Sunday, December 12, 2010

Take them to another place

So the Vols beat 3rd ranked Pitt 83 to 76 last night. We have an idea for a post! Check this out...

Scene (in b/w): Tennessee players are jumping up and down in excitement after their big win. Pittsburgh players are walking away dejected, heads hanging low. Camera pans in on Panther guards Gibbs and Wanamaker...

Ashton Gibbs: "Lord I've really been real stressed. Down and out, losing ground."
Brad Wanamaker: "Although I am black and proud, problems got me pessimistic."
Jamie Dixon: "All these brothers keep messing up. Why does it have to be so damn tough?"
Pitt fans: "We don't know where were can go to let these ghosts out of our skulls."

We can go on and on with this. All we need now is someone like LSUfreek.