Tuesday, November 16, 2010

M2M Almost Liveblog: ESPN College Hoops Tip-Off

Usually we do liveblogs but for various reasons it didn't pan out. So we are going to do a running commentary of the various games. Keep refreshing this page for the latest moronic things we say.

7:48 pm - Overheard during the Ohio State/Florida game: "Florida has proven they are not ready for elite competition." We think about the SDSU/Gonzaga game later tonight and collectively start to bite our nails.

8:50 pm - When Louisville guard Preston Knowles made a long range 3 late in the first half against Butler Gabby shouted "Woooooo! Fresh Food Fast!"

9:00 pm - There's a fucking Evan Williams Bourbon bar at the University of Louisville's basketball center!?

9:25 pm - Exacto...

9:55 pm - There seems to be long stretches of time where Dick Vitale and Dan Shulman aren't even paying attention to the Butler/Louisville game.

10:32 pm - Louisville fittingly plays "Happy Trails" to Butler and we are T minus 27 minutes until the game of the century decade year week night.

11:01 pm - Oh no they didn't! We are forced to watch the beginning of the SDSU/Gonzaga game on ESPN 3 because of some danged football game still going on ESPN 2. Why won't you just DIE, Temple?

11:24 pm - We are starting in familiar territory. Aztecs are missing open looks...

11:29 pm - Gonzaga fan screams at ref "What the hell are you lookin' at?!?!" Nice.

11:49 pm - Oh no they didn't 2! They cut away from SDSU/Gonzaga to show the closing seconds of Tennessee/Belmont? Why? Just because the Volunteers are up by only 3?

12:06 am - Halftime. Every time San Diego State attempts a three point shot we CRINGE!

1:13 am - Why do we have that sinking feeling right now... We have been here before. SDSU 77 - Gonzaga 74 with 38 seconds left.

1:22 am - San Diego State University 79 - Gonzaga 76