Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Sometimes we get very interesting e-mails from our readers. Such as this one from a mgrealdeals:

"Dick Vitale is a grade 1 Psychopath... He is always about HIMSELF everything has to do with him!!! "me" this "i" that ....ughhhh....He is ignorant and is always trying to call attention to himself. He has ruined more games for me than I can count. I now just turn off the volume when he is announcing..ABSOLUTELY THE WORST EVER!!!!!!!!"

Except for the "grade 1 Psychopath" comment we have similar feelings but we also realize he is a college basketball institution. He is not going away anytime soon. The way we deal with him is purely from a comic relief perspective and we do not rely on him for any sort of knowledgeable insight to the game.

For example, when he says something absolutely absurd like this we respond "Oh you funny silly old man!" Perhaps if you look at him that way it will ease your pain.

Mahalo for your readership.