Monday, November 22, 2010

Post post game analysis - SDSU/Gonzaga

We are still in a little bit of an afterglow after the Gonzaga win, especially after surviving the CBE Classic so far with Green Bay and IUPUI. We were perusing a most excellent Zags blog The Slipper Still Fits for what they were saying about the game. It looks like we are on the same page in a number of areas:

First of all, if you are looking for a "Oh my God, the sky is falling" recap, I suggest looking elsewhere. Gonzaga has now lost five games in the MAC since 2004. This is the first time I have thought the opposing team was the better team. Not saying that the 2010-11 Aztecs are better than the 2010-11 Zags, but as of November 16th, they are the better team.

We feel Gonzaga is the better team on pure talent alone. We had to play nearly perfect roundball to escape the MAC with a win (and we emphasize escape).

Tonight, San Diego State had no designs on launching up bombs from deep.

Ha! We CAN'T launch deep bombs. Every time one of our Aztec boys shoots a three we literally cover our eyes. What are we, like 28% from the 3 point line?! (Editor's note: Actually 31% but who keeps track of stuff like that.)

Gonzaga's mistakes were similarly simple. It boils down to rebounding. With a team that starts a pair of seven-footers and brings a 6'10'' guy off the bench, you are going to have a hard time ever convincing me that Gonzaga should lose the battle on the boards.

This is one area in which we will quibble a bit. SDSU has been living off their rebounding (reference the Green Bay game for an example). We feel we are one of the top teams in the country when it comes to that and other teams find that very difficult to match up with.

Tonight is Miami of Ohio for some consolation prize of the tourney. If we come out flat like we did against the past two teams it will be a long night for San Diego State. Go Aztecs.