Friday, December 11, 2009

One and done

Like our man crush Keith Olbermann would say, and now a special comment...

We want to officially go on record in saying that the NBA should adopt the NFL rule of players being 3 years removed from high school before being able to enter the pros. We have felt this for years as players such as Kobe Bryant went pro while we were left thinking "Could you imagine him at Duke?"

Then the NBA came up with this one year removed rule. This just pissed us off more. If you want to go pro, then GO! Don't waste our time and make a mockery of the collegiate system by enrolling, signing up for classes only to drop out when the semester is over. The term is Student-Athlete, not Possible-Millionaire-In-Waiting.

We were reading the Bible and John Gasaway made the following comment about Kentucky's super frosh John Wall:

I’m on the record as thinking one-and-done has got to go and, post-Wall, I still believe that. Wall should be in the NBA right now. (Duh.) To keep him out is unfair. But to love hoops as I do is to love what you’ve been seeing, however it came to be. Again, enjoy Wall while you can.

Yes, Wall is good but imagine if he remains at Kentucky longer? And when Kentucky loses (and they will) would that say Wall is NOT ready for the NBA? Should Michael Jordan have jumped ship and not played at UNC (or worse only play one year)? Was he THAT much better than the college competition?

Ok, we're done. < /soapbox>


jason heyward said...

The current system just doesnt work. I dont see what is accomplished by forcing high school players to go to college for 1 year. I prefer the model the NFL has which means three years removed from high school, before you can turn pro.