Friday, December 18, 2009

Profiles in Sadness: Iowa

This is quickly looking to be the third straight losing year for the Hawkeyes with losses to UTSA and directional Iowa teams. They have yet to win against ranked opponents and they're staring down a barrel of a gun this Saturday with a Drake team that can run the floor.

Iowa's recruiting has been atrocious, they are being used as virtual punching bags by lesser teams and even the fans are starting to get restless.

But hey, coach Todd Lickliter is back after serious surgery so there is a little hope. We said a little...

The players admitted, though, that there was plenty of frustration about the team's start.

"It's never easy to lose," (junior forward Jarryd) Cole said.

"I think there was a sense of frustration," (freshman guard Cully) Payne said. "We're definitely in a hole."

If the Hawkeyes don't right this ship by mid season the clamoring for a coaching change will most certainly get louder, health issues or not for the Lick-ster.

(Pic HT: Doc Saturday)