Monday, May 23, 2011

But who is the captain?

We totally stole this from SB Nation but it was too good not to share. Can you guess what Lions coach Schwartz is saying?

We think the conversation started like this:

Schwartz: "Where's the fudge?"
Voice in headphones: "Where's the fudge... What?"
Schwartz (pictured above): "Where's the fudge, captain?!"

Hey, we all like fudge. What? You think he said "what the fuck happened?" Naw, he's not that type of person.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

CBS lets Gus Johnson go

Yes, this makes total sense. Terminate the contract of your most popular college basketball play by play man. Seriously, the universally acknowledged MOST POPULAR college basketball broadcast personality. Let go of the guy that college football fans wish would call THEIR games. Just disregard the man that SINGLEHANDEDLY puts the excitement into March Madness. The man that guarantees a boost in ratings for the games he calls. Really CBS? Really?


Hey, at least we still have Jim Nantz, right?