Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Man we hate the NBA

So here's the story. St. John's uses Madison Square Garden for their home basketball games. This is usually the arena where the New York Knicks play. So security for St. John's games are usually the same guys who work Knicks games.

St. John's beats Duke (remember that?), which was momentous for the Red Storm. The kids are happy. They want to run on to the court to celebrate with their team. No biggie, right? Happens all the time in college hoops.

Well, the MSG security bozos have a rule to not allow fans to come on to the court before/during/after NBA games. And most dumb NBA fans know that so it never happens. Security was unprepared for this at the college level. So what do they do when the fans start pouring on to the court?

They start subduing kids by means of asphyxiation...

Stay classy, MSG security.

(HT: Rush The Court)