Thursday, January 28, 2010

The SEC is turning into the NFL

As in the No Fun League...

SEC Bylaw 10.5 – Sportsmanship
SEC Sportsmanship Policy On Access To Competition Areas

The institutions of the Southeastern Conference have approved new sportsmanship policies designed to limit access to competition areas for all sports.

The policy imposes significant institutional financial penalties for violations in the sports of football, men’s and women’s basketball, at the discretion of the commissioner. Institutional financial penalties range from:

* $5,000 for a first offense
* up to $25,000 for a second offense
* up to $50,000 for a third and subsequent offense.

Well the University of South Carolina got caught up in this mess after beating #1 ranked Kentucky. What's worse is this was their second infraction. Yup kids, reference rule above to see how much that fine was. Thank goodness the students chipped in to help defray the cost. Once again the SEC in their infinite wisdom makes a boneheaded decision.

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I understand why there is a rule in place that prohibits fans from storming the court, but seriously why would they care if the school gets fined? They were just exuberant over the fact that their team pulled a huge upset of a top-ranked opponent.