Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shut up!

Yes, yes, we hear the talk. SDSU may be a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament blah blah blah. Look, as far as we are concerned the four #1 seeds right now are Duke, Kansas, Ohio State and Pitt. The four #2 seeds are UConn, Kentucky, Syracuse and Villanova. The four #3 seeds are Missouri, Texas A&M, West Virginia and BYU...

We can go on with this. Where do we think the Aztecs will wind up? Right now either a 4 or 5 seed. This is based on the simple fact that all those other teams we mentioned are better than SDSU in one or many aspects. This is not to say that a 4 seed is something to sneeze at. We would get a 13th seed pairing which would increase our odds of wining a March Madness tournament game for the FIRST TIME EVER.

So, this does of reality brought to you by the true fans of Aztec basketball. Deal.