Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hollywood Ending

San Diego State 71 - Temple 64 Double Rainbow

We are mentally exhausted. So yeah, there was a game yesterday with SDSU playing Temple. And the Aztecs were doing good for awhile...

But then we reverted back to "classic SDSU". Game tied in the final seconds and we had a chance at the game winning shot. We missed.

Overtime. After a seesaw battle the game became tied again and once again SDSU had the chance at the game winning shot. We missed.

Double overtime. This time we turned into "Aztecs 2.0" and managed to build a permanent lead for the win. So yes, San Diego State University is headed to the Sweet Sixteen in Anaheim, California. Glory Be. Like we said we are exhausted but we're still partying knowing that UConn may await us.