Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Week Twelve Blogpoll

Here is the official consensus top 25 blogpoll -

This is what happens to your position in the blogpoll when you lose three games in a row. Yeah, the White guy is Dayton. PWND!

1) Memphis
2) Kansas
3) Duke
4) North Carolina
6) Tennessee
7) Georgetown
8) Washington St.
9) Michigan St.
10) Texas
11) Indiana
12) Butler
13) Wisconsin
14) Drake
15) Xavier
16) Stanford
17) Marquette
18) Arizona
19) Ole Miss
20) Florida
21) Pittsburgh
22) Kansas State
23) Vanderbilt
24) USC
25) UConn

Everyone's vote can be found here.

Comments - This was probably the first poll that I feel I made some mistakes after everything was finalized. Like I personally ranked Vanderbilt at #18... Never should have given them a ranking period. They are weak. And I should have dropped Indiana more (I had them at 11). I'm not following the rule of rewarding big wins and ruthlessly punishing mediocrity. This must change.