Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The six game itch

Josh Selby, the former national five star recruit that Kansas so desperately sucked dick to sign has been banned from playing in 6 games for the Jayhawks because he accepted illegal benefits (Editor's note: Wow, it seems the NCAA has been busy lately).

That will put him in the game in time for the Southern Cal warm-up before heading off to Big 12 action in January. Coach Self was obviously excited about getting the point guard back. But there are a few folks out there who could care less about Selby:

"In the case of Selby being a Jayhawk, I’ll be honest... I’m not sure it even matters. Selby isn’t good enough to make much difference."

Perhaps, but that was harsh. Guess we will see next year. Kansas has pretty high standards obviously, but we're not willing to totally write him off yet. We think Selby will start to make some noise come late February.