Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh you have got to be KIDDING us

It seems a certain Bleacher Report individual is complaining that there are too many west coast games in this year's Tournament. Yes. Too many. As in a possible west coast bias. Let's think about this...

a) How many east coast teams are in the top 25?
b) How many east coast teams are shown on TV?
b) How many east coast teams will be selected on Selection Sunday?
d) How many.... you get the picture.

The only west coast teams people are really talking about are SDSU and BYU. This is out of hundreds of Division I-A programs. And don't say those are the only good teams. What about Arizona? St. Mary's? Texas? So forgive the NCAA for showing a little respect and give some exposure to the left coast. A little inconvenience never killed anyone. Not like us westerners never had to deal with it.

Some people just aren't satisfied with what they have. Pew pew!