Thursday, March 12, 2009

Impending doom: MWC

Well, Air Force beat Colorado State in the opening round of the Mountain West Tournament.

Their first conference win this year.

Why do we see this as a bad sign for SDSU. We have to play UNLV, who we just beat a few days ago. How many times can you beat a team? You can't do it forever, especially on their home court. Whatever happens it is going to be a crazy tournament.

Not looking good for us though.

Heh, mascot (reference post below).

UPDATE 1: We'll probably be updating this post throughout the day as it is the first day of the MWC Tournament and also a March Madness elimination game between UNLV and SDSU. Go Aztecs...

UPDATE 2: UNLV 27 / SDSU 42 at halftime. Anyone want to make a bet on the Aztecs blowing this lead and losing the game? Need to see some historical perspective?

UPDATE 3: UNLV 57 / SDSU 71 the final. Yeah, we are doom and gloom but we are right more often than not. Next up is BYU. Didn't they sweep us during the regular season?!