Monday, March 5, 2007

Sex back

First, get this...

This will allow you to see the games online. Great for work!

I came so close to jamming to Vegas for the MWC Tournament this weekend. The only thing that stopped me was the date. I could go from March 11th to 12th. The tournament is from March 8th to 10th.

I know, I wasn't thinking. The tournament would HAVE to be over by the 11th for Selection Sunday.

Next, spinning off of yesterday's post I have found that VICIOUS dunk to end the first half of Nova vs. Syracuse.

DAMN!!!! Talk about posterized...

Oh dear Lord Cowboys, beaten by Baylor. Yer fucked now!

Lucky the ones who were able to watch the overtime thriller of WSU vs. USC.

Tyler Hansbrough injury during the Duke/UNC game does nothing but stoke the fire even more with this bordering on silly rivalry.

I can't show the bloody picture, I just can't...

I am starting to dislike Joakim Noah of Florida more and more each day. He is so ready for the NBA...

"Why's he talking trash?" Joakim Noah asked of (UK player) Ramel Bradley afterward. "I'm his daddy! That's my son! Why's he talking to me like that? I shouldn't have been upset? When your son starts talking bad about you that's not right. You can't do that. So I overreacted. The cops had to stop me. The ref told the grandpa, coach Donovan, to get me out of the game. But Ramel's really my son. He's my guy, though. I've got mad love for him. He's just talking trash."
- Mr. Noah after the Florida/UK game

Geez Louise.