Monday, October 15, 2007

Punishment Monday!

PWND! Indiana's coach Kelvin Sampson has been bitch slapped by the Hoosiers and will not receive his half million dollar raise and his team lost a scholarship for violating recruiting rules (he was doing three-ways with recruits after being banned by the NCAA).

Calls. Three-way calls. Get your mind out of the gutter.

"I am profoundly disappointed we are dealing with this matter as is coach Sampson," (Indiana AD Rick) Greenspan said. "We hope these sanctions send a strong message."

Oh really? That seems to be the non sequitur of the month! Especially when you KNEW Sampson's prior recruiting violating history!

Why is everyone picking on me?

I think Ball State will have no players left after kicking two MORE kids off the team.

Finally, the NCAA is turning into the NFL (No Fun League) by threatening technicals for bad behavior from players and coaches on the bench. Now the thing that concerns me is this nugget...

Coaches who leave the coaching box, even simply to talk to their players...will be given one warning, then assessed a technical even if their behavior is not unsportsmanlike.

Well, what are they suppose to do? Have their players carry cel phones during the game and call them? No, that would probably violate some rule. How about telepathy? Dry erase board? Hand signals? SMOKE SIGNALS?!

Soon to be at a sideline near you