Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hit me!

Now I looked at the Pac-10 some time ago
Don't you see how much they be losing
They only win when they play division 2A
Feasting on cupcakes even in division play
But they don't care because they get ranked anyway
To Larry Scott the AP voters won't betray
They seem to stumble with lightweight teams
If you bet on the west then you're broke today
ESPN's Game Day won't visit their campus
Unless a top ranked team is coming to do damage
The student bodies are all in a panic
The hype over Washington State is making 'em say cram it.
Bruins, Wildcats, Trojans and Cougars
It's a race to the bottom and the fans are saying "screw ya"
So get up get get get down
The Pac-10 conference is a joke in yo town