Monday, January 31, 2011

Poll Watching for Week 13

Notes are based on numeric ranking -

1) Until Ohio State loses they deserve to have da numba one spot!
4) Based on wins against quality opponents Pittsburgh should be ranked second. You telling us that the Big 12 has tougher opponents than the Big East? No? And Texas has more loses than Pitt. At the very least it should be Kansas at 2nd and Pitt at 3rd.
5) Dang, talk about name brand loyalty! Two loses, one in horrifying fashion and Duke is still in the top 5?
7) BYU losing to New Mexico keeps San Diego State above them even though we lost to the Cougars.
8) Beating SDSU moves BYU up 2 spots even though they lost to UNM.
17) Behold the power of 7! Pittsburgh and Villanova were mulligans but the voters are now starting to penalize Syracuse 7 spots for every lose thereafter (7 spot drop after Seton Hall and another 7 after Marquette).
20) Really? Over Penn State?
21) Really?! Over Penn State?!
22) Really... oh, you get the message.

Yes, we are on the Penn State bandwagon.