Monday, March 28, 2011

The game that no one cared about

Kentucky 76 - North Carolina 69

So there was Butler and Virginia Commonwealth. Two outstanding games that featured underdogs that became top dogs this weekend. The UConn/Arizona was a thrilling affair featuring two great guards (and possible POY) in Williams and Walker. There was even some controversy regarding VCU's win.

And then there was the UNC/Kentucky game. A game where we said it would not matter who wins. Outside of the fan base was there anyone who was rivited to their chairs doing their best Gus Johnson impersonation? We think not. Some folks came to the Tar Heels and Wildcats defense saying that we should love the game for the game and it's not all about the Cinderellas and these are two top programs. We tried, but we just couldn't get into it.

But here's to the UConn/Kentucky matchup. We are slightly more excited about that.