Friday, February 8, 2008

You bastards got your wish...

LSU fires John Brady after cleaning up their basketball program and making it respectable again.

Brady's wife sobbed openly during Friday's news conference at LSU while Brady spoke haltingly, wiping away tears by the end of a long, sometimes rambling statement.

Well I hope you're happy, all you folks at Fire John Brady dot Net. Making a woman cry like that. Making a coach that gave his ALL weep like that! All he did was:

1) Clean up after Dale Brown
2) Become the third winningest coach in LSU history
3) Take the Tigers to the Sweet 16 and Final Four despite consistently losing great players to the NBA.
4) Wining the SEC conference twice and SEC coach of the year TWICE

And you gotta love hatchet man LSU AD Skip Bertman trying to hide that smile today.

Bertman said he had planned to fire Brady after the LSU-Tennessee game on Saturday but was afraid word would leak out to coaches and players before the game.

Nice going, you snake.

See ya around, big guy...