Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's eating Gonzaga?

Our compañeros over at Ballin' is a Habit and Rush The Court have already pointed this out but after Saturday's loss against Notre Dame now we are starting to question what the heck. In our fantasy we dreamed that SDSU would get a close victory against the Bulldogs in week 2, and then Gonzaga would go on and terrorize the rest of their schedule. What we didn't expect is what's happening now:

Kansas State 81-64 (L)
Illinois 73-61 (L)
Washington State 81-59 (L)
Notre Dame 83-79 (L)

Wait, is that a loss against Washington State? The Washington State Cougars? Anyways, we first we thought that the injury Bulldogs forward Elias Harris sustained a month ago was contributing to this decline but even message boards that shouldn't even care are saying he is healthy. With the two games we watched (SDSU and Notre Dame) it seemed that the Zags had the game in hand only to fall apart in the final minute with mental lapses. Or it just could be the malaise of compounding loses. Whatever it is they better find some magic soon because Baylor is about ready to tap dat ass.