Saturday, February 5, 2011

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Seen around the internets...

From our brethren over at Ballin' is a Habit:

No offense to the gang over at Ballin' (hey, we use to be involved in the short lived college basketball blogpoll together), but guys quit smoking that rock! For the very reasons that you explained Jimmer, Jackson and the vicious beat down UNLV received from the Cougars in Vegas is the same reasons why this game will be even worse. We're telling you, UNLV is going to run into a buzz saw in Provo. And of course we're gonna watch.

Luke Winn's SI Power Rankings:

Shit, who you telling Negro?! We've been screaming this fact again and again and again. It was the death of us in Provo and has caused near death experiences against Colorado State and IUPUI. Sigh. At least someone else noticed. We need a drink.