Monday, April 14, 2008

No good deed goes unpunished

Man gets stabbed and beaten after trying to protect the Syracuse basketball team from fans angry about getting beat by UMass in the NIT.

A city man told police he was stabbed and beaten outside a downtown dance club early Saturday because he sided with several Syracuse University basketball players in a dispute.

While inside the bar, he (Woshua U. Kushkituah) saw several SU basketball players "being harassed by other male patrons." He did not know their names. Believing a fight imminent, Kushkituah told the players "they should leave the establishment to avoid a confrontation, in which they agreed," Officer Mehlek wrote.

Kushkituah walked them outside to a vehicle parked on Herald Place, and the players drove away. He then noticed several men had followed them to the street.

Kushkituah heard a male voice ask why he helped them. He turned to a punch in the face, fell to the ground and was kicked repeatedly. He said about 10 males took part in the beating.

Damn, poor guy. And here he was trying to be a good citizen! How many people would actually say "Hey, you guys should leave the establishment to avoid a confrontation," in that type of situation?

I think the best part of this is the club they were at is called Trexx, a huge gay nightclub in the Syracuse area. Now that is very progressive on the part of the SU players. And those are some real thuggish gay guys...

Not so euphoric for Mr. Kushkituah.