Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So there are folks like @rushthecourt and @ballinisahabit who have been covering college hoops proficiently and professionally. I have been honored to call them along with several others "blog mates" even though I'm not as technically knowledgeable and my modus operandi has always been to be as stupid silly as possible when talking about basketball. I remember during Bracket Busters week many years ago I was watching the Memphis/Louisville game. All Darius Washington had to do is make his foul shots and the Tigers would be in the Tournament. When Washington missed his final shot and broke down on the court I wanted to talk to someone, anyone about it. That got me started blogging. A few years later I approached some bloggers to do a weekly blogpoll. I only expected about 5 of them to participate but imagine my surprise when over 20 bloggers signed up. Then advertisers started e-mailing and began PAYING me for my blog. Then other bloggers began asking me questions and inviting me out to events. Then With Leather mentioned me, then Sports Illustrated came calling... Those were the heydays of my blogging experience and I thought (and wished) that it would never end.

Well, I guess all things good and bad do come to an end. So it is with some sadness I announce that I will not be continuing this endeavor going forward. There are a few reasons for this:

1) Work. For those who don't know I work in the Finance/Investment arena and the way the market has been and with my new responsibilities of managing even more money my work life has become all consuming.

2) 11 month old son. He's been kicking my ass. The time I do not spend at work is devoted to him. We can always sit down and watch college hoops but there is a big difference between watching and writing. As soon as my laptop is out he takes it and jumps on it. I don't know how other bloggers with kids can do it.

3) General malaise. I just don't have the same passion to write anymore, probably due to the first two issues.

So what I found out is that Twitter is more convenient for me to comment on basketball (or football or politics or cooking). That is where I will be found from now on. I may post here occasionally but don't expect it.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me throughout the years, like my West Coast posse! It's been real, it's been fun. And...


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ESPN Releases College Basketball Schedule

Oh yes, we are getting closer and closer to the start of college hoops, citizens. Behold the power of the 2011-2012 TV schedule!

The one thing we immediately zoomed in on was this...

Baylor is returning some strong ballers (Scott Drew, Quincy Miller). And don't forget Perry Jones who easily compares to Kawhi Leonard. This will be a "show me" game for all the doubters who think the Aztecs will fall off this season.

We're one of them.

So in 30 days it'll be time to buckle up. Also, that is when we will start posting on a more regular basis. But in the meantime, who else is excited about the Alabama/LSU football game on November 5th?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Chinese don't like Blacks anyway

What started as a friendly game of basketball between the Georgetown Hoyas and China's Bayi Rockets turned real ugly real fast as a full scale riot erupted on the court:

A woman sitting in the Georgetown fan section directly behind the bench implored Chinese police to try to calm the situation, saying someone was going to get hurt. The Chinese police had been watching the tensions escalate to the point of physical confrontations but made no attempts to break up any of the fights taking place on the court.

Well, you know what we always say... Don't go to foreign countries.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grand Theft Laptop

College students love them some laptops. They go all luchini if there is one nearby that they can get their grubby little hands on. Case in point:

UCLA men's basketball player Jerime Anderson has been suspended indefinitely following his arrest Tuesday evening. Anderson, a senior point guard, was arrested on campus by University Police and was charged with gankin' a laptop.

Not too good for coach Ben Howland who loses his best 3 point shooter for an undetermined period of time.

This is it (what)...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Before We and Drunk Cooking

So two things came to mind today while we wait for this horrible, horrible college basketball off season to end. The first is a question that comes up again and again on the blog and our Twitter Feed:

Why do you use the term "we" all the time? Isn't it just you writing? Are you schizophrenic?

Well, no. We think. Actually it goes like this; Yes, I (Gabby) write about 95% of the stuff on the Blog and Twitter. But I have friends who help me. So if I am using the term "we" that means that whatever it is that I am saying was a collaborative thought or expression. If I am using the word "I" that means it was solely me who came up with whatever crap that I am spewing.

The second thing was an overdue introduction to our audience on someone who we have been watching and laughing ourselves silly over:

This is Hannah Hart, proprietor of My Drunk Kitchen. She adeptly combines two things I love to do, cooking and drankin' to hilarious effect. Before Baby M2M was born I use to do this a lot. But Baby M2M does not allow me the quiet time necessary to nurse a hangover so I stopped. Plus Mrs. M2M says that it would be good for my health to stop too. But Hannah has taken up the slack for me. So check her out, citizens. You'll be glad you did.

Also, I do have to say that since I stopped drankin' and cooking my meals have been a whole lot more tasty. I guess that is another benefit of sorts.

Carry on.

Monday, May 23, 2011

But who is the captain?

We totally stole this from SB Nation but it was too good not to share. Can you guess what Lions coach Schwartz is saying?

We think the conversation started like this:

Schwartz: "Where's the fudge?"
Voice in headphones: "Where's the fudge... What?"
Schwartz (pictured above): "Where's the fudge, captain?!"

Hey, we all like fudge. What? You think he said "what the fuck happened?" Naw, he's not that type of person.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

CBS lets Gus Johnson go

Yes, this makes total sense. Terminate the contract of your most popular college basketball play by play man. Seriously, the universally acknowledged MOST POPULAR college basketball broadcast personality. Let go of the guy that college football fans wish would call THEIR games. Just disregard the man that SINGLEHANDEDLY puts the excitement into March Madness. The man that guarantees a boost in ratings for the games he calls. Really CBS? Really?


Hey, at least we still have Jim Nantz, right?