Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Indiana under siege?

Coach Sampson's resignation has cause a general red alert on campus? Indiana University has added extra officers at school President Michael McRobbie's office, Assembly Hall and other campus locations...

There have been no specific threats against McRobbie or any school officials since Sampson accepted a $750,000 buyout on Friday, Indiana University police Capt. Jerry Minger said. Still, the department chose to increase security at several campus locations.

After former men's basketball coach Bobby Knight was fired in September 2000, police arrested several protesters and used riot gear for crowd control when thousands of students rushed to the residence of then-President Myles Brand, setting fire to trees and burning effigies of Brand.

Mr. McRobbie, I know Bob Knight. Bob Knight was a friend of mine. And Kelvin Sampson is no Bob Knight!

People have been saying that in fact the "protesters" are giving McRobbie flowers and chocolates, thanking him for forcing Sampson out.

Man, am I suffering from Sampson burnout.