Thursday, January 24, 2008

Meet the OJ Spartan

This should affect Baylor in next week's blogpoll. The Bears beat the Aggies in quintuple overtime!!!

Can you imagine how insanely tired both Texas A&M and Baylor were? Good fucking job to Baylor and they definitely deserve the This Is Sparta! award for that effort.

Party on you Bears.

Next, Carmelo Anthony determined to destroy OJ Mayo's career at the same time he goes down in flames.

The NCAA states that student-athletes may not receive "free or reduced-cost admission to professional athletics contests from professional sports organizations, unless such services also are available to the student body in general."

Mayo, averaging a team-leading 19.7 points and 4.6 rebounds, said Anthony made the offer of tickets at a party he hosted Sunday night.

"I was talking to him like, 'Man, you're out pretty late. You've got a game tomorrow night against Kobe (Bryant),"' Mayo said. "He said, 'Nah, it will be all right.' And then he asked, 'You want to come to the game?' And I was like, 'Sure."'

For the record, Carmelo's Nuggets went on to lose against the Lakers 99 to 116. Now by Carmelo saying "Nah, it will be all right," was he being the usual NBA cocky, or did he know they were gonna lose against Kobe anyway so might as well party?

The tix were courtside seats near mid-court and worth $230 each. I guess Mayo is relieved he didn't have to pay to see his buddy get beat down...

Nice seats...