Saturday, December 18, 2010


Sigh. We've been through this before:

The official March to Madness position of Article 10, Section 1(b)(i) of the 2005 NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement is that of opposition.

The rule that basically forces high school kids to play college basketball for a minimum of 1 year before joining the NBA should be changed to 3 years. There is a lot of support for this out there but then comes this jackass who apparently feels that people should believe the sun rotates around the earth again:

"With the NBA's labor agreement about to expire, the players' union reportedly is going to ask the league to drop the age restriction. Good. It's time to stop this charade and for all said parties to quit faking it. The NBA and the NCAA need to agree that if a kid is going to college, he has to do more than sleep through two courses before cashing a check."

We. Couldn't. Disagree. More. This is precisely why this rule needs to be strengthened, not eliminated. He then goes on explaining how all these one-and-done players are "fake students" and are making a mockery out of the NCAA and the NBA. Well no shit dude, this is precisely why the rule needs to be strengthened. If you strengthened the rule you would not have kids "sleeping through two courses before cashing a check". The environment right now is producing what you do not like. To eliminate it would take a step back to the wild west days of Kwame Brown, Robert Swift and Jonathan Bender. We HATE the NBA so peace be unto you if that's what you want. However if you were to see it OUR way it would be a win-win situation:

1) Committed student-athletes for the NCAA
2) More polished and mature players for the NBA

Is it really this hard to understand this needs to be done?