Sunday, November 14, 2010

The 2010 M2M College Hoops Preview: In Pictures

"Is this it? That's what it's all about, Manny? Eating, drinking, fucking, sucking? Snorting? Then what? You're 50. You got a bag for a belly. You got tits, you need a bra. They got hair on them. You got a liver, they got spots on it, and you're eating this fuckin' shit, looking like these rich fucking mummies in here..."

Gone are the heady days of Dee Brown for the Fighting Illini of Illinois. But this is the year we feel they will go deep into the post season. C'mon, they had virtually no personnel losses from a respectable squad last season. This was a team that took it to Michigan State and almost toppled over Gonzaga in overtime. Call it a hunch. A Tony Montana hunch.