Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Before We and Drunk Cooking

So two things came to mind today while we wait for this horrible, horrible college basketball off season to end. The first is a question that comes up again and again on the blog and our Twitter Feed:

Why do you use the term "we" all the time? Isn't it just you writing? Are you schizophrenic?

Well, no. We think. Actually it goes like this; Yes, I (Gabby) write about 95% of the stuff on the Blog and Twitter. But I have friends who help me. So if I am using the term "we" that means that whatever it is that I am saying was a collaborative thought or expression. If I am using the word "I" that means it was solely me who came up with whatever crap that I am spewing.

The second thing was an overdue introduction to our audience on someone who we have been watching and laughing ourselves silly over:

This is Hannah Hart, proprietor of My Drunk Kitchen. She adeptly combines two things I love to do, cooking and drankin' to hilarious effect. Before Baby M2M was born I use to do this a lot. But Baby M2M does not allow me the quiet time necessary to nurse a hangover so I stopped. Plus Mrs. M2M says that it would be good for my health to stop too. But Hannah has taken up the slack for me. So check her out, citizens. You'll be glad you did.

Also, I do have to say that since I stopped drankin' and cooking my meals have been a whole lot more tasty. I guess that is another benefit of sorts.

Carry on.