Monday, April 11, 2011

Pimping 101

Those Catholic basketball players in San Diego done did some shit that would make Dr. Dre proud. If you didn't hear the news then allow us to lay out what happened in lyrical form...

The sun went down when we hit Old Town
on our way to F Street, with Mary Jane in da back seat
Checkin our rearview, cause broke homies they will do
jack moves, attack fools b-ballers smack fools
Tried to set us up for that Zaga game
Fuck around and we could give up a minus 17 thang
but USD don't represent no losin points
My man Brandon Johnson hit dat three to flush da joint
so on, and so on, our bets let us roll on
We be slangin that weed so we can get our stroll on
Didn't nobody wanna be in da mix; now everybody
be at our games cause they know we got da fuckin fix
Shave dat point? Shave dat point?
That's how we make coin and you know you want to join, fool
But we ain't slippin with da dollas we kickin
While our book keep rakin and Gaslamp hoes keep fakin we'll be
Rollin back up Linda Vista, With everybody sayin