Sunday, December 19, 2010

A complete game

San Diego St 90 - UC Santa Barbara 64

It happened. It finally happened. An excellent showing by the Aztecs in all phases of the game. Excellent field goal shots (56%), 3 point shots (50%), free throw shots (82%!), rebounds, everything. Our story has always been... Wait, we'll just let one of the players explain:

"Usually the first half is always kind of lazy for us, we always start off kind of slow and then we pick it up in the second half."
- SDSU forward Billy White

There. And we all know that you can't keep winning games like that. They'll be one team that will produce such a lead going into the half that you can't overcome it in the second. But as the flow chart shows we were hitting on all cylinders last night -

This is how you play to win the game. Now only if we can do this every game.