Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh no they didn't

The Feds are interviewing San Diego State basketball players because they knew the names of the University of San Diego players who liked to get high and gamble on sports. The shit has Just... Gotten... Real... Yo.

Thankfully it looks like just minor inquiry to build their case against USD. None of the Aztecs were directly or indirectly involved so we can calm down somewhat. Please don't tarnish our one glimmering season!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pimping 101

Those Catholic basketball players in San Diego done did some shit that would make Dr. Dre proud. If you didn't hear the news then allow us to lay out what happened in lyrical form...

The sun went down when we hit Old Town
on our way to F Street, with Mary Jane in da back seat
Checkin our rearview, cause broke homies they will do
jack moves, attack fools b-ballers smack fools
Tried to set us up for that Zaga game
Fuck around and we could give up a minus 17 thang
but USD don't represent no losin points
My man Brandon Johnson hit dat three to flush da joint
so on, and so on, our bets let us roll on
We be slangin that weed so we can get our stroll on
Didn't nobody wanna be in da mix; now everybody
be at our games cause they know we got da fuckin fix
Shave dat point? Shave dat point?
That's how we make coin and you know you want to join, fool
But we ain't slippin with da dollas we kickin
While our book keep rakin and Gaslamp hoes keep fakin we'll be
Rollin back up Linda Vista, With everybody sayin

Florida players steal cars

Have you not heard of Drive Time?

University of Florida forwards Erik Murphy and Cody Larson probably enjoyed themselves during the spring football game but walking there and back sucked. So they decided to rectify that situation:

"The Gators were arrested early Sunday morning after allegedly attempting to break into a car in St. Augustine. Both were charged with felony third-degree burglary"

However, they needed someone to look for cops so they kept it all in the family by grabbing someone else from the team:

"Josh Adel, a team manager, was charged with principal to burglary after police said he served as the lookout."

Coach Donovan has suspended both indefinitely.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Coach of the Year!

San Diego State's Steve Fisher has been named the 2011 Naismith Men's Basketball College Coach of the Year. Thank you for a wonderful season we will be telling our children about for years to come.

Go Aztecs!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welcome to the off season of the dream

Image above is enhanced while you listen to this.

Now begins the most dreaded part of the year where there is no more college basketball left. The sadness of this consumes us. We will try and past the time with other ventures, like paying attention to our significant others. Also, this blog will downshift from the hyperactive multiple daily posts to occasional posts about our second loves like cooking, politics and college football. We will resume full power basketball operations in November.

You can still follow us on our "world famous" Twitter feed as well where the 140 character snark will probably continue uninterrupted. So be safe out there and Mahalo.

Aw, buck up. It's only 7 months...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A collegiate obituary for Jacob Pullen

Throughout this season the one thing we have always noticed about the ubiquitous Kansas State guard was his role as peacekeeper between coach Frank Martin and the other players. There were countless times we saw Martin rip apart one of his guys only to have Pullen walk over, pull the kid aside and put his arm on his shoulder, seemingly saying "It's ok, you know what to do so lets do it." Also, the number of times we saw Martin rip Pullen directly? Zero.

The gang over at Rush The Court have always been strong admirers of Pullen. We just wanted to throw our two cent worth in. You'll be missed, Jacob.

A cheater prevails

UConn 53 - Butler 41

Well this should ease the glaring light of Jim Calhoun's apparent lack of internal controls. This game was UGLY, with both teams unable to make shots. C'mon, you guys need to make shots! Anyways, finally in the second half Connecticut's Jeremy Lamb suddenly got his grove back and prevented the score from being a lot lower. Butler's Matt Howard tried to keep his team in it but none of his shots were going in (reference above). At one point we predicted the final score to be 41-40. Guess we weren't that far off. So the University of Connecticut are your 2011 NCAA Basketball champs and now we can begin the whole "Will Calhoun retire?" meme.

Some sights from the NC game...

Happy Husky fans.

Bulldog players during the final seconds of the game.

Matt Howard's parents. Sad.

Net cutting!

At the March to Madness HQ.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Shaka Smart will leave Virginia Commonwealth

VCU's Athletic Director said "We're going to keep him. We will be proactive about it." But the cold hard numbers say otherwise. Take a gander -

Top NCAA Division 1A basketball coaching salaries

Bottom NCAA Division 1A basketball coaching salaries

See that highlighted name? That's coach Smart, citizens. The amount of money VCU would need to come up with just to be competitive with the current market value of coaches with his credentials would be enormous. And VCU is no University of Richmond when it comes to fundraising. To be quite frank, the Rams don't have the horses for this. The only way coach Smart returns is if he has some sense of loyalty to the program (and he wants an even bigger payday next year).

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A final ode to the VCU Rams

We were the trendy ones here!
Sitting in the locker room
Surrounded by my players
The media hasn't left
But my head is pounding
It's already UConn's turn
But the stink of our game
Are still stuck in my shirt
How we played was fading
In the light of the scoreboard
How we shot was bullshit
We played the pussy way
And I guess I'll never find out
Which one of you
Allowed this shit
VCU has failed
and now Richmond must fall
Richmond must fall

Oh my gawd!

Connecticut 56 - Kentucky 55

Ok, we are going to say it. Kemba Walker is a better player than Jimmer Fredette. This is simply because Walker has guided his time to the title game and without him they would have lost in either the Sweet 16 or Elite 8. BYU with Jimmer lost in the Sweet 16. There's your proof.

This game was a typical Kentucky comes out and smacks you in the mouth, Kemba Walker wills UConn back in the game with some clutch plays, Kentucky cannot make the final shot because of Walker's antics. And so the stage is set for Butler/UConn. Right now we have no clue who we think will win.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The end of the road for the Commonwealth

Butler 70 - VCU 62

We predicted this one. At first it seemed that Butler tried to play the Rams game and were failing miserably. But then the Bulldogs returned to what they know best; grinding it out and doing damage in the paint. The most amazing stat to this game was that Butler held VCU to 36% three point shooting while VCU allowed Butler to increase their 3 point shooting to 36%. Chew on that.

Bulldog coach Stevens is the Stephen Hawking of college basketball.

Charles Barkley said something intelligent

We have railed against the One-And-Done rule countless times. And throughout this tournament we have made our opinion of Sir Charles known.

But amazingly enough we are both in complete agreement that this 1 year removed from high school rule is killing both college and pro basketball. You have to hear what Barkley says about this.

Yes, we are agreeing with the "great blow job" dude. What has this world come to...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Everybody be hating on us

So yes, Kentucky is a fine program and all. A winning one to boot, regardless of what you may think of their current coach. Well, you may think better or worse after you hear what coach Calipari said about other basketball programs -

Other basketball teams don't want to beat us. They want to BE us.

For a man with a myriad of NCAA investigation inquiries at multiple schools and the inability to keep a cohesive team for more than one year that is indeed a bold statement. Let's hope it doesn't come back to bite them in the ass.