Monday, February 14, 2011

A weakness in Jimmer Fredette's game

Someone came up to one of us a week or so ago and said the following:

"Ok, so I watched a couple of BYU games and yeah that Fredette guy can ball real good. But what I really noticed is that he whines a LOT. He always gets mad when he doesn't get a foul call."

Now this person has an east coast bias (her team resides in the Big East Conference). So we somewhat dismissed it because we're in love with Jimmer just like most people, as long as he is not playing us. But then we came across this:

Fredette let the officials know how he felt about their handling of the (Utah) game's very physical affairs. Before Fredette could attempt his free throw to complete the three-point play, umpire Mike Reed advised BYU coach Dave Rose to remove his point guard from the game, in light of his vocal unhappiness and increasing frustration level.

Well then. Some chinks in the armor are developing. And we shouldn't have been quick to dismiss what that woman was saying. So hey TCU and Colorado State, heed this well. Ok, maybe only Colorado State.