Thursday, March 24, 2011

Know Your Enemy

A little Green Day if you please.

Introducing the University of Connecticut Huskies

Make no illusions about this: The Aztecs cannot win against UConn the way they are currently playing. We all know about Kemba Walker so we won't waste your time talking about him. What makes the Huskies so dangerous are Alex Oriakhi, Shabazz Napier and Jeremy Lamb. At any time one or all three of these players will turn into a "Kemba Walker" and start either lighting you up from outside or breaking your ankles in the paint. Tell us now who on the Aztecs roster can counteract that?


The key to this game is turnovers. As in we MUST limit UConn's offensive production by stealing the ball. We do this quite well actually. The thing is that we must turn those turnovers into points. Which we have been horrible at. We need to take our best game we've ever played and multiply that by 50. Okay, maybe just 10. You get the point. Believe it or not there are very concerned Husky fans out there. We still don't fully understand what they are so worried about.

Anyways, go Aztecs.