Thursday, March 26, 2009

Taking stock

We have always said never bet against Vegas. Those casinos and their sports books are rich for a reason. They know more than us. But this just caught us by surprise:

The folks at Bodog have released the full set of betting odds for the rest of the tournament, and North Carolina enters the Sweet 16 as the favorite to win the national championship. The Tar Heels are listed at 3/1 odds, followed by fellow No. 1 seeds Louisville (4/1), Pittsburgh (6/1) and Connecticut (6/1).

UNC we can accept. Pitt we can accept for being a 6/1 shot right now. We don't expect them to make it to the Final Four the way they have been playing, even though they are in our championship game bracket. But Louisville as a 4/1 shot?! Por que? We think UConn or UNC could beat the Panthers, but Pitino?

We won't question you, Sin City. You've made a fool out of us many times.