Friday, January 25, 2008

Are you happy?

The Duke / Virginia Tech game was brutal last night. Brutal as in cheap shots, obvious flops and near brawls. I like football and because of that I often say that basketball refs call too many penalties and should let the kids play. Who cares about a lot of the contact that goes on. But that game last night even had me saying...

Memphis coach John Calipari feels that praise is good enough to keep his bench warmers happy being bench warmers.

"Andre Allen may be the best backup point guard in the country right now. Shawn Taggart, if there's a better big man coming off the bench that's 6-11 who can score like Shawn Taggart, I've got to see the guy," Calipari said.

Yeah! And my ex-girlfriend that I dumped after I met the woman I eventually married was a really great gal. She had huge tits and beautiful green eyes that any guy would love. If there is a woman who could make a guy feel like a king like she did, I've got to see that.

Point made. You guys still ride the pine and some of you will jump ship after this season.

And happy Friday y'all. Sorry about the late post.