Monday, January 24, 2011

Ben Hansbrough's yer daddy

Notre Dame 56 - Pittsburgh 51

Well... You allow Notre Dame guard Hansbrough to drive the lane again and again and again (and again) you deserve to lose. Fucking hell it was painful to watch the total lapse of defense against one of the Big East's best players. Let us show you what the conversation was like around here during this game:

"Did Hansbrough just drive the lane and score with little to no hindrance from the Panthers?"


"Hmmm. Ok. Wait, did he just do it again?"


"Hmmm. He is definitely good."

"I don't think it's him more than it's Pitts lack of defense."

"Did he just do it AGAIN? Does Dixon know? I mean is he going to call a time out or something to adjust for this?"

"Guess not. Let's just post now that Pittsburgh lost. I need a drink."

"Get me one too."