright College's basketball team may not know how to take no for an answer.

Geez, this reads like a Stephen King horror novel:

...the alleged victim and three of her friends met the athletes an Indian Hills Community College basketball game, where they exchanged phone numbers. The next evening, the athletes called the women, all 18, and invited them to their hotel room at the Days Inn, according to the documents. Three women arrived at the hotel about 10 p.m. and began drinking with some of the players and were joined at midnight by the fourth woman. They told police they thought there were about seven players and a member of the coaching staff in the room, the documents show.

About 12:30 a.m., three women said several of the individuals pushed them into the bathroom, where they were kept for several minutes, the affidavit says. When they were let out, the fourth woman, who they said had been drinking heavily, was missing.

They finally found their friend passed out and lying half-naked on a bed in another hotel room, the document alleges.

Not exactly how Chingy explains it...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Reasons why women should scare you...

(Ganked from With Leather)

Have a happy weekend everyone! See ya tomorrow at 3:30 pm PST for the Wake Forest / UNC liveblog.

Friday, February 22, 2008

That's that.

Indiana University will give Kelvin Sampson $750,000.00, then stick their collective boots in his ass.

The Sampson reign is over. And March to Madness will be held accountable for stating that we believed Sampson will NOT be fired.

Cue the Social Distortion:

I was wroooooooooong....

But what are they gonna do about all those IU player revolts?

Better luck next time, big guy. Don't break so many rules.

Kelvin Sampson = dynamite

Does anyone have a match?

IU players to stage revolt if Sampson is terminated.

Yeah, that's the stuff...

UPDATE: Don't believe the hype (news reports with the word "Sources" in title), Indiana has delayed the news conference because of the players protest now.

UPDATE 2: Still nothing on Coach Sampson, but more on players revolt as a whole bunch of them freakin' skip practice!

You don't need to be smart to play basketabll

While we wait endlessly for Sampson news, here is a little nugget for ya...

Colorado has kicked guard Xavier Silas off the team for "unspecified reasons".

Why is that worthy of a post? Because the guy was smart! Really smart. His own website even says so:

"He has a very high basketball IQ,"

No matter that the person saying that was Silas' old high school coach. He also was the "John Brewster Scholar" in 2005!

Brewster Academy, an independent, college preparatory school, provides students with the academic, personal and social skills necessary for success in a university or college, and for life. The curriculum, delivered using best practice methodologies, aims to maximize retention of skills and content through a collaborative student-centered, mastery-learning program. The Academy, founded on the principle of moral character development, strongly adheres to the long-held belief of educating the whole person, both in mind and body, and does that through a challenging curriculum, rigorous athletic program, and strong commitment to a community living experience that emphasizes service to self and others.

Doesn't the Buffaloes want a player of that caliber? Maybe his high basketball IQ caused dissent in the locker room leading Colorado coach Jeff Bzdelik to say it was "in the best interest of the future of Colorado basketball" to boot his ass.

You don't know this but he is levitating off the court in that pic.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bettors corner - Arizona St. at Washington St.

(Editor's note: This will be part of a limited series focusing on the betting side of NCAA basketball. I've never said that I was a pure soul and I love to venture to Vegas during March. But our lawya wants us to say "for entertainment purposes only". There, I said it. Happy?)

Arizona State vs. Washington State
Friel Court, Pullman, WA
Thursday, Feb. 21 at 6 p.m

Last meeting - Washington State 56, ASU 55

Point spread: Washington State -10

My first instinct was to take the Sun Devils moneyline. ASU has been on a tear as of late with strong wins against Arizona and Stanford and looked strong enough to take on the rebounding Cougars. Until I realized that the Cougars are playing them at home. Scratch that. That would be a huge upset if ASU won, but we don't want to make financial decisions based on that, do we? If we did, we just might end up working in a smelly bathroom for tips an hour before our flight home. However, look at the points they are giving for ASU. 10? You kidding me? 10?!?. Now lets look at the past couple of games they have had against solid opponents:

Washington State - L:55-56
at Arizona - W:59-54
Stanford - W:72-68

Yeah, these guys can PWND!

So, my Talisker Decision would be to take ASU and the points. Expect a low close scoring Big East style game. Happy hunting!

I was wrong?

Numerous sources are now reporting that Indiana's Kelvin Sampson has been fired.

More heads will role if this causes the Hoosiers to crash and burn.

Btw, I have been advocating that the bum should be fired. But I also understand the nature of college moneyball.

My view of the SEC

#1 - Tennessee

Miscellaneous - Mississippi St., Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Auburn, LSU

(HT: The Bible: Basketball Prospectus)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Week Fifteen Blogpoll

Here is the official consensus top 25 blogpoll -

Memphis tempting the wrath of a vengeful God by ALREADY celebrating a Tigers win against Tennessee...

1) Memphis
2) Tennessee
3) Kansas
4) Duke
5) North Carolina
7) Texas
8) Xavier
9) Stanford
10) Butler
11) UConn
12) Wisconsin
13) Georgetown
14) Purdue
15) Drake
16) Louisville
17) Washington St.
18) Indiana
19) Notre Dame
20) Michigan St.
21) St. Mary's
22) Kansas State
23) Vanderbilt
24) Marquette
25) Clemson

Everyone's vote can be found here.

Comments - Mark this down. For the first time in the history of the blogpoll we have a unanimous #1 pick in Memphis.

Next, where's Texas A&M?

*crickets chirping*

Has Drake vs. Butler become a game of the week or what? I need to find some way to see this matchup. I know, I know, what about Memphis vs. Tennessee? That too is gonna be a good game, but call me a sucker for a good mid-major fight.

BYU is trying to sneak into the blogpoll rankings, but I will keep putting them as "NR" as long as I have an ounce of breath left. What makes them deserve it more than say Rhode Island, Arizona or Pittsburgh?

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March to Madness presents... Ebony and Ivory.

I could make some reference about the Democratic candidates, but I won't.

Bonus NSFW Moment of Zen: Lindsay Lohan is hot.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sure, I'll say it again...

I truly believe that Indiana's Kelvin Sampson is living his own personal March Madness right now.

If he wins, he'll live to coach another game. If he loses (and loses BAD), he will be fired the next day.

College Hoops Journal: Will Tonight Be Kelvin Sampson’s Final Game as a Major D-I Coach?

But but Ociffer!

People were wondering why UNLV guard Marcus Lawrence wasn't at practice yesterday...

Well, now it comes out. Looks like our boy got his ass thrown in jail and thrown off the team for sippin' and swervin'.

Lawrence, 20, was dismissed from the team Monday, three days after he was charged with driving under the influence.

Lawrence was arrested by the Nevada Highway Patrol after a one-vehicle accident Friday in Las Vegas. His arrest came about 7:30 a.m., three hours before UNLV's practice.

He was booked into the Clark County Detention Center and suspended from the team. Lawrence missed Saturday's game at Brigham Young, which the Rebels lost, 74-48.

Rebels coach Lon Kruger called the situation "extremely disappointing," but said Lawrence had run out of second chances after a series of disciplinary issues.

"This is the third or fourth incident -- not anything to this severity, obviously, with the DUI -- but this is the third or fourth time we've had discussions, and Marcus wasn't surprised by the result," Kruger said.

Third or fourth time?! Now that's commitment!

Hey, Marcus should look on the bright side. He still lives in Vegas.

Monday, February 18, 2008

UAB has angry fans

Alternate title: Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting).

Memphis (not MemPIS college students) managed to beat UAB 79 to 78 with five seconds left in the game. UAB did have a chance to come back with 2 seconds left but they took the shot after the game was over so it didn't count. The Blazers fans didn't like that so all hell broke loose.

From Scripps Howard News Service:

Though coach John Calipari called the scene "ugly," he said Sunday he was disappointed with the reaction of his players.

"They were wrong, but our response was wrong too," Calipari said. "My only issue was our guys being smart enough to know, we're creating our own happiness. Why would you let what they say do or throw -- paper cup, (urine), beer, popcorn -- have an effect on the happiness we're going to have? You wish it didn't happen, but just show maturity when it does."

Nice, coach. Very zen like. But who cares, lets go to the tape!

I say DAMN that one UAB student threw that booze bottle like a molotov cocktail!

That shot should have COUNTED! Revolution now!!

The blogosphere reaction is even better. This from a person called "hueys":

stfu you obviously don't know about the tigers

and oh yea, your team just got beat in your own "ghetto" homecourt by a bunch of "ghetto niggers" who are a "GANG (team)"

does that make sense to you?

Uhhhh, no. Stupidity rarely makes sense.

UPDATE: Almost forgot... Alabama-Birmingham, you win the Always Be Closing award! You had those Tigers, man!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dickie V. annoys co-worker

Just look at this video (once again crappy video exclusively brought to you by March to Madness). Just look at Dan Shulman's eyes as Dickie V. drones on and on, making stupid asinine references one after another. I counted 3 eye rolls. Can you detect the "shut the fuck up" look?

I knew you could.

Friday, February 15, 2008

He's got people

Jenn Sterger and John "Cougar" Mellencamp rally to the support of Coach Sampson:

True true...

I jacked this from EDSBS because it so symbolized San Diego State's season...

And now we find out one of our leading scorers has been suspended for the rest of the season.

San Diego State men's basketball coach Steve Fisher announced Monday that junior forward Kyle Spain has been suspended for the rest of the season.

Spain, the team's second-leading scorer, was suspended indefinitely on Friday for unspecified violations of team policy.

Unspecified means smoking pot. I have no confirmation of this but all my sources in San Diego are saying so. And I tend to believe my sources more often than not.

Geez... Just... Geez...

On another note, a great article that I read on SI that kinda backs up my belief that Indiana's Sampson will not be fired this season.

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- Getting rid of coach Kelvin Sampson might not be the solution to Indiana's problems. It's a move that might just create a bigger mess.

There's no guarantee the NCAA would reduce Indiana's potential penalties if Sampson was fired, and the university, which has spent the past decade paying millions of dollars to fired coaches and athletic directors, could wind up in another costly split-up.

According to the contract signed in April 2006, Indiana pays Sampson an annual base salary of $500,000. With five years left on the deal, the cost could reach at least $2.5 million.

Yikes. No good ending to this horrible marriage in the near future.

Happy Friday?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's all about the sticky-icky!

Fullerton, California is known for a few things...

1) An all White population to the east and an all Mexican population to the west with a lone street as an uneasy "border" (Harbor Blvd. for those in the know).
2) The best taco joint anywhere not Mexico for those gringos brave enough to venture west.
3) The place of residence for a LOT of people who work for Mr. Knott at his neighboring berry farm.
4) Cal State Fullerton winning the College World Series in 2004.


5) The Chronic.

Yes, that Chronic

From the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

Junior Russell has been suspended indefinitely from the Cal State-Fullerton basketball team for a violation of team rules.

Russell was arrested and charged with felony marijuana possession on Feb. 6, according to the Fullerton police.

Sgt. Linda King of the Fullerton police said Russell was stopped for running a red light just after midnight Feb. 6. King said the officer smelled marijuana from the car and a search produced measuring and packaging instruments and a significant amount of marijuana. The department is not releasing information on the amount of marijuana found at this time, King said.

What constitutes a significant amount? Beats me. All I know is even if he had 1/100th of an ounce of the stuff with the scales and bags they still could slap him with a felony.

Oh, have you ever heard Cal State Fullerton's fight song?

Going out on a limb...

Even though my colleges may believe Sampson will be fired in the next couple of days, and other major blogs feel the same way, I will not go there. I'm making a stand.

Kelvin Sampson will not be fired this season.

Why? They are 20 and 4 right now. Plus they are looking at a possible 5/6 seed in the tourney. Yeah, they have lost every single game against ranked opponents so far... But I don't think that's enough.

I look at it this way. You are on an airplane 36,000 feet in the sky on your way to Cancun. Your pilots have been drinking Grey Goose straight out of the bottle. You know they shouldn't be behind the controls. But what are you going to do? Can you fly the plane? Can the stewardesses? Can the rest of the passengers? Nope. You just cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Cancun = March Madness
Pilots = Coach Sampson
You = Astute observer
Stewardesses = Assistant coaches
Passengers = Indiana fans

IU doesn't want this.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Week Fourteen Blogpoll

Here is the official consensus top 25 blogpoll -

1) Memphis
2) Duke
3) Tennessee
4) Kansas
5) North Carolina
7) Stanford
8) Texas
9) Georgetown
10) Xavier
11) Drake
12) Michigan St.
13) Butler
14) Wisconsin
15) UConn
16) Indiana
17) Kansas State
18) Washington St.
19) Texas A&M
20) Louisville
21) Notre Dame
22) Purdue
23) St. Mary's
24) Vanderbilt
25) Marquette

Everyone's vote can be found here.

Comments - Work (sigh) prohibits me to make in-depth comments at the moment, but I will say if Memphis loses a game I could very well see Duke shoot up to #1.

Nothing can stop the Duke...

Kelvin Sampson wins coach of the year!

For most deceptive coach...

Looks like we were right and Indiana just admitted that Sampson lied to NCAA investigators.

The report sent to the university Friday accuses Sampson of five major violations, including the allegation of providing "false or misleading information" to university officials and NCAA enforcement staff. The school contended in its initial report that all violations were secondary infractions.

But the NCAA accused Sampson of failing "to deport himself ... with the generally recognized high standard of honesty" and failing to promote an atmosphere of compliance within the men's basketball program, categorized as major infractions.

Some are saying that Kelvin should be fired. The homers are saying he should stay.

Color me surprised

Dolly Parton's boobs are big. And they forced her to cancel her tour due to back pain.

" try wagging these puppies around a while and see if you don't have back problems..." Ms. Parton said in a statement.

Kinda off-topic but I could NOT resist!

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March to Madness presents... Lessons in licking.

Beer will make you do ANYTHING!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We hate love, we love hate

Still neck deep in work, but check this...

Stuttgart, Arkansas reporter Josh Troy hates Bob Knight. Really really really hates Bob Knight.

How much does he hate him? He does a pretty good job summing up his career:

Knight’s long list of controversial acts goes at least all the way back to 1979 when he was arrested for assaulting a police officer during the Pan American Games in Puerto Rico. He was angry a practice gym was not open to his team. This act of Knight’s overshadowed his team’s 9-0 record in the tournament.

Moving six years ahead to 1985, Knight threw a chair across the court to protest a referee’s call during a game against the Purdue Boilermakers. Knight was suspended for one game and put on two years probation from the Big 10 Conference.

In 1995, Knight was shown berating an NCAA volunteer at a post-game press conference. The volunteer informed the press Knight would not be attending the press conference. Knight arrived at the press conference and said, "You’ve only got two people that are going to tell you I’m not going to be here. One is our SID (sports information director), and the other is me. Who the hell told you I wasn’t going to be here? I’d like to know. Do you have any idea who it was?...Who?...They were from Indiana, right?...No, they weren’t from Indiana, and you didn’t get it from anybody from Indiana, did you?...No, I—I’ll handle this the way I want to handle it now that I’m here. You (EXPLETIVE) it up to begin with. Now just sit there or leave. I don’t give (EXPLETIVE) what you do. Now back to the game."

On April 11, 2000 CNN/SI aired a tape of a Hoosiers practice from 1997 that showed Knight with his hand around the neck of player Neil Reed, who claimed he was choked by Knight.

In Sept. 2000, Indiana University freshman Kent Harvey reportedly said "Hey, Knight, what’s up?" to Knight. According to Harvey, Knight grabbed him by the arm and berated him for not showing him proper respect.

On Oct. 21, 2007, James Simpson of Lubbock, Texas, accused Knight of firing a shotgun in his direction after he yelled at Knight and another man for hunting too close to his home. Knight denied the allegations.

Mr. Troy wraps up the article by saying "I am not a fan of Bob Knight by any means. I think he’s a despicable human being but his resignation is not a reason to hate him. Bob Knight should be remembered for the negative actions that defined him and his legacy."

So, tell us how you REALLY feel about good old Bob Knight!

And if I ever see your fucking face around here...

Monday, February 11, 2008

I need auto text

How many times have you heard me say "slow posts" on Mondays and Tuesdays because of work and blogpolling?

Yeah. And yet it's still bullshit. How dare the real world interfere.

Sometimes you just have to say it...

UPDATE: I did get a great e-mail from Jason Brough and Mike Halford who took a road trip to see the ass pounding that was the Washington State / USC game.

Bad day for the Trojans indeed.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tim Floyd: Ejected

Introducing Mr. Tim Floyd, head coach of the USC Trojans. Playing the Washington State Cougars Jesus OJ Mayo was fouled. It was obvious. But the referees did not call it.

And Mr. Floyd went off. And violated the new NCAA rules regarding the coach's box.

For every rule, there must be the first one who breaks it. Congratulations!

Crappy exclusive video once again brought to you by March to Madness.

Friday, February 8, 2008

You bastards got your wish...

LSU fires John Brady after cleaning up their basketball program and making it respectable again.

Brady's wife sobbed openly during Friday's news conference at LSU while Brady spoke haltingly, wiping away tears by the end of a long, sometimes rambling statement.

Well I hope you're happy, all you folks at Fire John Brady dot Net. Making a woman cry like that. Making a coach that gave his ALL weep like that! All he did was:

1) Clean up after Dale Brown
2) Become the third winningest coach in LSU history
3) Take the Tigers to the Sweet 16 and Final Four despite consistently losing great players to the NBA.
4) Wining the SEC conference twice and SEC coach of the year TWICE

And you gotta love hatchet man LSU AD Skip Bertman trying to hide that smile today.

Bertman said he had planned to fire Brady after the LSU-Tennessee game on Saturday but was afraid word would leak out to coaches and players before the game.

Nice going, you snake.

See ya around, big guy...

CBS branches out in the wrong way...

CBS to team up with Facebook as part of their March Madness coverage.

Palo Alto-based Facebook will feature coverage from CBS Sports, CSTV and, the companies said, along with mobile access and public or private bracket groups.

Users will also be able to compare their picks with friends on Facebook...

Really? Like her?

If you say so... Wonder what she thinks about Georgetown's chances...

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Booze and a beat down

But first, after Duke's impressive win against UNC last night we got parents already trying to instill the Blue Devil philosophy...

My daddy is a jerk.

Depressed after police confiscated his knife, Georgia guard gets drunk, runs red light, and gets handcuffed.

Georgia basketball player Billy Humphrey was arrested Thursday morning for underage possession of alcohol, according to Athens-Clarke County Police.

Humphrey, 20, was on 18 months probation for a felony weapons charge after a knife was found in his dorm room in November. A condition of that probation was that he avoid trouble with the law.

Police charged Humphrey with underage possession and failure to obey a traffic control device. He was booked in Athens-Clarke County Jail at 2:12 a.m. Thursday and released at 3:45 a.m. on $1,000 bond.

Well, add that to the four other suspended or expelled Georgia players and it's no surprise you're 11 - 9.

Memphis forward Robert Dozier could be facing assault charges after he smacked his bitch up.

According to a police report, Dozier followed (ex-girlfriend Laparis) Woods out of the Plush Club at 3:30 a.m. before they both left in their vehicles. Woods told police Dozier followed her to the intersection of Union and Second before they both pulled over. After an argument, Dozier allegedly hit Woods twice in the face with an open hand, causing minor lacerations.

With arms palms wide open, as Scott Stapp would say... Geez Louise.

And this is the second time the Tigers have gotten into trouble outside that club. Maybe coach Calipari should enact a ban on that place.

Danger Will Robinson!

Finally, Oklahoma center Longar Longar (not a misprint) broke his right leg last night against Texas. This seemingly will doom the Sooners from getting into March Madness.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

UNC makes Paulus pay for that 3 point shot!

Shit, I'm no Greg Paulus cheerleader but was I the only one who saw this?

UNC just lays the LUMBER to Paulus and no foul was called?!

Of course exclusive crappy video brought to you by March to Madness.

Week Thirteen Blogpoll

Here is the official consensus top 25 blogpoll -

1) Memphis
2) Duke
3) Kansas
5) North Carolina
6) Tennessee
7) Georgetown
8) Wisconsin
9) Stanford
10) Xavier
11) Drake
12) Texas
13) Butler
14) Michigan St.
15) Indiana
16) Washington St.
17) UConn
18) Kansas State
19) Texas A&M
20) Marquette
21) Arizona
22) St. Mary's
23) Louisville
24) Notre Dame
25) Pittsburgh

Everyone's vote can be found here.

Comments - It was a mere two weeks ago when Ole Miss was a superstar shooting up the polls. But losses to Auburn, Mississippi State and South Carolina drew the ire of the bloggers. I really think that Memphis should not go into the tourney undefeated (reference pic above). It will be a major distraction for a team that gets easily distracted. And UConn is looking like Ole Miss two weeks ago.

Where's Florida you might ask? Screw 'em, getting beat by Arkansas is pretty damn embarrassing. Although I do have to say that the SEC is turning into a cage match.

Your Wednesday Moment of Zen

March to Madness presents... The hot dog.

That's a big... weiner.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Late night hoops dancing

Even though Valpo lost to Butler...

Wait. Valpo was LEADING Butler until the final minute of the game. And they managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory losing 68 to 71.

So first, Valparaiso you get the ALWAYS BE CLOSING award.

However, the Crusaders do have some seriously funky fans worthy of Soul Train.

Gotta have soul! Before that loss rips your soul out so painfully.

All quiet on the blogosphere front

Apologies again, work and blogpolling had me tied up...

Please, untie me before they come back. These are some very bad men...

Let's do this -

Proof that Red Bull and vodka will fuck your shit up mentally! Monmouth College basketball player arrested for breakin' and enterin' after all night bender:

(Jesse) Haskett, who admitted to officers he had been drinking Red Bull and Vodka at a local bar, was arrested for criminal trespass to a residence, criminal damage to property and public intoxication.

I wonder what would have happened if Jesse was on that purple drank. Sip!

Did you know that Bobby Knight resigned? You do? Ok.

Guess who's back just in time for the Duke/UNC game. Hip hip hooray. *grumble*

Hate to end on a sad note, but Ohio University-Chillicothe player Jonathan Mason-Davis dies after collapsing during a practice.

Our condolences for the family. RIP.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The good side of sports

Work once again kills blogging. But...

If this doesn't make you tear up you are a cold bastard.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Who is hotter?

Sage Steele or Erin Andrews?

My money is on Sage.

It's Friday ya bastards!

With all the bar fighting/breaking curfew/suspension troubles the Missouri Tigers have been getting into lately, some students want to pitch in and help poor old coach Anderson...

(HT: Nick King)

And the hits keep on coming for UConn! We talked about Connecticut players Doug Wiggins and Jerome Dyson getting suspended for emulating Snoop Dogg, but with cognac instead of gin. Well that pot the police found turned out to be a bigger problem than first believed. Which now leads to Dyson being suspended for an additional 30 days for failing yet ANOTHER drug test.

"I'm not going through what I thought after 22 years I would be going through at UConn..." (head coach Jim) Calhoun said.

You can say that again. What sparked this kind of karmic retribution of the Huskies doing great and getting ranked just to have their star players ride the pine?

The Huskies training video.

Happy Friday to you.