Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Should you trust Vegas?

That is where the smart money is. I mean the casinos. The sports books. They are smarter than us. If they weren't, they would be broke, the odds makers would be fired, living on the charity of the nickel slots at Binion's.

Dear God please, the Ohio State line didn't work,
I HAVE to pay RENT!

One of my favorite things to do is checking the Vegas odds on college hoops. Just as another POV mind you. And I saw this...

Mississippi State at #53 and Davidson at #64. Both teams are on the blogpoll top 25. What does that mean exactly. Nothing. It just says that Vegas thinks we are wrong. And that makes me nervous.

Oh. Hold on. My lawya wants to say something.

Disclaimer: March To Madness would never condone college sports betting nor would use Vegas odds in his own blogpoll ballot unless stated explicitly in any said post at any said time and for any said reason until rescinded or altered by March To Madness. Void in Nebraska.

Finally some sanity! The Sporting Network has it's Pac-10 preview out and puts the Trojans in a realistic view, placing them to finish 8th in conference.

Three double-digit scorers are gone from last year's squad, as Nick Young, Lodrick Stewart and Gabe Pruitt combined for 43.8 ppg. Replacing that production will be tough.

But heck, O.J. Mayo will be exciting to watch, huh? Especially come March when he is picking his nose on the sofa.

They also have Arizona finishing 4th. But they always choke come March.