Friday, April 4, 2008

Outside the lines

You know we keep it real here and talk about men's college hoops for the most part (off-season excluded) because we really don't follow the women's game.

But, damn...

COLUMBIA, SC -- Two USC Basketball players were rearrested Thursday on a list of new charges (emphasis mine).

Prior to Thursday, both women were charged in connection with financial card theft, petit larceny, and two counts each of possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Then the cops came back around and gave them the business TWICE yesterday!

Jasmine Payne and Ashlie Billingslea have been charged with Petit Larceny, Financial Transaction Card Theft and Financial Transaction Card Fraud Thursday night, both Payne and Billingslea are in the Richland County Jail.

The players also face drug-related charges and financial card theft and were dismissed from the team Wednesday, according to USC media spokesman Steve Fink.

Just how many times can someone get arrested in one week? Oh, just so you know, that is the University of South Carolina, not the other USC.

File this under "Dumbest quote ever":

A North Vancouver college basketball player who spent two days in a Mexican jail accused of assault says it was the most terrifying experience of his life.

"It was horrible," Scott Morrison told Canwest News Service yesterday. "You know you can't fall asleep at any time. The police were pulling guys in and out of the jail. You don't know who's in there for what. It was the most scary thing." (emphasis mine)

Ummmm, hate to break it to you but that is what jail is suppose to be like. Scary. It is kinda used as a deterrent so people won't break the law. Especially in foreign countries. Here is the photograph of Morrison and his buddy moments before shit went awry.

Not so fun now, huh?

Oh well, blame Canada:

Happy Friday!