Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Poll Watch

We would like to pose 3 questions to you:

1) Is SDSU the best team in the Mountain West? Yes, right now.
2) Is SDSU the best team in the state of California and the four main Pacific conferences? Yes, right now.
3) Is SDSU the 6th best team in the nation?

Mrs. March to Madness said we are never satisfied. Maybe. Yes, we are happy to be ranked. But we feel we are possibly the 15th-20th best team in the country. This is too high for that inevitable fall. Why can't we embraced this ranking? Are we afraid of being hurt when we start to descend? That could be. Maybe this is part of being a fan of a decent basketball school. If Ohio State loses do you think the fans will say "Well, we were ranked too high anyways"? Hell no, if they fell they would scream bloody murder saying they STILL deserve to be ranked 2nd! Why can't we be like that? Are we realists? Are we masochists? Are we Eeyore? Will it be schadenfreude city when we lose?

Truth is this is still all very new to us. We are so used to bashing the Aztecs (as demonstrated here, here and here) that we don't know how to handle success as fans. So we downplay it. This is what we've dreamed about and when given that dream we violate it like that drunk girl at the party. But it is what it is right now. At least we are on record admitting as such.

Go Aztecs.